Meet your Wellness Coach

Libby McAvoy, Founder of  Journey to the Life You Love and Yoga Fit Boutique, 200hr E RYT , Rocket Certified 100 hours, Core Strength Vinyasa trained through Sadie Nardini, & Wellness Coach certified through the AFPA.

I still remember my very first yoga class. First, you should know that I was petrified to walk into a yoga class and not have a clue what I was doing. There were times when I would drive into a parking lot and then not go in because fear got the best of me. Finally, a friend insisted I go with them. I described my first yoga class as feeling like I finished a massage because I was so relaxed and yet I knew I had a good workout because all my muscles were shaking! Needless to say I had nothing to worry about. I let the teacher know it was my first time and she was very helpful.  Everyone was super friendly. I am sooo happy I broke the barrier.  It truly has changed my life. Yoga centers and calms me, makes me a better mom, better daughter and better person. It has allowed me to show up in my own life as my own unique being. It has taught me that we are all ONE and to live with compassion as well as passion! Yoga creates and develops an awareness and acceptance on the mat which then carries off that mat and into your daily life creating confidence, better communication, and a deeper understanding of yourself and others. 

After a couple years of practicing yoga I decided to take the teacher training course at Yoga Ah. I took the course not to teach but to deepen my own self study. Through the process I learned that I LOVE to teach and that it is indeed what I am meant to do. There is nothing more gratifying than watching others grow in their practice! Each day is different. Each practice is different. I learn as much from my students as they from me. Yoga is a journey not a destination. Its a lifestyle. I believe yoga benefits all aspects of our lives and there is a type of yoga for every individual. My two favorite types of yoga to practice & teach are Rocket Yoga and Jaba Yoga. I designed Jaba Yoga myself in 2014 to promote internal growth and intuition in a relaxing gentle way. 

I now lead classes, workshops both locally, as well as nationally, and I lead 200 hour Yoga Alliance recognized Teacher Training Programs.  I am fortunate to be doing what I love every single day.

I have overcome domestic violence as well as verbal abuse through my personal philosophy of Awareness, Acceptance, and Forgiveness. I now hope to awaken, empower and inspire YOU to join me on this journey where we grow together into the best versions of ourselves.

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In addition to yoga, I also love traveling, cooking, studying health & nutrition, animals and I love love love the outdoors! In the end these things all come together as part of living a compassionate life!

Namaste~ ( the light in me honors and see's the divine light in you)

Libby McAvoy

Libby McAvoy teaching yoga at Lululemon Athletica

Libby McAvoy teaching at Lululemon Athletica