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Late Again?

Are you on time all of the time, most of the time or never? Hmmmm…. Be honest. If you struggle with time management what, is it that prevents you from being places on time? Do you try to fit too much in? We are all busy people living in a busy world. But, some of us make a point of showing up early or at least on time and others are perpetually late. Awareness is critical is resolving the problem. 


Why Are You Late?

First: Be aware of why you are late. Once we are aware we can change our process and progress towards better habits.

Next: realize that being on time is a form of respect. Once you embrace this it is difficult to be late.

Finally: Prioritize what you need to do and when so that you make time for the people who are most important in your life. Be where you say you are going to be on time or early and realize that it is a direct reflection of your character.

Being on time is simply a common courtesy. Everyone is busy and being late quite honestly is selfish. Now, occasionally there are circumstances that cannot be helped such, as a traffic accident or an emergency, we are not talking about normal traffic that you should have allowed time for. If you must be late do not panic, forgive yourself and stay calm, call or notify the person or people you are meeting as soon as you realize that you will not be on time. This way they can use the time to the best of their ability, as well. 

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Mindfulness will help you stay on time

Being mindful of your tasks, as well as what time it is will help you stay focussed and on time. Occasionally, but rarely, things may come up that will derail you. For the most part though, you are in control. Show people the person who you are. Show up. Practice awareness, acceptance and forgiveness. This means being aware of when and where you need to be. Leave in plenty of time to allow for traffic and parking. Accept stressful situations for what they are, listen to calming music and use car rides to make hands free phone calls or enjoy good music. Finally, if you are occasionally late, apologize to the person you were late for and forgive yourself.

When you are mindful of being on time, people will respect you and consider you a considerate and respectful person. Being on time is sadly a rare quality today and time is money. So, show up and respect time of other people, after all they are busy, too. Only speak when you have something positive to add to their life and listen with full reverence. 


Slow down the pace. It sounds counter intuitive when trying to be on time, but when we slow down and become mindful, rather than living in robot go mode, we are better able to be productive, on time, think clear, and achieve our goals concisely.

Peace & Light,


P.S. - Meditation helps create concentration, clarity and calmness, which will help you stay on task and on time so head on over to my other blog at A TotalSoulfulJourney. com and read my latest blog on The Powerful Benefits of Meditation and How to Get Started.


A Dog Gone Good Life

Do you ever come home at the end of the day and your house just feels lonely? Do you miss having a special someone around? A dog makes the perfect best friend. They are always excited to see you, they never talk back, and they are as loyal as it gets. Some dogs are easier to house train and train in general, depending on the breed and how old the dog is when you adopt it, but the process itself can be a fun bonding time as well! 


Do your research when considering a dog. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle and activity level.  Some dogs shed more than others, some require less maintenance and some are even hypoallergenic. Each dog, much like humans, has a unique personality. Visit the dog before deciding and be sure it is a good fit. Please commit to trying to keep this beautiful new companion and give it its FUR-ever home. Do not choose a dog based on the cuteness in a movie, for example there was a demand for Dalmatians after 101 Dalmatians, but that is not the dog for everyone. Do your research and avoid the hassle and sadness of returning a newly adopted dog when you suddenly realize that it does not have the right temperament for you. Also be sure that the dog is suitable for your kids and the other animals in your household if that is in your plan…

This is Luna, another one of my wonderful rescues. She is always happy to be with me on a hike, a drive, boating, or just laying around. Luna is an absolute great companion!

This is Luna, another one of my wonderful rescues. She is always happy to be with me on a hike, a drive, boating, or just laying around. Luna is an absolute great companion!

In addition, make sure that you stop at the pet store and get a few chew toys to avoid the loss of your favorite shoes and treasured belongings. Dogs love to chew on things and they are very content when they know what is theirs. Also try to give them a special space, perhaps a dog bed or a crate, in the room you most often hang out in where they feel a part of your family's life, but can comfortably retreat to while you are eating, watching tv and when the doorbell rings. In our house we named the dog bed “spot” and at first tethered our new dog to a leash in his “spot" with lots of treats and toys so he associated it as being a good place for him. Now he willingly goes there… at least sometimes, but he is still a puppy and training takes time. Just remember that YOU are the alpha.  

This is Tucker's "SPOT" as the trainer recommended and it has worked very well for us. He is happy there and we now have peace while we eat and when we answer the door.   

This is Tucker's "SPOT" as the trainer recommended and it has worked very well for us. He is happy there and we now have peace while we eat and when we answer the door.  

Your dog will provide you with great companionship. He or she will even hold you accountable for going on regular walks or runs, give you lots of snuggle time and will always be willing to protect you, yes even the little guys will do their best.


Consider adopting a dog from the shelter. Mixed breed dogs need homes and are some of the very most grateful dogs that you can imagine. I have rescued many dogs and I can tell you they have all been very well trained, easy going, loyal and loving.

This is Bubba, the best Pitt we have ever owned. Morgan rescued Bubba a year ago and they bonded immediately. Bubba was incredibly gentle and responsive. He was smart and craved love. Unfortunately, he did bite a neighbor and we HAD to do the responsible thing and put Bubba down. It was one of the hardest things we have gone through as a family and Bubba will forever be missed and fondly remembered. WE had him cremated, just as you would a family member, so that we could keep him with us forever. We will never understand what happened that day, but we forgive him and love him anyway. 

This is Bubba, the best Pitt we have ever owned. Morgan rescued Bubba a year ago and they bonded immediately. Bubba was incredibly gentle and responsive. He was smart and craved love. Unfortunately, he did bite a neighbor and we HAD to do the responsible thing and put Bubba down. It was one of the hardest things we have gone through as a family and Bubba will forever be missed and fondly remembered. WE had him cremated, just as you would a family member, so that we could keep him with us forever. We will never understand what happened that day, but we forgive him and love him anyway. 

I now own my first full bred Bernese Mountain Dog and he is truly special in his own right. But, all dogs earn a special place in our hearts. They try so hard to earn our love when really maybe it should be the other way around? Maybe if humans were more like dogs the world would be a more loving, accepting and better place! 

Playfully Your Pet Lover,



Thank you Bubba for a year of joy that will last a lifetime....


P.S. - Dogs are usually discounted for adoption for the holidays, so now is a great time to adopt a pet. It will be the gift that will continue to give love for many years to come! If you have any questions about adopting a dog, please feel free to reach out and message me! I would be happy to help!

Are you Stuffed? No worries, No guilt, No Shame!

