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"The Answer My Friend is Blowin' in the Wind"

BE the change you wish to see in the world~ Ghandi

BE the change you wish to see in the world~ Ghandi

There is too much violence in the world my friends! As Bob Dylan sings, " Yes 'n' how many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry? Yes 'n' how many deaths will it takes till he knows that too many people have died? The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind."

The answers come when we are quiet. Just a few minutes of meditation each day can bring you peace and tranquility. That is what the world needs more of. Let us teach ourselves and our children a more peaceful path.  

The news about this supposed Day of Rage tomorrow, July 15th saddens me.  It is tragic that two men lost their lives to police officers, but there are three sides to every story; each person's and then the truth.  A day of rage will not bring their lives back and may indeed cause the loss of many more lives.  Violence is NOT the answer. Rage is NOT the answer. LOVE is the answer. The world needs more LOVE! Give it freely. Give love to everyone you cross paths with. Love may come in the form of a smle, a compliment or just well wishes silently.  

So, please take a moment, close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose.  Now with your eyes closed, imagine a beautiful color (any color you desire) radiating out from your heart center. With each breath allow the color to spread down through your legs and out through your arms. Breathe in positivity and love, breathe out what no longer serves you. Now with your eyes closed, the color has filled your body and begins to exit into the space where you are through your nose. Breathe in peace, breathe out chaos. Let that color fill the room. Now with your eyes still closed, imagine everyone else in the world doing the same and suddenly a rainbow of beauty fills the sky. You inhale each others beauty, you exhale love. Breathe in love, breathe out love. Slowly open your eyes and feel the peace. We are ONE.  

Om Shanti, Om Peace,



Teen Completes Teacher Training at Yoga Fit Boutique and is Already Teaching Yoga Classes

Teenagers struggle with an abundance of stress from academics to social pressures and everything in between. They are tightly scheduled and highly structured. They deal with bullying and fight self esteem problems. It is quite frankly a miracle that so many turn out so good. Thank goodness for good support systems, families, and friends. Yoga is another great alternative that many have never considered to increase self confidence and combat stress. 

Yoga Fit Boutique welcomes and encourages kids of all ages (as long as they are respectable and well behaved) to attend any and all of our classes and special programs. Yoga teaches them awareness & acceptance on the mat. That awareness and acceptance carries off the mat eventually and into every facet of their lives, building a deep centering affect and stillness that brings peace.

Meet Ben Brynjulfson, our youngest Teacher Training graduate. Ben is 16 years old and attends Sycamore High School. He began taking yoga classes at Yoga Fit Boutique about a year ago. Ben enjoyed it so much that he decided to deepen his studies and pursue his Teacher Training to accomplish something physically and spiritually new.  He also wanted to learn about another culture and a new way of thinking. After all, Yoga is a great pathway to expanding the mind. Ben finished our Teacher Training Program in April and is already leading his first class for Lululemon Athletica at the Kenwood Towne Center location on Sunday, May 29 at 11 am! We are so proud of Ben! He shows tremendous talent and we know you will love his calming nature and sense of humor! Come out to Lulu tomorrow and enjoy a fun and rewarding FREE yoga class with Ben. We are also excited that he will soon be teaching classes at Yoga Fit Boutique!

Interview with Ben:

1.     How has yoga changed your practice, changed your life?

a.     “It gave me a much deper introspective into what it is I’m actually doing; there’s more meaning behind every pose and I feel I want to push further, learn more, grow as a person with my practice instead of just using it as a physical activity.”

2.     What is your BIG life dream?

a.     “ “Haha I don’t think being sixteen is really an excuse, but I really have no idea.  I do not think there are too many people who have an exact goal.  I do know, personally, I want to reach a point where I ‘m happy with myself and who I am, both on and off the mat.”

3.     What is your personal yoga philosophy?

“To breathe and relax. Just try to completely isolate that moment of my practice, to find time in the day to reflect physically and mentally.  To get away from society for a moment and just simply exist without any feelings against myself or anyone else.  Just being.”

4.     Would you recommend Yoga Fit Boutique Teacher Training to others and why or why not?

a.     “Absolutely, it is an awesome way to connect with people while learning more about yoga and enriching your practice.  Even if you aren’t planning to be an instructor, it can only help one’s yoga experience. The ONLY drawback is the time commitment. Even when its just one weekend a month, it does consume that weekend and you can’t go into it thinking you are going to be doing anything besides yoga for that time.”

5.     What should we expect from your class tomorrow at Lululemon?

a.     “Hopefully a fun and exciting class, but nothing too serious.  I want to get somewhat of a sweat going.  There will be a little core work, several vinyasas and a good deal of saluting the sun.”

6.     Finally, tell us a little more about yourself outside of the yoga world.

a.     “ Welp, I enjoy reading, and quite a good deal of lazing around, ironically. A little writing and drawing too.”

The sky is the limit for this talented young man. He is truly a leader, a trend setter and a fearless adventurer on an amazing Life Journey. I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of attending Ben's class tomorrow.  We have really enjoyed everyone who has attended our Sunday morning yoga classes at Lululemon Athletica at the Kenwood Towne Centre during the month of May.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I look forward to meeting you tomorrow at Ben's 11 am class!



P.S. - Here's a map for Lululemon in the Kenwood Towne Centre at 7875 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH