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Meditation: I heard it is good for me, but how do I do it and what is it anyway?

Anyone and everyone is capable of meditation. You do not need any set amount of time, you do not need to be affiliated or NOT affiliated with any religion. Meditation has been proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure.  According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, “meditation can both heal and reverse the biological effects of aging.” YES! Go back and re-read that line several times! It IS true! Just a few minutes of meditation daily has been proven to reduce heart disease by 80% and cancer by 50%! Now, imagine the benefits when combined with a healthy diet and exercise! You, my friends, are in control of much of your health. So, let me break this down in simple and easy to understand terms so that you can even meditate from the comfort of your own home.

There are many ways you can meditate. Even with just a few minutes you can consider a walking meditation. Walking down the street, pacing around the house, or even on a run. As your mind starts to wander, focus your awareness on the movement of your body parts and on your breath.  Pay attention to the feel of your feelings as they connect with the earth. Soon many of the other busy thoughts will fade away. This, is meditation, which is all about being mindful, present and focused. 

For seated meditation find a quiet comfortable spot. It does not need to be fancy.  It can be a spot outside, inside, or even in your car. Try to stay away from distractions to the senses; sights, sounds, smells…. Now, just allow yourself to be comfortable. There are no rules. You can sit cross legged if it is comfortable.  Or, feel free to recline. I want you to be comfortable so that you are able to let go of the clutter in your mind and focus on a single pointed thought. The purpose of meditation is NOT necessarily to clear the mind completely, but to lessen the chatter.

Meditation is not as difficult as you would think, it just requires practice. Try choosing a topic.  For example; you can meditatate simply on the breath ~ how it feels and sounds, and notice how as your thoughts quiet, the breath too will quiet and slow.  OR try to imagine with your eyes closed a place in nature that soothes and calms you. Be all there with all your senses.  Imagine how that place smells, feels, the sounds….. then when you are ready, bring yourself back to your present surroundings.  You can meditate on a color and imagine that color filling your body with each breath in and each exhale leaving your body and filling the space around you. 

As you can see, it allows for great creativity. There are also great guided meditations available on YouTube and meditation apps are another excellent reference.

The important thing to remember in this world that is glorified by multitasking and being overly busy is to SLOW down the pace! Take a few minutes of quiet time for yourself each day and allow your body and your mind to connect.  When we go on auto pilot too long, we disconnect and things go very badly. 

Try to practice at a regular time each day ~ find what works for you and your lifestyle. At first allow your mind to wander. It is perfectly normal, but also try to set those thoughts aside. Apply your choice of technique.  And with practice you will reach Samadhi, the ultimate enlightenment.