My family enjoying leftovers the day after Thanksgiving.

Are you amongst the majority of us who ate far to much and indulged in rich foods, desserts and probably a beverage too many over the last couple days? And to think… the holiday parties are only getting started! Do not worry. Seriously, it is ok to indulge and feast every now and then. There is no shame in enjoying a delicious meal. No need to starve yourself for the next week. In fact, that will never work. Balance and moderation are key. Forgive yourself and move on just like anything else in life. Practice awareness of how you are feeling. Then, as you eat leftovers and attend parties moving into the season, practice awareness with portion control and choices of what you are eating.  

For now, the damage is done, so to speak. Accept it and enjoy it. Get outside this weekend and get moving. Once you take control of your body you will feel better. Maybe you put up holiday lights, go for a hike, rake leaves and if you are lucky enough to be somewhere with snow maybe you go skiing… the possibilities are endless. As long as you are having fun, then exercise becomes easy and the guilt melts away. 

Hold yourself accountable. Start a journal this holiday season. Write down what you eat at each event. Record how you feel that night. Then, write how you feel the next day. Be sure to include any movement you are getting and how you feel with that. This will help track your progress both positive and negative. Know that it is OK to sometimes admit that we are not perfect. We strive for progress NOT perfection. Perfection is no fun anyway, lol.  


Enjoy yourself! Life is too short not to. But, set yourself up for success. The holidays do not need to weigh you down, quite literally, but instead should inspire you to become the very best version of yourself. With each sparkling light you see this season, let that be a reminder of the light within you.  Put religion aside and see the beauty of your spiritual commonality. We are really all the same. We strive to be accepted, to be loved, to be needed and appreciated, to be happy, to be free, to be joyful and abundant. So, all differences aside, be you, eat what you want, exercise, and shine bright for all to see. 

Peace, Love and Light to you all,



Demystifying Sun Salutations

Yes sun worshiping is real and it is actually very logical, as well as being an ancient practice. In yoga you hear about Sun Salutations, or the Sankrit term, Surya Namaskar. Surya is sun. Nama means to bow to or adore. We stand at the front of our mat with our hands together at our hearts center in the same position as we typically start and end our practice with namaste mudra, which translates into the divine light in me honors and sees the divine light within you. So, as we move through the Sun Salutations we take our arms up toward the heavens and then we bow forward turning our awareness inward and committing to our health and to our higher awareness. With each movement we aspire to gain wisdom and knowledge and to become the best versions of ourselves. It really is a prayer in motion.

Sun Salutation A, Surya Namaskra A

Sun Salutation A, Surya Namaskra A

There are 12 postures within a Sun Salutation, which is also symbolic because there are 12 Sanskrit terms for the word sun. Moving through these 12 postures in consecutive sequence in repetition warms & energizes the  body. Sun Salutations engage the core, stretch the hamstrings and loosen the shoulders. They improve circulation, massage internal organs and promote overall health. So you can use sun salutations as an excellent warm up, or start to your yoga or workout session. Or when you are short on time and energy, it can be used as your minimum daily go to for giving you a total body workout. 

Sun Salutations can be beautifully adapted for your personal needs and can even be done from a chair.  When practiced at a slower pace they provide a calming grounding effect, and when practiced at a faster pace they provide a good cardiovascular workout and can provide weight loss. 

Why start the day day with Sun Salutations? Yoga was developed over 5000 years ago by ancient Sages in India who believed each part of the body was linked to some part of the natural world. The solar plexus (located behind the belly button) is said to be connected to the sun and associated with our emotional well being and intuition. We practice Sun Salutations first thing in the morning to clear our minds, gain calmness for the day ahead and to heighten our intuition. 

Then move on to Sun Salutations B to create more heat continuing with 3-5 B's

Then move on to Sun Salutations B to create more heat continuing with 3-5 B's

Lets face it, we all love a little sunshine. It feels good and makes us happy. The sun grows our fruits, vegetables and flowers. It also creates light, and as we know that light helps us conquer our fears, so salute the sun. Practice Sun Salutations each day and feel yourself growing stronger, your light illuminating brighter and the warmth glowing within you. Make time for this important practice every single day. It only takes 15-20 minutes to do a proper 3-5 Sun Salutations A and Sun Salutations B sequence and you will greatly appreciate the many benefits that you will discover through this practice. 

Sun Salutation A:

Inhale taking your arms up

Exhale bowing forward

inhale halfway up straight spine

exhale hands to earth, step back to plank and lower yoga push up

inhale upward dog

exhale downward dog (hold 3-5 breaths)

       ~work to get your heals toward the earth 

       ~relax your ears between your arms

        ~let all the busy thoughts of the day and week go as you breathe in through your nose & out through your nose

Inhale look to your thumbs

Exhale to the front of the mat 

Repeat 3 to 5 times

Sun Salutation B:

Inhale sweep arms down and up as you come into chair pose 

Exhale forward fold straightening legs

Inhale halfway up, look to horizon

Exhale hands to earth and hop back to Chaturanga (yoga push up)

Inhale heart to the sky

Exhale hips up and back to down dog 

Inhale right foot to right thumb, Warrior One

Exhale Down Dog

Inhale Left Foot to Left Thumb, Warrior One

Exhale Down Dog stay here and re connect with your breath

Relax your neck & shoulders

Consider scissoring your heels, pressing one heel at a time to the earth and lifting the opposite heel

Inhale look to your thumbs

exhale hop to the front of your mat

Repeat 3-5 times

Wishing you all an inspiring start to your week!

Shine On,


P.S. If you have questions about how to get started in your practice, how to modify postures or if you would like personal, private or corporate lessons, please contact me via email: I would be happy to travel and I always love to connect. Namaste!  

Nothing is What You Think it Is....

Is life really a grand illusion? Perhaps that is why we are fascinated with magic tricks? Nothing is really what we think it is. Nothing is what you expect. Expectations are really the root of so much heartache. Why is it that we put so much emphasis on external factors? We wear masks to protect others from who we really are. We post photos that make us look as if we live a grand or fun filled life all the time when in reality most of us struggle to keep our heads above water with busy schedules, hectic lifestyles and tight budgets. 


What is it that is really important to you? What would bring you peace of mind? Just contemplate those two things for a moment. And then ask yourself, What really IS peace of mind?

