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We Have All Been a Little Lost in Life...

We all have an idea, a road map if you will, of what we think our lives should look like long term.  As it turns out we are in control of very little in our lives, and sometimes major things happen causing trauma, depression, and even PTSD. An unexpected crisis can throw us way off course, leaving us feeling lost and frozen with fear because we no longer know which way to go. It is especially important during uncertain times like this to forge forward, or risk getting stuck in the pain, the fear and the negative energy that overwhelms us when we're feeling down. This is also the time to trust the journey, putting one foot in front of the other each day to create a new and hopeful path going forward.  

When trauma happens, we are often tempted to turn toward potentially destructive behaviors such as addictions, self isolation and recklessness, which can push us deeper into a downward spiral of dispair. Whether you lose an arm, lose a job, or lose a loved one, there are constructive ways to get your life back on track by creating an upward spiral of positive energy. For example, getting up early to exercise and start the day with determination gives you positive momentum and those feel good endorphins. In addition, find something, even if it is small to be grateful for each day. When we are in a state of gratitude, it's much easier to feel better about life. Allow yourself the grace to take baby steps toward the door to happiness and the path toward healing the trauma that derailed your original journey. Be compassionate toward yourself starting with acceptance and forgiveness, then go back to our roots of awareness, in order to grasp control of your feelings and reactions to those feelings. Change is the very nature of life. Once we have the tools of awareness, acceptance and forgiveness, we are able to deal with the traumas that arise in life, or past traumas that reoccur. Most importantly look yourself in the mirror and say, "I love you" every day!

We are writing the books of our lives. Each day we are faced with many choices, some more difficult than others. When trauma is involved every decision and choice can become monumental. Connecting with friends and family and avoiding isolation is critical in healing. Do what it takes to find happiness as long as it is healthy and takes you on an upward spiral.  

For me, the recent trauma of putting our very beloved dog down really knocked me off my tracks. The first day, honestly, I screamed and cried. The second day I did not want to get out of bed, but I KNEW I HAD TO PULL OUT OF THIS DOWNWARD SPIRAL, so I thought to myself what can I do? What will bring me happiness? And.... the answer was a puppy. This might be extreme for some people, but it was exactly what my family and I needed, and Tucker, the love nugget, is bringing us much love and joy.  

For others they might find comfort in eating healthy homecooked meals, connecting with past friends, volunteering, watching a comedy show, simply laughing, going on a nature walk, or joining a yoga class. Just take time and brainstorm positive solutions that will fuel good energy. Numbing the pain is simply prolonging the pain and will ultimately cause more suffering for us and for our loved ones. In fact, there is something called secondary PTSD. This happens when family members are traumatized by being around a loved one who isolates and pushes them away (among other things) as a way to cope with their own PTSD.  Secondary PTSD can tear families apart and destroy lives if we do not rewrite our books with happy endings.  

Sadness is a part of life. It is unavoidable and it also helps us appreciate our happy days. This is really the Principle of Polarity; which is to say everything has opposites. All things can be transformed with the power of your mind. Hate can be transformed into love. Sadness can be transformed into happiness. Even an empty bank account can be transformed into a full bank account. It also ties nicely into the Law of Attraction, which is to say the power of your thinking attracts the outcome of what you recieve. So when we wake each day with positive determination, even with baby steps, we set into motion that law of attraction to bring goodness into our lives and put us back on track on our journey toward well being. 

Sending all those who are suffering and hurting healing and loving vibes. Life is hard sometimes. Let's all pull together and make some lemonade out of the lemons we are dealt. It IS going to be OK!

Much Love,



P.S. - For those of you who feel paralyzed by severe trauma, depression or PTSD, there are additional resources available to help you through your journey.  You are never alone!

Recommended books:

Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga - Reclaiming Your Body - by David Emerson and Elizabeth Hopper, PhD.

Daring Greatly - By Brene Brown.

