Yoga Fit Boutique Montgomery Ohio

Yoga Fit Boutique STUDIO Bids Farewell, but We are not Leaving YOU

Lori teaching Scott an advanced arm balance.

Yoga Fit Boutique was designed as a unique place where you could experience yoga and fitness in a comfortable environment with less intimidation than the common studios. We have absolutely loved getting to know each of you and watching you progress throughout the past two years.  

Libby & Lori welcome the Instagram Twinning Challenge.  Bring on the chin stand!!

Change and transformation are an important part of growth. Some of the changes are sad as we announce we will be closing our STUDIO in the physical sense.  We will miss your warm smiles and hearing all about your families. However, we hope you will stay tuned to our website and keep in touch because we value you, and there are some exciting things in the works that we look forward to sharing with you in the near future.  

Shelby,Tish and Rona after celebrating Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights.

Libby is thrilled to pursue other avenues of teaching you yoga in the comfort of your own home through private instruction and online videos.  It is an exciting time and Yoga continues to grow not only in its popularity, but also in the scientific discoveries of how it benefits the mind, the body and the spirit.  Libby deeply believes that yoga can benefit EVERY BODY! And she is determined to find innovative ways to keep it simple, keep it positive, and keep it encouraging. 

Lisa, our Teacher Training grad & instructor with her daughter. 

We thank you for all the positive memories and energy that we created together and we look forward to what is coming around the corner!! 

Please register for our email list to be a part of our inspirational newsletter that will go out every other week with how to do specific yoga poses, information on yoga & wellness, and much more. Also, check our website daily for new inspirational quotes and information, and follow us on Facebook and on Instagram.  We are not really leaving you, we are just shifting how we convey news, knowledge, and information.

Namaste to all of our friends! 

Tina and Libby after an amazing Healing Crystal Workshop.