I would like you to consider peace of mind really being ultimate enlightenment. Isn't that what we all strive for? Isn't it a place of happiness where worries, struggles and fears fade away? Perhaps it is different for each of us? I do not pretend to hold all the answers, but I do believe that it makes sense to think that when we arrive at a place where we accept and are happy with ourselves, we can then accept everyone as equals around us. Through acceptance we then discover ultimate happiness.


So start loving yourself.  Work through anything you are holding onto from your past. Forgive and  honor yourself, and work toward this ultimate goal. Believe me when I tell you it IS attainable and YOU are worth it. Life is a journey of awareness and mindfulness. Be kind and gentle with yourself and with others. If you need help, it is ok to seek counsel and read self help books, for knowledge is power when put into action.

As you begin this work week be mindful to practice acceptance and observe how much happier you start to feel as a result.

Wishing you a wonderful week,


All Of The Answers You Seek Are Within YOU....

Have you spent your life wishing you could ask someone a question, needing closure, feeling abandonment, fearing something...... or just wondering what your true purpose in life might be? We face many different questions every single day! Our minds are very complex tools. But truth be told,  all the answers you seek actually lie within yourself. Yes, YOU and you alone have the power to unlock all of the answers you could ever need to know.  

It all begins with awareness. For me it began with a growing awareness on my yoga mat that then carried off the mat and into my daily life. That awareness evolved into a deeper consciousness. After you develop awareness, the next step is acceptance. Accepting yourself as you are and practicing full self love. Until you fully love and forgive yourself of any flaws you cannot truly accept love from others nor are you available to fully receive love.

Developing the following practices leads one to higher levels of consciousness and clarity:

• Self awareness 

• Acceptance of yourself

• Self love

• Acceptance of others

• Letting go of judgement

• Releasing ego

• Daily gratitude

These can be a difficult steps because the ego jumps in and gets in the way. The ego has a place and is there to protect us, but we need to be aware of how it tries to influence us to keep it in check. Finally, there is the step of practicing being grateful for all that we have in daily life and living a life of grace. When we reach this spot suddenly all of the drama fades away and clarity arises.  

Listening to your voice within, your intuition, is your best guide. Your intuitive voice is there to protect you, to lead you in the right direction, to keep you on the upward spiral. When something feels wrong, most likely IT IS. Listen to your gut. Know your worth. You were born with a purpose. You may not know the purpose yet, but if you listen to your intuition it will lead you in the right direction and the answers you seek will come. The universe will show you your path. Trust the journey. Have faith and patience. Keep your heart open and live with love, passion and a firm belief that all of your dreams will come true. YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE SPECIAL, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE JOY, YOU ARE LIGHT! Say positive affirmations to yourself if you feel a little low or lost. And write down your goals each day. Never give up. All is coming!



P.S. - If you want to learn more about awareness, acceptance, gratitude and empowerment, join me on my yoga retreat in beautiful Costa Rica this coming October.  Click here to learn more.

Would You Save a Life if You Could?

Most of you know me as a yoga instructor, but that is simply one aspect of my life. I invite you to  come along on my journey and get to know me better. And I would like to get to know you, as well.  I am a mother of two children and a daughter. Ten years ago, my dad, Bob Shively, was diagnosed with Myeloma, which is a cancer of the blood and bones. The "C" word is super scary, especially when in relation to yourself or a loved one. My father's diagnoses came as a shock. They gave him only a coulple years to live at best. The doctors said to expect his bones to deteriorate and that the only available treatment was pain management.  


Well, let me tell you a little more about me. I am extremely close with my whole family. We have always been very supportive and loving. I am super sensative and also empathetic. When my dad was diagnosed, it felt like my world shattered as I am sure many of you can relate. I felt so helpless. All I could do was to pray and pray for a way to help him. Low and behold the very next day in the mail there was a flyer for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society who offer a variety of fundraising events in honor of or in memory of anyone you know who has suffered from a blood or bone cancer of any type. I knew at that very moment I was up for the biggest challenge of my life! I quickly conspired and got my best friend, Katherine Shrout, to agree to "walk" a full 26.2 mile marathon with me in Honolulu, Hawaii!  We had a fundraising minimum to reach in exchange for our airfare and room for four nights, which was bonus motivation. So.... we thought who can't walk 26 miles? We've got this! Hahaha.... many laughs and many long training hours later we quickly started running more and more realizing how time consuming it was. Needless to say we BOTH finished the marathon. I love you Kat for pushing the limits with me, for standing by my side through tough challenges (including three broken bones in my foot) and for helping to save lives!

This year my daughter, Morgan, asked me to join the Team in Training Hike Yosemite Event on June 10th. Morgan is quickly becoming my new best friend as she grows up and becomes her own unique person. I am so proud of who she is and I love the way she makes me laugh. Her positive spirit will grace the world for years to come. But anyway, I realized that it being the ten year anniversary of my marathon that this is just perfect timining to celebrate my dad's life and the fact that he has truly beat all the odds. Ten years ago there was no treatment for his cancer besides pain management. Today, there are finally options that are available thanks to the research that was made possible by people like you who donate money to fight these diseases.

When Morgan and I decided to do the walk, the universe sent me another sign. My high school friend, Susan reached out to me. Her nephew, Paul Wilson, was in the hospital fighting for his life with leukemia. Susan asked if I would be willing to go to Children's Hospital to do some yoga with him just to change up his routine and relieve his boredom. I was honored. I realized this year I will hike and participate in this event not only in honor of my dad, but also to help find a cure for Paul's leukemia.  My goal is to use my able healthy body to give hope to these courageous people of all ages who are suffering and holding on with every ounce of dignity just to smile for their families. Cancer knows no age and no boundaries. It robs us of precious time, life and memories.  

If we have our health, we are truly blessed. Let this remind us to be grateful each and everyday. To hug the ones we love. To prioritize what is TRULY important. AND.... I invite you here and now to become a part of this quest to end cancer! I invite you to be a part of my team to help save the lives of those who are suffering! The money I raise goes to research, family support and patient care. I have seen results from the money that I raised ten years ago at the Honolulu Marathon. I am forever grateful and I will continue to pay it forward by doing all I possibly can when I can to advance cancer research for all of us.  

Sometimes it takes a villiage...but together we can move mountains!

All is possible!

In full gratitude,


P.S. - If you would like to support our team, you can learn more and donate at:

Morgan and my team name for this event is, "Not so Main Stream."

Or you too can register to participate in the Team in Training Hike Yosemite event at:

Travel to Seek Answers Rather than Escape Reality

People travel for many reasons. I travel because it expands my mind and soothes my soul. It excites me to learn of new foods, cultures, history, topography and to see the amazing beauty the world has to offer!  

