I booked a rocket yoga class online! Interesting I thought... then I met Libby! She is a great instructor who built and helped me learn a fast paced new way of yoga. I always left her class sweaty and feeling fantastic! Rocket yoga makes you get there quicker!! I still am scared to do a handstand, but I will get there one day! Mindfulness, awareness, focus, strength, is how Rocket Yoga built me up! Thank you Libby!

Lisa Furkas

Approximately 2 years ago my girlfriend and I signed up for Low Impact Yoga at Yoga Fit Boutique with Libby McAvoy. I had no idea what to expect and was initially hesitant and intimidated. From the onset, the classes were amazing, and Libby made me realize I could conquer my fears, relax and enjoy the experience in a non competitive environment.

The benefits have been amazing. The challenges, both mentally and physically, were obtainable. Yoga has improved my breathing, balance, energy level and concentration along with easing my lower back pain.

Thank you Libby, for motivating me and showing what Yoga could do for me!!

You are the best.

Rona Plotnick

I have been with YogaFit Boutique since it opened, early in 2014. My friend and I began with semi-private beginners yoga sessions with Libby. I knew immediately that we had found a haven that was totally removed from our daily stress-filled, busy lives and schedules. I found the pace to be perfect for the beginner, looking for greater balance and flexibility, and after a few months I had the confidence to join a regular Jaba Yoga Class, which we now attend three days a week.

Our class thinks Libby is the “world’s greatest Yoga teacher!” She is highly skilled and competent and is always introducing new positions and moves to her students. Libby is very supportive and encouraging to each of us, pushing us to our limit, but never beyond it. Libby reads a passage to us before each class, stressing us to be “all that we can be, even off the mat”.

Alternatively, I meet with Libby two days a week for cardio and strength training. I have seen remarkable changes in my flexibility, strength and overall stamina and well-being.

Truth be told, I would be lost without Libby and YogaFit Boutique. I recommend it to everyone. It can literally change your life!

Shelby Bunn