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Learning the Art of Surrender when Faced with Life's Challenges

We all face challenges at different points in our lives. It is how we manage the stress of these challenges that matters. The truth is what doesn't challenge us won't change us. And we ultimately grow stronger with each challenge that we conquer. But... As a whole, we are resistant to change. We resist change for two main reasons, in my humble opinion, and please feel free to comment below on how you feel! I feel we resist change because of fear and attachment to the outcome.  The truth is without change there is no growth and without growth we remain stagnant. 

We are taught as a society that quitting is giving up and that is a sign of failure. But many times it takes the most successful person to recognize that it is time to move on. I would rather call it surrender. Surrendering is far different from quitting. It means acceptance of what is without battling against what you thought it should be. It is the full release of the ego centered mind. It is a full letting go...  

Anytime you feel stress, be it from a relationship, work, school, traffic, financial pressure, just surrender to what is and let it be. Breathe, release, let go. Sometimes this requires big life changes and breaking through major barriers of fear, but please believe me when I tell you it is so worth it! I have lived through this so many times in the past six months.   

Most recently I closed my yoga studio. This was heartbreaking! At first I saw it as failure. Then I took some deep breaths and practiced everything that I truly believe from my years of yoga practice, spiritual studies and business lessons. I realized it was not at all a failure, but the beginning of the best journey of my life. My friends and family stepped up so beautifully, moving me out of the studio, showing up with meals and pies, hugs, notes... And this week a HUGE limb mysteriously crashed down in my backyard. It was not raining. There was no wind. Miraculously my dogs, who were playing in my yard, were not seriously injured or worse.  It was a really close call for Luna, but she fortunately escaped unharmed. Anyway, my daughter's friend showed up without being asked, cut up the wood and hauled it away. He even cut my grass. These acts of kindness are the light at the end of the tunnel. Accept the kind acts of others, surrender pride and practice gratitude.

So you see, I never needed the studio. That was just the physical space that allowed me to bloom for a short period into who I am today. I can do my work anywhere, which is a liberating feeling. I am unbound and so aware of the miracles around me. I have let go of almost all fear (I am still human so...). I practice complete and full acceptance of myself and others and I welcome change. Surrendering to what is and what will be is my new motto because the truth is we are in control of very little. We can control our breath, our thoughts, our behavior toward others and our reactions and that's about it my friends!  

Truly, I have been touched by the outpouring of support. Once I surrendered, I realized the difference between surrendering and quitting. I felt tremendous relief. Quitting implies failure. There was no failure in closing my studio. There is no failure in divorce. There is no failure in changing careers... Sometimes making a decision for change is the most courageous thing you can do to propell yourself toward upward growth. Surround yourself with like minded, positive, supportive people and everything will be ok. Listen to your intuition. Trust, trust, trust...  

Faith & Hope, 


PS, I hope you will watch the video below for many reasons.  Music touches our souls and affects our emotions in many ways.  The message is to simplify, which is so beautiful and is one part of the 8 limbs of yoga, which is non needing and non hoarding, which goes in line with the Yama of Aparigraha, and also in line with the Niyama of Santosa, which means contentment or being happy with what you have.  Ultimately, once you realize you have all that you need, you will be a much happier person.  Yoga is far more than a practice on the mat ;)

Have the Courage to Try and the Vulnerability to Remain Open

Many people never go after their biggest dreams in life. It takes a lot of courage and you have to let go of your fears, including the fear of failure. Once you do, however, there is an incredible freedom on the other side. It is through challenges that we learn how much we are truly capable of achieving and through this process we grow. 

I went after my big dream much earlier than I had anticipated. I opened my studio about a year after finishing Yoga Teacher Training. Everything fell perfectly into place and suddenly my dreams were coming true. But owning a studio comes with its own challenges. I loved helping people, inspiring them, being inspired by them, and seeing them conquer their goals! The reality of running my studio, however, was that I was like a volunteer who had tons of responsibilities for the past two and a half years. I never took a pay check. I covered my employees and overhead, but I did what I did out of the love and joy of it. So recently I had to make a critical buisiness decision to close the doors to my physical studio. Some may see this as failure, but I do not. It was my greatest success to date because I pushed through more fear than you can imagine and came out a stronger person. I met the most amazing people who changed my life, enhanced my soul, and helped me to grow.

My daughter was there when we remodeled the studio before moving in and we put in countless hours sanding, cleaning, painting... AND she, and her friends (to whom I am so very grateful) were there to help me move out. After cleaning, I finally lost it. My lip started to quiver and tears rolled down my cheeks. Tears of joy for all the amazing memories. Tears of sadness for this chapter ending. Then I looked at my beautiful daughter and she was sharing the exact moment. The love and vulnerability was so beautiful. We shared a hug and wiped our tears. Not all good things come to an end, but many do.  And often it is because something better is on the way.  What is meant to be will be and we have to TRUST rather than fear. 

My last photo before turning in the keys to my studio.  So grateful!

This was just the start for me. I do not know exactly where I am going next, but I know I need to teach and continue this amazing journey. I know now that there is nothing to fear! If we do not ask, we never know! If we do not try we can never conquer! We must remain vulnerable and open. So here you go. I am real. I cry, I laugh, I get scared, I get frustrated, but mostly I live from a place of love and acceptance. I accept my past, I accept my present and I welcome my future! 

Thank you for being a part of my journey!

Love & Light, 


P.S. - I had an incredible landlord who was easy to work with and who made closing a very positive and uplifting experience.