View before the tram ride down San Jacinto

View before the tram ride down San Jacinto

I recently visited my parents, who are wintering in Palm Springs, and while I was there I had a moment of awakening. I often spend time hiking or walking when I vacation. This trip I spent A LOT of time hiking. On my hikes I was exceptionally taken by the beauty around me. It dawned on my how fortunate I am to get to see so many places. I wondered, for a brief moment, how many people never leave the state in which they were born? And then I wondered if they are lucky enough to travel outside of their state, have they ever seen another country???? Our country, the United States of America is so vast and so beautiful. I have driven across it and seen the wide open wheat farms, the snow capped Rocky Mountains, many corn and soy farms, long straight highways and then the switchbacks - the Million Dollar Highway takes the cake for switchbacks! 

Family time in Palm Springs

I find inspiration in the beauty  and in how quickly the landscape can change! On this particular trip to Palm Springs, my daughter and I decided to take the tram up to Mt San Jacinto to hike! I should preface this by telling you that Los Angeles was having MAJOR floods and the mountains in Palm Springs had recieved significant snow. We dressed appropriately and were ready for extreme conditions, but when we saw people in line with sleds and snowboards we started to question ourselves with laughter and the anticipation of young children on Christmas Eve....

Sledding fun

Sledding fun

As we waited in line we read the brochure and decided we MIGHT need to rent snowshoes at the top! Well, in order to hike to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto (5 miles each direction), you need a permit from the ranger. So we proudly walked through the beautiful winter wonderland and past the merry sledders to the Rangers Station. I was properly dressed in hiking boots, however, Morgan was donning her cowgirl boots, which just makes this story all the better! The ranger says, "What can I do for ya ladies?" I replied, "I just need a permit for hiking." To which he had the gull to say, "And where do you think you girls are going in those cowgirl boots? No way are you getting a permit!" Well, if you know a couple things about me.... I am a Taurus, which means I am a little bull headed and when I decide I am going to do something look out Baby.... So I sweetly said, "Oh yes we are going to rent snowshoes. We just stopped to get our permit and a map first so if you could just tell me the way that would be great!" I couldn't believe it but it actually worked! He said, "Ok... if you rent the snowshoes, I will grant you the permit, BUT NO WAY are you going to the top! Turn around at the Mountain Lion sign. After that the trail gets very hard to follow being covered in snow and you girls could get lost." I asked how much snow there actually was and was blown away! There was four feet of fresh snow and ten FEET of snow in total. Morgan and I headed out on our adventure and it was one of the most amazing hikes I have ever completed. For full disclosure, and I apologize to you Mr Ranger, we went slightly past the Mountain Lion sign!!! However, once we could no longer safely follow a trail we turned around! We were only about 1.5 miles from the peak, but safety is paramount. Especially in those conditions! 

The sun was so bright and beautiful we even peeled layers of clothing, but check out the snow shoes!!!!! And... Morgan's cowgirl boots 😂

The sun was so bright and beautiful we even peeled layers of clothing, but check out the snow shoes!!!!! And... Morgan's cowgirl boots 😂


A few days later we were in Joshua Tree surrounded by beautiful mysterious magical trees, interesting rock formations and a huge variety of cacti. Stunning in its own way!

Joshua Tree Cacti Garden

Joshua Tree Cacti Garden

Blooming cacti... beauty everywhere

Blooming cacti... beauty everywhere

It wouldn't be a yoga blog without ONE yoga pose! 

It wouldn't be a yoga blog without ONE yoga pose! 

This is a Joshua Tree

This is a Joshua Tree

From Joshua Tree we drove Phoenix Arizona, stayed with good friends and hiked Camel Back Mountain. A completely different experience once again. Humbled by the boulders and steep elevation, we were still determined to reach the top. Though exhausted, we pushed through our fatigue and were rewarded with spectacular views the city below and the surrounding mountains! Although it was considered an "expert" hike, it was so wonderful to see people of ALL ages enjoying it!  

Echo Trail Head at Camelback. The hardest climbs bring the greatest rewards! 

Echo Trail Head at Camelback. The hardest climbs bring the greatest rewards! 

One amazing thing I observed everywhere we visited on this trip was how friendly and generally upbeat people were. Maybe it was the sunshine or the beautiful surroundings... but I was reminded of what a beautiful country I live in and what beautiful people are all around. It is up to us to see the beauty.  

Yoga Fit Boutique

If you do not get the chance to travel, simply look at photos online and educate yourself with what exists outside of your box. Open your mind. Dream really big. Expand your reality! That is what travel does for me! These days it is possible to see these beautiful places online right from your own home with an open mind and your imagination!

Happy travels,



P.S. - Please comment on your personal travel experiences; places you recommend, places you dream of someday seeing..... the more we share together, the more we learn and the more we raise the energy! The Universe WILL RESPOND!  


Healing Yoga for PTSD with Libby

Many people suffer from extreme and chronic stress. Stress causes a lot of harm to our physical bodies, as well as to our mental well being. In some cases it can become post-tramatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is far more severe. People who have been through traumatic events such as combat, assault, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, an accident or a natural disaster may suffer from PTSD. Symptoms include nightmares, flashbacks, stomach aches, headaches, and many other chronic manifestations that can last for years if left untreated. PTSD also effects the people who love and care for their loved one who is suffering. 

Supported Bada Konasana opens the hips and the heart. We hold a lot of emotion in the hips.  

*Photos by Morgan McAvoy

According to the Veterans Administration, more than 8 million men, women, and children suffer from PTSD in the US in a given year. I myself suffered and did not recognize the symptoms at first. I went through a physically and emotionally traumatic event many years ago when I was violently abused by a loved one. I had undergone therapy, forgiven, found yoga and thought I had dealt with my grief. In reality I had compartmentalized and stuffed the feelings of betrayal, hurt and fear deep down within to the point where it took many years for those emotions to surface again. Through years of my personal yoga practice and helping others I was able to heal myself. I no longer feel like a victim and I am not at all ashamed to share my story. I want to help others find peace, restoration, and comfort in their own selves, as well.  

In addition to clinical treatments for PTSD via medical (i.e. prescription drugs) and psychological avenues (i.e. Cognitive Processing Therapy, EMDR), yoga is a wonderful way to calm the body and the mind through the physical practice and also to gain control through breathwork. Our breath is one thing we are always in control of, which is quite empowering and an important part of the healing process. In yoga, the parasympathetic nervous system literally slows down and by slowing the breath and the parasympathetic nervous system we literally lower heart rate, blood pressure and calm the mind.  

