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"The Answer My Friend is Blowin' in the Wind"

BE the change you wish to see in the world~ Ghandi

BE the change you wish to see in the world~ Ghandi

There is too much violence in the world my friends! As Bob Dylan sings, " Yes 'n' how many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry? Yes 'n' how many deaths will it takes till he knows that too many people have died? The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind."

The answers come when we are quiet. Just a few minutes of meditation each day can bring you peace and tranquility. That is what the world needs more of. Let us teach ourselves and our children a more peaceful path.  

The news about this supposed Day of Rage tomorrow, July 15th saddens me.  It is tragic that two men lost their lives to police officers, but there are three sides to every story; each person's and then the truth.  A day of rage will not bring their lives back and may indeed cause the loss of many more lives.  Violence is NOT the answer. Rage is NOT the answer. LOVE is the answer. The world needs more LOVE! Give it freely. Give love to everyone you cross paths with. Love may come in the form of a smle, a compliment or just well wishes silently.  

So, please take a moment, close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose.  Now with your eyes closed, imagine a beautiful color (any color you desire) radiating out from your heart center. With each breath allow the color to spread down through your legs and out through your arms. Breathe in positivity and love, breathe out what no longer serves you. Now with your eyes closed, the color has filled your body and begins to exit into the space where you are through your nose. Breathe in peace, breathe out chaos. Let that color fill the room. Now with your eyes still closed, imagine everyone else in the world doing the same and suddenly a rainbow of beauty fills the sky. You inhale each others beauty, you exhale love. Breathe in love, breathe out love. Slowly open your eyes and feel the peace. We are ONE.  

Om Shanti, Om Peace,



Athletes Overcoming the Setbacks of Injury

Sports injuries can take a major toll on the body, as well as on the psyche of an athlete. Repetitive motion, hard impacts and pushing the body beyond what it is trained to do puts our bodies at higher risk for serious damage.

Meet Jessica T. Storms, Yoga Fit Boutique's newest yoga instructor. Over the past three years Jessica has experienced increasing shoulder pain. As a seasoned athlete, she pushed through the pain until it finally became unbearable. As it turns out Jessica had torn her rotator cuff (the collection of tendons and muscles that attach the upper arm to the shoulder). Her injury is serious enough that even after surgery Jessica may not be able to return to her full yoga practice for a whole year.  This has been very difficult news for Jessica because yoga is her passion. 

When Jessica began teaching, she found a great sense of stillness and freedom from depression, over thinking and negativity. "The clarity I felt after practicing made me feel alive and less complicated. I fell in love with the breath and meditation through my practice," said Jessica.  

After a period of rehab and rest, we are happy that to announce that Jessica is ready to start teaching off of her mat through verbal instruction so that she can share her passion with you. We hope you will join her Thursday and Friday mornings at Yoga Fit Boutique for her 6:00 am Vinyasa Flow and her 7:30 am Slow Flow classes.  

Alignment is important in the prevention of injury. At Yoga Fit Boutique we have small classes so that we can take the time to watch each student and are able to help you with positioning to adjust to how your body moves to keep you safe from injuries. We are able to actually teach rather than just saying, "go to the wall for an inversion."  We will guide you step by step and provide modifications based on the appropriate level for you. Each body is built differently and our anatomy determines to an extent how we will move.  

Intuition is perhaps your best guide to staying safe and preventing injury. If you are in touch with how your body feels and you let go of the ego, you should stay safe. If, however, you do suffer an injury, use the time to grow in knowledge and in spirit.  Read and journal. Have faith that this too shall pass.  

Health & Happiness,


How to Reduce Stress and Live a Better Life

Summer fun for kids

We live in a world that is overly glorified by busy schedules and chaos. Even our children’s days are packed with scheduled activities and we need a daily planner just to know which child needs to be where and when. This leaves very little time for rest and pure relaxation, let alone creativity. 

In my humble opinion, and please feel free to share yours (this is an open conversation), WE are out of control as a society. It seems people schedule themselves months out for meetings and social events almost as if it's a status indicator.  What happened to the laid back dog days of summer? The sipping of tea or lemonade on the porch and watching the kids play in the yard? Yes, now we are spending more time on our phones while driving carpools here and there.  Very little time is spent spontaneously enjoying the little things. 

Stress is killing us. It is literally a contributing factor in so many diseases, including obesity and lupus, which costs our society billions of dollars in medical bills and countless hours of non productivity, which in turn feeds back into our never ending cycle of stress. So the lesson is that we need to S-L-O-W down as parents and allow our children to do the same. We are in control of a lot of the stress and we need to take responsibility. 

