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Athletes Overcoming the Setbacks of Injury

Sports injuries can take a major toll on the body, as well as on the psyche of an athlete. Repetitive motion, hard impacts and pushing the body beyond what it is trained to do puts our bodies at higher risk for serious damage.

Meet Jessica T. Storms, Yoga Fit Boutique's newest yoga instructor. Over the past three years Jessica has experienced increasing shoulder pain. As a seasoned athlete, she pushed through the pain until it finally became unbearable. As it turns out Jessica had torn her rotator cuff (the collection of tendons and muscles that attach the upper arm to the shoulder). Her injury is serious enough that even after surgery Jessica may not be able to return to her full yoga practice for a whole year.  This has been very difficult news for Jessica because yoga is her passion. 

When Jessica began teaching, she found a great sense of stillness and freedom from depression, over thinking and negativity. "The clarity I felt after practicing made me feel alive and less complicated. I fell in love with the breath and meditation through my practice," said Jessica.  

After a period of rehab and rest, we are happy that to announce that Jessica is ready to start teaching off of her mat through verbal instruction so that she can share her passion with you. We hope you will join her Thursday and Friday mornings at Yoga Fit Boutique for her 6:00 am Vinyasa Flow and her 7:30 am Slow Flow classes.  

Alignment is important in the prevention of injury. At Yoga Fit Boutique we have small classes so that we can take the time to watch each student and are able to help you with positioning to adjust to how your body moves to keep you safe from injuries. We are able to actually teach rather than just saying, "go to the wall for an inversion."  We will guide you step by step and provide modifications based on the appropriate level for you. Each body is built differently and our anatomy determines to an extent how we will move.  

Intuition is perhaps your best guide to staying safe and preventing injury. If you are in touch with how your body feels and you let go of the ego, you should stay safe. If, however, you do suffer an injury, use the time to grow in knowledge and in spirit.  Read and journal. Have faith that this too shall pass.  

Health & Happiness,