Seated tree pose is a great stretch for the hamstrings. All forward bends direct your awareness and attention within the self.  

The acceptance and awareness on the mat will eventually carry off the mat and into your daily life. The US Military is now using yoga to treat Veterans recovering from PTSD, and the USMC is referring local vets to Yoga Fit Boutique following a three week intensive program that they have in Chicago. Rehab programs are also using yoga to aid in recovery from drug addiction and alcohol abuse, and prisons are using it for reform.  

Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self. It is a way to dive deep inside yourself to the heart of your soul where true healing, love and forgiveness can occur. You were created to be pure joy. I have now created a class called "Healing Yoga for PTSD," which is specifically designed to restore and relax you, to tune out the chaos of the busy world and nurture yourself in a safe and accepting environment. All hands on assists and adjustments will be optional and you will have the freedom to get up and leave, or rest in child's pose if you feel overwhelmed at any point. This class will help you understand triggers and reconnect you to your mind, body and spirit.  

Supported, or restorative child's pose. Here you are supported by as many props as necessary to fully relax. You can feel free to close your eyes, or if you are more comfortable by all means feel free to leave your eyes open. This is your time to rest and release.

If you or a loved one feel that you suffer from PTSD, this is a serious condition and there are finally helpful resources available to assist you in your healing. The VA, for example, has excellent resources to get you started:

Much love & healing support,


PS - Please visit my Class Descriptions page to learn more about Healing Yoga for PTSD. I offer 20% off my rates for veterans, current military service people and first responders for any of my yoga classes. Because managing and healing from PTSD is so important, I am extending this offer to anyone suffering from PTSD who signs up for my Healing Yoga for PTSD class.


How to do a Headstand: 6 Steps to a Safe Headstand Using a Solid Foundation to Achieve Your Goals

It's a brand new week so it is the perfect time to set new goals. Make a list of easy ones that you would like to accomplish today. Next, make another list of slightly bigger goals you would like to accomplish this week. Finally, write down several really, really big dreams! If you believe they will happen and work toward them, you will likely achieve your goals!

The first step is getting started, and honestly that is usually the hardest part. Building a firm foundation is key. In relationships that foundation might include honesty, respect, communication and many other joint things of importance. For financial goals and manifesting abundance, it may involve a solid education, connections in your field of interest, and many hours of dedication and perseverance. In yoga, a firm foundation requires a regular disciplined practice. Through this regular practice you build the strength and flexibility allowing you to advance. You create awareness on the mat that then carries off the mat and into your daily life. And all of these experiences affect your practice! After all, the body and mind are deeply connected. 

Today I will show you the basic foundations for learning how to do a safe and sturdy headstand. This method will allow you to graduate into the full inversion as you feel ready; letting go of your fears and building your core strength. It is very important to use your core and to listen to your body! If you feel too much pressure on your neck, come immediately out of the posuture!  

Here are the 6 steps for safely doing a headstand:

1. Start in downward dog position. Drop to your forearms and interlace your fingers around your head. Bring your big toes together, then walk your toes in toward your elbows. Stay here and breathe to build strength and get used to having your head below your heart, OR move to step 2. 

2. Lift one leg at a time using your core strength. Keep your knees bent and legs close to your body coming into egg position. Feel free to do this with your back close to a wall and your mat doubled under your head and arms.  

3. Once both knees are up you are in control. You can slowly lift one leg at a time all the way up, or if this is enough for you at this moment, simply come back down.  

4. Keeping your knees bent as you raise your legs allows your center of gravity to stay low. So, if you feel wobbly, simply lower your legs and come safely back down.

5. Go slowly. Take your time. Press into your forearms to relieve pressure on the neck. Eventually, you will have the strength to press all the way up so that your head leaves the ground.

Photography by Morgan McAvoy

6. Finally, you can lift all the way up and achieve a full headstand. To come down safely and in control you want to practice coming back into that egg position. Remember, listen to your body. This is not the place for the ego to be involved. Safety is a priority.  

Practicing headstands has many benefits including: stress relief, increased focus, improved digestion, increased shoulder and arm strength, decreased fluid build up and retention in the legs, ankles, and feet, and increased core strength. Headstands also stimulate the lymphatic system. Not to mention they are fun and bring out your inner child!

It is so important to remember to have fun in life and continue to grow and accomplish new things! We are NEVER too old. Age is simply a number. What is important is how we feel. So get to it! Set your personal goals and make them happen. Feel the energy rise as your dreams start to come true! 

My personal short term goals this week are to: 

1. Finish organizing my studio space at home.

2. Make and deliver treats to families I know who are struggling.  

3. Clean and put away all of my laundry (dirty secret revealed! I tend to throw clothes on top of my dresser instead of actually opening the drawers).  

My longterm goals are to: 

1. Make an instructional video and DVD.

2. Plan and implement yoga retreats.  

3. Grow the audience for this blog and website by offering high quality content.

Feel free to comment and share your goals! I would love to hear from you. Remember, these are the starting points. If you do not accomplish them today or this week, forgive yourself and add it to your goals for the following day or week. Practice full acceptance of yourself and know that all is coming!

Simply believe!  


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Fresh, Simple, Delish.... Summer Harvest at Its Best!

Summer is the perfect time to visit your local farmers markets because the produce is super fresh, ready to eat, local and oh so yummy.  You even get to meet the farmers who grew it, so you know where your food comes from and you are supporting your local economy. Better yet, you can support local organic farmers, which assures that your family will not be eating GMO's and produce that is potentially contaminated with the residues of hazardous herbicides and insecticides. After all the health of your family is of utmost importance!

Findlay Market, the oldest farmers market in Ohio. Located in Downtown Cincinnati, it was established in 1852.

Findlay Market, the oldest farmers market in Ohio. Located in Downtown Cincinnati, it was established in 1852.

Cooking at home is not only theraputic, it also gives you the ability to control what goes into your food, which in many cases can make it healthier by using less added fats, sugar and salt. If you have children, by all means get them involved too!!! The more they participate in cooking with you, the more likely they are to try new things and consume a broad spectrum of healthy fruits and vegetables. The younger ones can pour and stir. The older ones, with supervision, can start to chop, slice, measure and use the stove.