You will not find my kids in more than one sport per season. You will not find me scheduling social events months in advance. I am simple. I like it best that way. I have learned that I LOVE a social life, but to take things as they come and not to take on more than I can handle. I have learned that it is OK to say no occasionally and that people will still accept me and invite me another time. I have learned that my children LOVE time outdoors that is unstructured and that these are years to be treasured. I have also learned that meditation and yoga help ease stress when schedules cannot be modified.  Just a few minutes a day dedicated to yourself will help tremendously whether in a group class or on your own at home. 

So, give yourself permission to slow down and enjoy each day.  It is a journey, not a race! Ask yourself what is really important in order to find "the balance" that works for you and for your kids. Stay true to who you are. Wishing you all a stress free day!

Peace, Peace, Peace,

Libby McAvoy

Wendy Riker's Teacher Training Journey at Yoga Fit Boutique

I love sharing the yoga experience and growing our family here at Yoga Fit Boutique. In 2015 I was fortunate enough to get certified through the Yoga Alliance as a Nationally recognized Yoga Teacher Training Educator and School.  I absolutely LOVED my teacher training that I attended so what I did was draw the good qualities from my training and also include everything I realized I had not learned when I began teaching.  We have both an 8 month program as well as an accelerated one month intensive.  I am happy to share everything I know with my trainees because I want them to be the best of the best with a well rounded deep understanding of yoga philosophy, alignment, sequencing, modifications, history, and using their own unique voice to lead an effective practice. 

Today, I am super proud and happy to introduce Wendy Riker to you! Wendy has just completed our RYT 200 program and in her first month graduating is leading a class this Sunday, May 15th at Lululemon Athletica in Kenwood Towne Centre.  What a HUGE accomplishment! Wendy is sweet and caring but also determined to grow in her own practice.  I loved her positive spirit in class and I know she will be an excellent addition to the Yoga Community. 

Meet Wendy Riker - In her own words

I didn't grow up doing any sports but after 2 kids and approaching 35, I found fitness as a way to have some me time and relieve some stress! I loved the physical and mental challenge that exercise provided. What had started, as a casual hobby becomes a passion. I began incorporating yoga to supplement the other exercises (Insanity, HIIT, running, bootcamp) because I never stretched well after working (oops!). After my first yoga practice, I was hooked! I left that practice appreciating the physical benefits and surprised about the groundedness & peacefulness I felt. The more I practiced yoga over the years, the more I realized I get SO much more than the physical benefits. I am able to still my mind (better) and manage stress. I am invested to continue to be a student of yoga while also teaching others what it has to offer each and everyone of us.

Below is a short interview I conducted with Wendy so you can get to know her more and hear her personal experience with her Teacher Training Journey.

What made you consider taking teacher training and how did you go about choosing the program you chose?

After a couple years of practicing yoga and seeing the benefits I get both on and off the mat, I knew I wanted to support others in their experience and on their journeys. When I looked into different programs around Cincinnati, I was attracted to the program by Yoga Fit Boutique because Libby emphasized the balance of theory/philosophy along with real practice. I know that I learn best through jumping in with both feet. Her focus on student teaching really resonated with me along with physically practicing the different styles to truly experience it.

How have your thoughts about yoga or your personal practice changed since completing the training?

I've always liked a more strength-focused yoga practice, however teacher training (TT) has given me a greater appreciation for the other forms such as Yin and Hatha. Overall, TT has helped me to personally appreciate yoga more deeply. My TT journey has taught me to appreciate the present and living life more fully - in a more fulfilling way. It also help me to establish a personal practice (which is tough for an extrovert!) that was not there before I began TT.

What is your next goal?

I really want to put my 200 RYT certification to work right away! This community is so supportive and I've been surprised by the opportunities to teach so quickly after getting my certification. My next goal is to teach at a studio on a more consistent basis. Additionally, I have a personal goal to continue to hone my arm balances & inversions. 

What should we expect from Sunday's yoga class at Lululemon in the Kenwood Towne Centre?

I'll be leading a Yoga Boot Camp practice which is a blend of fitness moves and fun yoga sequences. Expect to get a little sweaty and have some fun while doing it!

