cucumber lemon water

Cucumber Lemon Detox Water

Are you aware of the amazing health benefits of something as simple and delicious as cucucumber lemon water? It is loaded with Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that promotes skin health, protects our cardio vascular system and boosts our immune system, as well.  Lemons help cleanse the liver and also reduce uric acid in our joints, fighting pain and inflammation.  

Cucumbers are chalked full of many essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need including b vitamins which help reduce stress, folic acid, calcium, potassium and magnesium.   Potassium and magnesium in particular are important minerals that we lose when we sweat, making them critical electrolyte replacements pre and post work out!

Cucumber lemon water helps fight bloating and may even aid in weightloss as it draws toxins out of our bodies, cleansing and acting as a mild diuetic according to Huffington Post

In conclusion, the body is composed of approximately 60% water. Therefore it is essential that we stay hydrated. So why NOT drink this quick, delightful, refreshing and low calorie version that will boost immunity, brain power, skin health and protect against cancer. 

For maximum nutritional value it is recommended to slice the cucumbers and lemons into the water the night before and allow them to sit. Drink at room temperature when you first wake and then throughout the day.  Drinking at room temperature is important because ice water can be abrasive and shocking on our organs. It is always best to consume local organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible, as well. 

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