Farmers markets have so much more than just fruits and vegetables! Local honey is incredibly healthy and can help prevent local allergies. You can find handmade candles, baskets and other goods as well!  

When I grew my first garden in 2010, I planted eggplant and that was the first year my kids tried eggplant Parmesan and loved it! They ate it because they thought it was so beautiful! It is easy and fun to eat colorfully in the summer and it is proven that the more colorfully we eat, the more likely that we and our children will receive the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that we need to grow and live a healthy lives.

Take your time, talk with the farmers, enjoy the experience! 

Take your time, talk with the farmers, enjoy the experience! 

For or those who do not like to cook, or live alone and feel overwhelmed by too much food when you cook, I get it! But, summer is a great time for simple, healthy dishes where portions are easy to control. By shopping at local farmers markets you can buy single amounts of tomatoes, zucchini, corn, cucumbers, small eggplants... The possibilities are endless!  

Totally yummy and easy to make tomato & zucchini casserole.

Here are some incredibly simple and healthy meal ideas that take less than 15 minutes to prepare and are best prepared with fresh and local veggies in the summer:  


1. Slice fresh tomato, top with mozzarella cheese, drizzle with good balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with salt. Also feel free to add fresh basil leaves. Mmmm, it tastes so incredibly delicious this time of year! *Tip: no need for oil here- save it for your bread to go with this and you have a complete light meal. 

Nothing beats a fresh summer tomato.  There are many types of tomatoes so again, talk to the farmers and they can direct you if you do not know which kind you want.

Nothing beats a fresh summer tomato.  There are many types of tomatoes so again, talk to the farmers and they can direct you if you do not know which kind you want.


2. Peel the husks from an ear of corn, lightly drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, feel free to add the seasoning you like such as cumin, chili powder, garlic, tumeric... Grill 5-10 min. Cut off the corn off of the cob and toss it with black beans, cucumber and tomato. Finish it with 1T of red wine vinegar and salt to taste.  Top it with feta or blue cheese if you like and enjoy! 

Fresh basil


3.  Place a cup of basil in a food processor, add a clove of garlic, a sprinkle of salt, 1/4 cup Parmesan, and the juice of half a lemon. Start to blend, slowly add good quality extra virgin olive oil just until blended (maybe 1/4 c). Use this pesto on roasted grilled veggies, eggs, pasta, steak or chicken if you eat meat, potato salad w green beans... It will keep 1-3 days in your fridge. It is also great drizzled over the tomato mozzarella salad or on a sandwich!

Visiting farmers markets can also be fun on vacations.  This is a market in Palm Springs, Ca.

Visiting farmers markets can also be fun on vacations.  This is a market in Palm Springs, Ca.

Make plans to visit your local farmers market this weekend and try one of these delicious and easy to make recipes. You'll be so happy that you did!

Happy Healthy Eating,


PS - If you are concerned about the the food that you are feeding your family and its impact on the environment, I highly recommend the documentary film, "Food Inc." Check it out on Netflix or YouTube and tell me what you think.

Human Connection vs Social Media "Friends"

We are living in a technological world where social media is the norm.  Even my 80 year old parents are texting. Direct conversations, snail mail and even good old fashioned get togethers without the distraction of phones are becoming a rarity. You go to dinner these days and you see people typing away on their smartphones rather than enjoying talking with one another. This is a sign of "real world" disconnection. Technology, as wonderful as it is, is in many ways handicapping us in our social efforts. 

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, a hug feels six times more supportive than an emoji. But instead we exchange emojis all day long. Think about it. When was the last time you hugged your friends?  

I would like like to challenge you. Go to coffee, or lunch, or dinner and put your phone and computer away. It may feel strange at first. You might miss a few calls or texts. If you need to, let people know in advance that you will be unavailable for one hour. And then give the person or people you are with your full attention. The world needs us to plug back into kindness and compassion and we cannot do that when we are constantly distracted by Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Please, don't get me wrong, they have their place and are great in moderation. But, make time for real life connections. Give more hugs than emojis each day!  

In addition, close social connections have been linked to living longer, happier lives. Have you heard of Blue Zones? There are specific places throughout the world where people are known to reach incredible longevity (over 100 years of age) based on the ideal living conditions. They have great air and water quality, they eat plant based diets high in sweet potatoes, soy, and tumeric, they get lots of exercise, they feel that they have purpose and they have a strong sense of community and connection to friends. So one of the parts of your wellness plan if you would like to live a long happy life needs to include a close knit group of positive and supportive friends.

Stay connected!




Dolphin Pose - Core Strength Drills for Skills

Just as your thoughts determine the direction of your day, the yoga skills that you practice determine the physical outcomes that you want to achieve.

Dolphin Pose is a great way to build core strength and strengthen your shoulders. Core is important not only for arm balances and inversions but also for:

• Strengthening and protecting your back

• Flattening your stomach

• Having good posture

• Improving your ability to do everyday activities safely and without pain

Start in downward dog. Lower onto your forearms and interlace your fingers. Bring your big toes together to touch. Now walk your toes in toward your arms as far as you can, keeping straight legs (heels can lift from floor). Finally, shift your torso forward so that your nose is over your thumbs. Look at your thumbs and keep your breathe steady in through the nose out through the nose 6-8 breaths. Rest in child's pose before repeating.

Libby McAvoy in dolphin pose

Build this deep core practice and you will find a strength within yourself that improves your daily yoga practice and your everyday life ✨💖✨

Finish your day strong!


The Power of Breath

Have you ever noticed how powerful the force of water in nature is? Your breath is similar. Now visualize a large body of water. Sometimes that water is choppy with whitecaps. Sometimes that very same water is flat and still. The water moves with the wind. When we are stressed or angry, our breath tends to be rapid and shallow and the body, as a result, becomes taxed. When we are calm, our breath is naturally slow, steady and deep. But you have the power to instantly use your breath to turn your stress or anxiety into calm.  The key is awareness! Try the following meditation. 


Now, close your eyes for a moment. With your eyes closed, breathe in deeply through your nose and out deeply through your nose. Put your awareness into your breath as you allow the other busy thoughts in the mind to fade away. Acknowledge any thoughts that pop up, but save them for later, they can wait. Simply listen to the sound of the waves in each breath going into shore, and back out to sea. Breathe in, breathe out.  Feel your breath slow and listen as it quiets. 