We hope you will join us this Sunday for Wendy's yoga class at Lululemon starting at 11 am. This session is absolutely free, and Lululemon is such a great store that supports our local athlete’s. So come out, introduce yourselves to us and let’s have some fun on the mat while getting healthy at the very same time! This class will be done on the mat with bare feet. I will be back at Lululemon on Sunday, May 22nd to teach Rocket Yoga so mark your calendars for this two great yoga opportunities.

Our next Yoga Teacher Training begins Friday June 25th at 5:30 pm. All of the Teacher Training dates and details are listed on our website Please know that I will work with you if the price is out of your reach and if you need to miss a couple dates it is OK! Life is good! Breathe, relax, and grow!



P.S. - Please leave a comment below. Let us know if you have any questions about our programs (if you do not see a comment box, click on the title of this post and scroll to the bottom. Also feel free to click the heart icon if you enjoyed this post.  We love your feedback!

Bathing Suit Bod and NO Diet Involved

Throw all the diets to the curb and still loose weight. Yes you heard me. My personal theory is that diets do not work because once you start to eat “normally” again the weight will return. Well, that theory is now scientifically proven. The NY Times wrote several articles this May talking about the TV show The Biggest Loser and how all of the contestants weight returned. This happened for several reasons, but one was that they lowered their metabolic rate so low that they could not continue to burn calories at the same rate. The lower the metabolism, the fewer calories you can burn. Also, the contestants work out for many hours a day, which is not realistic for most of the participants after the show ends.  

It is very important when you want to lose weight to drink a lot of water, get adequate physical activity (muscle burns more calories than fat) and plenty of sleep. Eat smaller portions of food, but do not deprive yourself of any one food (balance is key). Eat as many fresh, organic and local fruits and vegetables as possible combined with whole grains low in saturated fats. Avoid processed foods and too much sodium. Your body will begin to function better, feel better and the pounds will start to fall off. 

Try a yoga class and meditation several times a week. Also get plenty of sleep. Studies have proven that a lack of sleep and high levels of stress are to blame for weight gain. Specifically if you sleep at least 7.5 hours a night, it is proven to help you shed weight. 

Above all, love yourself and practice full acceptance throughout the journey. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Our bodies are the temples in which our souls dwell so honor that space. For guidance with your weight loss journey, please contact us. We can set up an individualized program to help you meet your personal goals with success.

Peace, Light, and Sunshine,

Libby McAvoy

PS - We would love to hear what works and what doesn't work for you when you are trying to take off the pounds. If the comment box does not appear below, click on the title of this post (and all of our blog posts) and scroll down to the bottom where the comment box should appear. Thanks for joining this conversation!

Treat Yourself to a Free Mother's Day Yoga Class

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and Yoga Fit Boutique is celebrating at Lululemon Athletica at Cincinnati’s Kenwood location with a FREE yoga class. So come and pamper yourself with a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga session!  Let’s face it stress is an unavoidable part of life, but how you deal and cope with it is what really matters.  Yoga has helped me to reduce stress, increase focus, and become a better mother, daughter and friend so I want to share that with all of you! 

Photograph by Morgan McAvoy

I will be leading a 50 min yoga session with lots of hands on relaxing adjustments for those who choose to take them, breathwork, stretching and meditation. This is a very gentle class which is appropriate for beginners, as well as advanced practitioners who just need some relaxation!  There may even be a small take away gift involved ;)

See you Sunday, May 8th at 11:00 am on the mat at Lululemon in the  Kenwood Towne Centre just above the food court and next to Micheal Kors. All are welcome!

Libby McAvoy


A Balanced Life Through Yoga

Balance in life is so important. Work hard, but play hard too.  Pets are a big part of my life.  I love their unconditional love, innocence, and playfulness.  But, with pets comes chaos! I have 3 rescue dogs, 4 cats (2 indoor, 2 outdoor), and 6 hens.  Add two children to that and life gets crazy but I would not want it any other way.  

Libby & Cats

Yes, sometimes my house is a mess, ok, a down right disaster.  But…it can all be cleaned with a little time and effort, and happy memories are being created. 

This is where yoga comes in.  Yoga has taught me that in times of chaos, we just need to pause and breathe to become more responsive and less reactive.  So what does that mean anyway? Well, when a lot is happening in life, do you ever fly off the handle and over react to something small?  I used to too.  Since living my yoga I am more centered and calm and less reactive.  

Life is so good.  Trust the process, let go of judgements, and practice full acceptance.  Love the life you live and live the life you love!

Hope to see you on the mat soonies!

Libby McAvoy

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