Untethered Soul - by Michael Singer

Additional Resources:

PTSD Hotline -

Now Mental Health -

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline -

Energy Exchange: The Law of Attraction and You

You are energy. Everything you do has an equal and opposite reaction. When you put out energy, it comes back. That is the law of attraction. When you are attracted to a particular person it is because you see similar qualities of yourself. It is very magnetic. The same goes with negative qualities. When you are angry or upset with someone likely, not always, you might be deep down upset with yourself.

When we slow down and think about this energy exchange it really helps us understand relationships. It makes us want to stay positive. You see, it is not about what you want! It is about being happy with what you have, because then you will attract what you want! Let go of the outcome and stay in the present moment radiating love and joy. You will then attract all that you could want and need. It is manifesting, the law of attraction,  and autosuggestion

Write down as many positive things as you can think of in your life! Positive qualities about your friends and co-workers, positive qualities about yourself, things you're grateful for. Then write down a few things that you want to manifest. Perhaps you want to attract the love of your life... Write it down. Maybe you want to attract wealth... Write it down. Maybe you want better health... Write it down. Whatever you want or need, write it down. The universe WILL provide them to you if your energy is set to the right vibration!!! The magic is within you!  

Our thoughts will not always be positive. We are human. When a negative thought comes, simply be aware and examine what is bothering you. Try not to dwell there. Turn it around into something positive. We can always look on the bright side if we choose. Our mind is a powerful tool!  

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope your energy is high and you keep the momentum spiraling upward! Surround yourself with other positive inspiring people and rise above the negativity that is weighing our world down. Be the Change!  

Good Vibes Only, 




A Bountiful Garden: Time to Pickle and Can

Home gardening is extremely gratifying, but certain vegetables like squash and cucumbers can grow so prolifically that you might get overwhelmed. Besides sharing with neighbors and friends, making pickles is a wonderful way to use the produce and save it for the upcoming winter months! I have a recipe that is not only quick and easy, but creates the best tasting pickles I have EVER had! Try it and let me know what you think!!!  

First you want to gather your ingredients. You will need Mason or Ball jars. You choose the size! Then you will need distilled white vinegar, whole black peppercorns, dill seed, sugar, kosher salt and crushed red pepper.  

Next, thinly slice your garlic and cover the bottom of the jar. It takes 2-4 cloves per large jar and 1-2 cloves per small jar depending on the size of the clove! Feel free to skip if you do not like garlic.  

Sprinkle Peppercorns (1/2 T for large jar, 1/4 T sm jar), dill seed (1T. Large jar, 1/2T sm jar), a dash of crushed red pepper - more if you want spicy pickles over the garlic. Slice the cucumbers and fill the jars tightly with them.   

Meanwhile for the brine, boil 1 1/4 cups white vinegar and add 3T salt and 2 T sugar. Stir until dissolved. Add 2 cups of cold water. Pour over your cucumbers. Put your lids on and place the jars in the fridge. 

Viola! It's THAT easy! No boiling jars... They make wonderful gifts and taste delicious! These crispy cunchy pickles will leave you craving more with their salty sour taste that is beautifully balanced with a hint of sweet and spicy. They are great as a refreshing cool summer snack on their own or paired with a nice mellow cheese such as gouda.  They are perfect on any sandwich. You can also chop and add them to your egg salad, chickpea salad or pasta salad.  Save the brine and use it for dressings! The jar will be gone in no time at all!

Store them in your refridgerator for two months, but they will taste great as early as the next day! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!  

Bon Appetit, 



Daily Inspiration

If you are breathing, then you can do yoga.  It is not about being able to touch your toes or stand on your head.  Yoga is a journey of the self through the self to the self.  Ultimately we practice to reach our highest state of being, Samadhi or ultimate enlightenment.  It all begins with an hour or so of meditative movement on the mat.  We focus on our gaze and breathwork while we move and suddenly the clutter in our minds is reduced.  A deep level of awareness is created that then carries off the mat and into your daily lives.  

Begin by taking even inhalations through your nose and even exhalations through your nose. Then start to gently stretch in a way that honors what your body needs.  Keep it simple at first.... welcome to yoga! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday.  We would love to hear from you! If you have questions or comments, please click on the Daily Inspiration Title and it will take you to the page where if you scroll down to the bottom you can interact with me! 

Peace & Love,