 Now, with your eyes still closed, visualize that body of water. As your breath calms and quiets, that body of water will begin to still. The body of water represents your soul conciousness. Once the chaos of the external world subsides, your natural state arises like the surface of beautifully calm and crystal clear water. Small ripples represent the effects of others upon us and us upon others. But underneath is where the depth occurs. Your true authentic self is deep below the surface. It is in this calm where the breath is slow and steady, and that the body and mind can truly become one and work to be their best. Your natural state is one of calm and joy. Your natural state is divine love. It is here in this silence that the answers you seek will come. There is in essence no need to worry. Just let go. Just be.  Just breathe. 

 Breathe in, breathe out, release and let go... 

Breathe in peace, breathe out chaos.

Breathe in acceptance, breathe out judgement.

Breathe in divine love, breathe out divine love.

 You are enough. You are all you need. In times of chaos, turn to your breath. Take just a moment, listen to those waves and let that calm you. It is proven to lower your heart rate. It works and it is in your power all the time! Have an incredible start to this week!  




Happy Monday, 


Summer Heat Advisory for Cincinnati... Ride the Wave

Summer is my favorite season. I personally love hot weather and being outdoors. With high heat warnings throughout the midwest, however, it is essential that you take precautions and be smart. You do not want to become a victim of heat exhaustion, or worse yet, heat stroke because these are serious medical conditions that can be life threatening. 

Mackenzie Madison, professional triathlete

Wear loose fitting light in color clothing, drink plenty of water, or better yet coconut water, before during and after your outdoor activities. Stay in the shade as much as possible, apply and reapply sunscreen and replace your electrolytes. We loose three main minerals when we sweat; calcium, potasium, and magnesium, which can be critically dangerous leading to fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea, headaches and even organ failure. If this happens to you, see a doctor immediately.  

Enjoying yoga on a boat at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky

When your core body temperature rises to 101 degrees as it does in hot yoga (as it will with these naturally high temperatures and high heat indexes outdoors), it allows the body a higher range of flexibility and potentially greater athletic performance. However, if you loose too many of these minerals it can cause you to pass out or even worse, to die. Foods high in these electrolyte replacing minerals are almonds, avocados, dark leafy greens, coconut water, bananas, and cheese. Also be careful not to allow your body to rise above 104 degrees, this is when it gets truly dangerous.

Mackenzie Madison from

Mackenzie Madison from

Swimming is a wonderful way to get a great workout and still keep your body cool. Whatever you do, just be safe and enjoy! Find your inner child and live each day to the fullest riding the waves of life with gratitude and grace!



My Yoga Teacher Training Journey - By Libby McAvoy

Libby's 200hr Ashtanga cohort

People come to yoga for many reasons, all perfectly good and acceptable. For me, yoga centers and calms me. It creates a wonderful focus and allows me to grow spiritually into my best being. It is a constant journey of growth and evolution that requires full acceptance and self love that begins with an awareness that is created on the mat. 

Libby at Multnomah Falls

My Yoga Teacher Training Journey gave me confidence, physical strength, cultivated my daily practice, increased my patience and gave my life tremendous value. Teacher Training was when I really showed up in my very own life. I finally felt comfortable in my skin and knew I had found my calling. I took everything I loved about my personal training experience and then added everything I realized I did not know when I began teaching and tried to make the most helpful and useful course I could deliver. It is well rounded and will give you the experience and education to prepare you to teach immediately finishing your training if that is what you choose to do.

I love knowing I am getting closer and closer to ultimate enlightenment each day. Currently, I am training to become a Sage. Learning never ends. I will always remain a student. I love knowing that I am able to help others achieve their own goals and find acceptance of themselves, as well.  We are, after all, all one. Each day is different and each practice is different. Sometimes I have more energy or more love available to give. But every time I teach I feel better. 

So, if you want to cultivate a daily practice, improve strength & skill, embrace the attitude of conscious expansion, can identify with being a student and always keeping a beginners mind, and want to grow as a better human being, then please consider registering for our upcoming 200 Hour Teacher Training Yoga Alliance accredited program which begins Friday, June 24th at 5:30pm, Sat June 25th 10-4, and Sunday June 26th 9-4. 

Visit our Teacher Training Tab on our website for our reading list and further dates, times and information.  If you have a conflict in the schedule or a problem with tuition please speak to me personally and we will try to work it out.  I really want this program to be fun, enjoyable, meaningful, and available to anyone who’s heart is fully in it.

I am super excited to share this journey with you and I truly believe that this life changing experience is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself at any age. 

Peace & Divine Love,



Dreams Do Come True - A Photo of Me Just Got Published in Mantra Magazine!!

Each decision we make directly affects our future. Some impact us more than others. In the last year I have put a significant amount of time and effort into growing my social media through Instagram and Facebook.  This has been successful in many ways and sometimes it has met with frustrations. But feeling connected to a community is what is so beautiful. I have been so incredibly inspired by so many yogis, foodies, and photographers and have developed lasting friendships with people, many of whom I know only virtually.  

Last Fall I had an opportunity to travel to Washington & Oregon.  While I was there I took a significant leap of faith and experienced my first professional photo shoot with the talented Paul Garrett, from Stone Canyon Productions. Paul is a great example of an Instagram connection that happened to truly help me out in life. Turns out that one of those photos he so patiently took of me was just published in this month’s issue of Mantra Magazine, a nationally publicized magazine. 

I am truly honored and humbled to be a part of such a great publication and such a great Yoga Community. Many of my Instagram friends have great articles written about them in this edition, as well. So go pick one up and soak up the great knowledge. Dream really, really big and never give up hope! 

Look for my future blog post about the details of some of the articles in this issue of Mantra Magazine and let us know what your favorite topics are in this edition and what it is you want to learn more about. 



PS - Here are some more photos from my photo shoot:


Summer Special for Students & Ongoing Discounts to Honor Those who so Faithfully Serve our Community

Stress cannot be avoided it is part of our lives. It is how we deal with that stress that really matters and some people have more than others. We have great news! Yoga Fit Boutique recognizes that Students, first responders, police officers, firefighters, nurses & doctors, military personnel and veterans truly give more than most and need to experience the relaxing benefits of yoga and meditation in order to recoup from their days.

Students can now take advantage of our Special Summer Student Package of our monthly unlimited, which is normally $180 for just $30! We are so proud of how hard you work three quarters of the year. Summer break is a time to rest and revitalize. Nourish your body and soul. It is a great time to go within and learn a little more about yourself. Gain confidence through your practice that will carry into your school year providing you with focus and patience.

