New this year

CHICAGO 2 Day City Festival

Grant Park

September 14 & 15

Photography by Christy Johnson

Photography by Christy Johnson

If you love yoga, this fantastic one day event will inspire and ignite you! As I mentioned on my home page, I attended Wanderlust 108 last year in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thinking back on that day still fills me with amazing memories and energy. You will love the positive vibes that you will experience practicing yoga with a wonderful gathering of like minded people, not to mention all of the other great activities and classes!

The two day event includes metta, or loving, meditation, arial yoga, healing sound meditation, hula hooping, classes about food and gut health, total body bootcamp, Bar Method, core strength classes, and sooo much more to choose from. You get to design your own schedule. You can choose to go one or both days, but I would encourage you to treat yourself to the all access two day pass. My personal very favorite instructor Sadie Nardini will be leading several classes. If you would like to practice next to me I would love to hear from you and meet up. I will be taking a variety of both relaxing and challenging classes. This is the perfect weekend to take time for our own personal growth! I hope you will join me.

See you there,


Photography by Julianne Lesinski

Photography by Julianne Lesinski