Our 20% ongoing discount is for first responders, police officers, firefighters, nurses & doctors, military & veterans for all ten class passes and monthly recurring passes. We are so grateful for all you do in the community and we know your jobs are not only stressful, but can also be traumatic. Some of you may suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and others may suffer from Compassion Fatigue Syndrome. You give so much of yourselves that eventually there is a breaking point. Yoga & meditation will also help reduce stress and heart disease

Stress can cause more problems than we sometimes even recognize. It is a silent killer. Yoga combines movement and breath work bringing the body and mind into alignment and harmony. There are many styles of yoga and we are happy to set up a consultation to help you choose what works for your lifestyle and needs. Yoga has been scientifically proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure and more doctors are recommending it as treatment and therapy each day. See what Mayo Clinic has to say about it in their article “Yoga: Fight stress and find serenity.”

Photo courtesy of the D.O.D.

You do not need to be flexible to get started! Simply commit to yourself. It starts as a practice on the mat and in time carries off the mat into a deeper daily consciousness that will reduce stress, improve sleep, improve eating habits and equip you to deal with life with great ease.

We look forward to sharing this beautiful summer with you and we hope you will set aside an hour a day at least a couple times a week for yoga. Look at it as an investment in your future. It is after all your health and well being.

Happy Health,


Gardening for Stress Relief, Health, and The Best Nutrition

You do not need a lot of space to garden. First, simply decide if you prefer flowers, food, or a combination of both. You can even grow herbs in small pots on your deck or porch. Just being out in the sunlight and breathing the fresh air while gardening will make you feel alive and relaxed. The connection with nature calms and centers us. Gardening creates mindfulness as you care for the plants, watering them, trimming and weeding the bed.

Gardening also allows for creativity! Plant a variety and feel the gratification when the plants reach maturation. The sense of immediate accomplishment as you dig the hole and place each plant is amazing. And when your cucumbers are ready to cut and eat, or your flowers are ready to be placed in a vase, you feel so much satisfaction. 

The food you grow is the finest you can possibly eat because you know exactly how it was raised. Studies also show that kids who are involved in gardening are more likely to eat a variety of fruits and veggies and are more adventurous about trying new foods. I know this was the case with my kids. I rented a garden plot six years ago. They started eating eggplant, peppers and all sorts of things after helping me in our garden. We no longer rent a plot, but instead use the space we have in our yard to creatively grow a variety of herbs, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, squash and some flowers sprinkled in.

We live in a stressful world.  Step away from the chaos and connect with the earth.  Putting your hands in the dirt is not only stress relieving, but physically gratifying.  For example, a person weighing 140 pounds burns approximately 305 calories an hour while gardening. Burning calories, connecting with the earth, releasing stress, growing your own healthy food and raising beautiful flowers are wonderful benefits of gardening.

So get to the local garden center and pick up a few things to play with. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” 


Love & Light,


Teen Completes Teacher Training at Yoga Fit Boutique and is Already Teaching Yoga Classes

Teenagers struggle with an abundance of stress from academics to social pressures and everything in between. They are tightly scheduled and highly structured. They deal with bullying and fight self esteem problems. It is quite frankly a miracle that so many turn out so good. Thank goodness for good support systems, families, and friends. Yoga is another great alternative that many have never considered to increase self confidence and combat stress. 

Yoga Fit Boutique welcomes and encourages kids of all ages (as long as they are respectable and well behaved) to attend any and all of our classes and special programs. Yoga teaches them awareness & acceptance on the mat. That awareness and acceptance carries off the mat eventually and into every facet of their lives, building a deep centering affect and stillness that brings peace.

Meet Ben Brynjulfson, our youngest Teacher Training graduate. Ben is 16 years old and attends Sycamore High School. He began taking yoga classes at Yoga Fit Boutique about a year ago. Ben enjoyed it so much that he decided to deepen his studies and pursue his Teacher Training to accomplish something physically and spiritually new.  He also wanted to learn about another culture and a new way of thinking. After all, Yoga is a great pathway to expanding the mind. Ben finished our Teacher Training Program in April and is already leading his first class for Lululemon Athletica at the Kenwood Towne Center location on Sunday, May 29 at 11 am! We are so proud of Ben! He shows tremendous talent and we know you will love his calming nature and sense of humor! Come out to Lulu tomorrow and enjoy a fun and rewarding FREE yoga class with Ben. We are also excited that he will soon be teaching classes at Yoga Fit Boutique!

Interview with Ben:

1.     How has yoga changed your practice, changed your life?

a.     “It gave me a much deper introspective into what it is I’m actually doing; there’s more meaning behind every pose and I feel I want to push further, learn more, grow as a person with my practice instead of just using it as a physical activity.”

2.     What is your BIG life dream?

a.     “ “Haha I don’t think being sixteen is really an excuse, but I really have no idea.  I do not think there are too many people who have an exact goal.  I do know, personally, I want to reach a point where I ‘m happy with myself and who I am, both on and off the mat.”

3.     What is your personal yoga philosophy?

“To breathe and relax. Just try to completely isolate that moment of my practice, to find time in the day to reflect physically and mentally.  To get away from society for a moment and just simply exist without any feelings against myself or anyone else.  Just being.”

4.     Would you recommend Yoga Fit Boutique Teacher Training to others and why or why not?

a.     “Absolutely, it is an awesome way to connect with people while learning more about yoga and enriching your practice.  Even if you aren’t planning to be an instructor, it can only help one’s yoga experience. The ONLY drawback is the time commitment. Even when its just one weekend a month, it does consume that weekend and you can’t go into it thinking you are going to be doing anything besides yoga for that time.”

5.     What should we expect from your class tomorrow at Lululemon?

a.     “Hopefully a fun and exciting class, but nothing too serious.  I want to get somewhat of a sweat going.  There will be a little core work, several vinyasas and a good deal of saluting the sun.”

6.     Finally, tell us a little more about yourself outside of the yoga world.

a.     “ Welp, I enjoy reading, and quite a good deal of lazing around, ironically. A little writing and drawing too.”

The sky is the limit for this talented young man. He is truly a leader, a trend setter and a fearless adventurer on an amazing Life Journey. I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of attending Ben's class tomorrow.  We have really enjoyed everyone who has attended our Sunday morning yoga classes at Lululemon Athletica at the Kenwood Towne Centre during the month of May.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I look forward to meeting you tomorrow at Ben's 11 am class!



P.S. - Here's a map for Lululemon in the Kenwood Towne Centre at 7875 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH