What do Your Dreams Mean?

Dreams have always intrigued me in a mystical magical way. Sometimes they are an escape from reality to a beautiful place with people you do not recognize. Other times they are aweful nightmares and you do not wish to close your eyes again. Why do we dream such things?  

Well, we sleep about 1/3 of our life and we dream roughly two hours out of each night. Some people recall their dreams vividly, some people recall only portions of their dreams and some people do not recall dreaming at all. It's ok if you do not remember your dreams. I often don't myself. Nothing is wrong with that. Sometimes we simply sleep so well that we do not remember. And sometimes our sleep is too interrupted.  

For those of you who recall your dreams and are curious what they mean, keep reading! If you have recurring dreams, start to journal them. Try to remember how you felt in your dream, and what was going on in your day prior to that sleep...

5 Common Dreams and What they may really Mean 

1. Dreaming that you are partially naked in public: 

This is a very common dream which is often a sign of vulnerability or shame. It can also reveal a fear of being exposed.  

2. Dreaming that your falling: 

This may be a call from your subconscious to make some changes in your life. Perhaps you are concerned about the direction that something is going and often this is associated with depression. 

3. Teeth falling out: 

This has nothing to do with whether you brush enough and floss properly. This is a signal that perhaps you spoke too harshly, gossiped, and need to speak less and listen more. 

4.  Being chased:

Examine if you are trying to avoid something or someone in life. Perhaps something requires your attention? 

5. Sex: 

This can be a literal sexual outlet, or it can also symbolize intimate connection with yourself or others.  

Dreams are a way for our conscious minds to connect with the subconscious. They usually have a message for us. So just deepen your awareness without putting too much thought and any judgement into it, and see if you get to know yourself a little better through your dreams! 

I recently had a very unique dream that I would like to share with you. It was unlike any dream I have ever had. I dreamt that I was kneeling on a dock on a dark night with the sky lit by the moon. I put my hand down into the dark, but calm water. I had no fear. I wished that a dolphin would come to me. Sure enough I saw a fin coming. Again, zero fear of it being anything but a dolphin. The dolphin came straight to my hand and then out of the water enough to hold itself cheek to cheek with me. We turned our eyes toward each other and both were smiling. The connection was extraordinary. Then the dolphin swam a minute before returning to look at me face to face. We smiled and laughed together as tears streamed down my face. Then the dolphin slowly went back into the water and I woke up.

When I woke I felt as if everything had changed. It was like the weight of the world had been lifted, as if that dolphin was my spirit guide releasing all my past troubles and worries and giving me the love and encouragement that I needed. The dream was a sign like an omen. It was my soul, as well as the Universe, speaking to me and telling me that now is the time for me to put my life dream into action. 

During the past year I have been researching and preparing notes to write a book. This has been a dream of mine for sometime and now the Universe is ready to make it happen. My dolphin dream represented the clarity and certainty I needed to forge forward in full motion with a new found confidence. Since this dream I have felt so inspired and full of life! I am happy to share with you that I am currently working on writing my first book that will address how to live a Total Soulful Journey and Reduce the Stress in your Life!  

The biggest message I want to convey goes back to awareness. Be aware of what your dreams are trying to tell you. They might be a sign to slow down and change something, OR perhaps a sign to forge forward with your day dreams that are now speaking to you through your soul at night. Ideas and dreams are wonderful, but without putting them into motion it is the biggest wasted commodity we have, unused creative energy. So dream big! Put your intentions into action and watch how fast they come to life. There are signs and miracles all around us and dreams are just one area of  insight. When we are aware we are able to see more clearly. 

You know the saying, "Dreams Really do Come True".... I believe in this power now in more ways than one.  

Sweet Dreams,


P.S. - Please feel free to share (in the comment section) your recent dreams, or what your BIG DREAM is in life to begin the action of making it happen. And check out the video below to learn how to interpret and remember dreams from an inspirational speaker who I truly enjoy. 



Travel to Seek Answers Rather than Escape Reality

People travel for many reasons. I travel because it expands my mind and soothes my soul. It excites me to learn of new foods, cultures, history, topography and to see the amazing beauty the world has to offer!  

View before the tram ride down San Jacinto

View before the tram ride down San Jacinto

I recently visited my parents, who are wintering in Palm Springs, and while I was there I had a moment of awakening. I often spend time hiking or walking when I vacation. This trip I spent A LOT of time hiking. On my hikes I was exceptionally taken by the beauty around me. It dawned on my how fortunate I am to get to see so many places. I wondered, for a brief moment, how many people never leave the state in which they were born? And then I wondered if they are lucky enough to travel outside of their state, have they ever seen another country???? Our country, the United States of America is so vast and so beautiful. I have driven across it and seen the wide open wheat farms, the snow capped Rocky Mountains, many corn and soy farms, long straight highways and then the switchbacks - the Million Dollar Highway takes the cake for switchbacks! 

Family time in Palm Springs

I find inspiration in the beauty  and in how quickly the landscape can change! On this particular trip to Palm Springs, my daughter and I decided to take the tram up to Mt San Jacinto to hike! I should preface this by telling you that Los Angeles was having MAJOR floods and the mountains in Palm Springs had recieved significant snow. We dressed appropriately and were ready for extreme conditions, but when we saw people in line with sleds and snowboards we started to question ourselves with laughter and the anticipation of young children on Christmas Eve....

Sledding fun

Sledding fun

As we waited in line we read the brochure and decided we MIGHT need to rent snowshoes at the top! Well, in order to hike to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto (5 miles each direction), you need a permit from the ranger. So we proudly walked through the beautiful winter wonderland and past the merry sledders to the Rangers Station. I was properly dressed in hiking boots, however, Morgan was donning her cowgirl boots, which just makes this story all the better! The ranger says, "What can I do for ya ladies?" I replied, "I just need a permit for hiking." To which he had the gull to say, "And where do you think you girls are going in those cowgirl boots? No way are you getting a permit!" Well, if you know a couple things about me.... I am a Taurus, which means I am a little bull headed and when I decide I am going to do something look out Baby.... So I sweetly said, "Oh yes we are going to rent snowshoes. We just stopped to get our permit and a map first so if you could just tell me the way that would be great!" I couldn't believe it but it actually worked! He said, "Ok... if you rent the snowshoes, I will grant you the permit, BUT NO WAY are you going to the top! Turn around at the Mountain Lion sign. After that the trail gets very hard to follow being covered in snow and you girls could get lost." I asked how much snow there actually was and was blown away! There was four feet of fresh snow and ten FEET of snow in total. Morgan and I headed out on our adventure and it was one of the most amazing hikes I have ever completed. For full disclosure, and I apologize to you Mr Ranger, we went slightly past the Mountain Lion sign!!! However, once we could no longer safely follow a trail we turned around! We were only about 1.5 miles from the peak, but safety is paramount. Especially in those conditions! 

The sun was so bright and beautiful we even peeled layers of clothing, but check out the snow shoes!!!!! And... Morgan's cowgirl boots 😂

The sun was so bright and beautiful we even peeled layers of clothing, but check out the snow shoes!!!!! And... Morgan's cowgirl boots 😂


A few days later we were in Joshua Tree surrounded by beautiful mysterious magical trees, interesting rock formations and a huge variety of cacti. Stunning in its own way!

Joshua Tree Cacti Garden

Joshua Tree Cacti Garden

Blooming cacti... beauty everywhere

Blooming cacti... beauty everywhere

It wouldn't be a yoga blog without ONE yoga pose! 

It wouldn't be a yoga blog without ONE yoga pose! 

This is a Joshua Tree

This is a Joshua Tree

From Joshua Tree we drove Phoenix Arizona, stayed with good friends and hiked Camel Back Mountain. A completely different experience once again. Humbled by the boulders and steep elevation, we were still determined to reach the top. Though exhausted, we pushed through our fatigue and were rewarded with spectacular views the city below and the surrounding mountains! Although it was considered an "expert" hike, it was so wonderful to see people of ALL ages enjoying it!  

Echo Trail Head at Camelback. The hardest climbs bring the greatest rewards! 

Echo Trail Head at Camelback. The hardest climbs bring the greatest rewards! 

One amazing thing I observed everywhere we visited on this trip was how friendly and generally upbeat people were. Maybe it was the sunshine or the beautiful surroundings... but I was reminded of what a beautiful country I live in and what beautiful people are all around. It is up to us to see the beauty.  

Yoga Fit Boutique

If you do not get the chance to travel, simply look at photos online and educate yourself with what exists outside of your box. Open your mind. Dream really big. Expand your reality! That is what travel does for me! These days it is possible to see these beautiful places online right from your own home with an open mind and your imagination!

Happy travels,



P.S. - Please comment on your personal travel experiences; places you recommend, places you dream of someday seeing..... the more we share together, the more we learn and the more we raise the energy! The Universe WILL RESPOND!  


Open Your Heart to Tap into Endless Energy

We have an endless supply of energy that is constantly regenerating within us. This source energy is at our core center, the heart, and is always available.  It has been called many things in many cultures including Shakti in Yoga, and Chi in Chinese medicine. Some consider it closely linked to the Chakras if you have studied those, but we will save that for a different conversation. 


We are busy people. We live in a world where busy is overly glorified. Every thought we create expells great energy. Each thought you remember takes a great amount of your energy. Controlling your thoughts, holding your thoughts... it is no wonder we are tired and drained. However, if we tap into our source energy, we have the power within to regenerate and restore ourselves. We have our own battery source, if you will, to recharge!  

The Key in fact is simple. Open your heart! You are only limited by your own choices. Open your heart and open your mind and your energy will flow free and limitless. The most important part of your life is your energy, your prana. Depression is a blockage of energy. When we clear that space by CHOOSING to be positive, the energy is free to flow. Obstacles are mearly an opportunity for growth. We have the power to spin any negative into a positive. If we CHOOSE to open that energy channel, open up that flow, amazing results will come. Constantly open up, grow, spiral upward and feel the energy grow from within! Suddenly you will attract an abundance of all your desires as a result of this energy. This is The Law of Attraction.  


Happy Friday Everyone! Sending you all great energy as it is bubbling out from me and I cannot contain it so I am sharing the love with all of you!



Gardening for Stress Relief, Health, and The Best Nutrition

You do not need a lot of space to garden. First, simply decide if you prefer flowers, food, or a combination of both. You can even grow herbs in small pots on your deck or porch. Just being out in the sunlight and breathing the fresh air while gardening will make you feel alive and relaxed. The connection with nature calms and centers us. Gardening creates mindfulness as you care for the plants, watering them, trimming and weeding the bed.

Gardening also allows for creativity! Plant a variety and feel the gratification when the plants reach maturation. The sense of immediate accomplishment as you dig the hole and place each plant is amazing. And when your cucumbers are ready to cut and eat, or your flowers are ready to be placed in a vase, you feel so much satisfaction. 

The food you grow is the finest you can possibly eat because you know exactly how it was raised. Studies also show that kids who are involved in gardening are more likely to eat a variety of fruits and veggies and are more adventurous about trying new foods. I know this was the case with my kids. I rented a garden plot six years ago. They started eating eggplant, peppers and all sorts of things after helping me in our garden. We no longer rent a plot, but instead use the space we have in our yard to creatively grow a variety of herbs, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, squash and some flowers sprinkled in.

We live in a stressful world.  Step away from the chaos and connect with the earth.  Putting your hands in the dirt is not only stress relieving, but physically gratifying.  For example, a person weighing 140 pounds burns approximately 305 calories an hour while gardening. Burning calories, connecting with the earth, releasing stress, growing your own healthy food and raising beautiful flowers are wonderful benefits of gardening.

So get to the local garden center and pick up a few things to play with. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” 


Love & Light,


Wendy Riker's Teacher Training Journey at Yoga Fit Boutique

I love sharing the yoga experience and growing our family here at Yoga Fit Boutique. In 2015 I was fortunate enough to get certified through the Yoga Alliance as a Nationally recognized Yoga Teacher Training Educator and School.  I absolutely LOVED my teacher training that I attended so what I did was draw the good qualities from my training and also include everything I realized I had not learned when I began teaching.  We have both an 8 month program as well as an accelerated one month intensive.  I am happy to share everything I know with my trainees because I want them to be the best of the best with a well rounded deep understanding of yoga philosophy, alignment, sequencing, modifications, history, and using their own unique voice to lead an effective practice. 

Today, I am super proud and happy to introduce Wendy Riker to you! Wendy has just completed our RYT 200 program and in her first month graduating is leading a class this Sunday, May 15th at Lululemon Athletica in Kenwood Towne Centre.  What a HUGE accomplishment! Wendy is sweet and caring but also determined to grow in her own practice.  I loved her positive spirit in class and I know she will be an excellent addition to the Yoga Community. 

Meet Wendy Riker - In her own words

I didn't grow up doing any sports but after 2 kids and approaching 35, I found fitness as a way to have some me time and relieve some stress! I loved the physical and mental challenge that exercise provided. What had started, as a casual hobby becomes a passion. I began incorporating yoga to supplement the other exercises (Insanity, HIIT, running, bootcamp) because I never stretched well after working (oops!). After my first yoga practice, I was hooked! I left that practice appreciating the physical benefits and surprised about the groundedness & peacefulness I felt. The more I practiced yoga over the years, the more I realized I get SO much more than the physical benefits. I am able to still my mind (better) and manage stress. I am invested to continue to be a student of yoga while also teaching others what it has to offer each and everyone of us.

Below is a short interview I conducted with Wendy so you can get to know her more and hear her personal experience with her Teacher Training Journey.

What made you consider taking teacher training and how did you go about choosing the program you chose?

After a couple years of practicing yoga and seeing the benefits I get both on and off the mat, I knew I wanted to support others in their experience and on their journeys. When I looked into different programs around Cincinnati, I was attracted to the program by Yoga Fit Boutique because Libby emphasized the balance of theory/philosophy along with real practice. I know that I learn best through jumping in with both feet. Her focus on student teaching really resonated with me along with physically practicing the different styles to truly experience it.

How have your thoughts about yoga or your personal practice changed since completing the training?

I've always liked a more strength-focused yoga practice, however teacher training (TT) has given me a greater appreciation for the other forms such as Yin and Hatha. Overall, TT has helped me to personally appreciate yoga more deeply. My TT journey has taught me to appreciate the present and living life more fully - in a more fulfilling way. It also help me to establish a personal practice (which is tough for an extrovert!) that was not there before I began TT.

What is your next goal?

I really want to put my 200 RYT certification to work right away! This community is so supportive and I've been surprised by the opportunities to teach so quickly after getting my certification. My next goal is to teach at a studio on a more consistent basis. Additionally, I have a personal goal to continue to hone my arm balances & inversions. 

What should we expect from Sunday's yoga class at Lululemon in the Kenwood Towne Centre?

I'll be leading a Yoga Boot Camp practice which is a blend of fitness moves and fun yoga sequences. Expect to get a little sweaty and have some fun while doing it!

We hope you will join us this Sunday for Wendy's yoga class at Lululemon starting at 11 am. This session is absolutely free, and Lululemon is such a great store that supports our local athlete’s. So come out, introduce yourselves to us and let’s have some fun on the mat while getting healthy at the very same time! This class will be done on the mat with bare feet. I will be back at Lululemon on Sunday, May 22nd to teach Rocket Yoga so mark your calendars for this two great yoga opportunities.

Our next Yoga Teacher Training begins Friday June 25th at 5:30 pm. All of the Teacher Training dates and details are listed on our website Please know that I will work with you if the price is out of your reach and if you need to miss a couple dates it is OK! Life is good! Breathe, relax, and grow!



P.S. - Please leave a comment below. Let us know if you have any questions about our programs (if you do not see a comment box, click on the title of this post and scroll to the bottom. Also feel free to click the heart icon if you enjoyed this post.  We love your feedback!

Yoga Fit Boutique is the "Yoga Studio of the Month" at Lululemon Athletica

                                                                                                 Photography by Morgan McAvoy

I had such a great time teaching the Sunday Yoga class this morning at Lululemon inside the Kenwood Towne Centre. I want to give a huge thank you to all of the wonderful yogis who participated. You guys are awesome!

I also want to thank Lululemon for making Yoga Fit Boutique the Yoga Studio of the Month for May. If you missed this morning's class, I will be teaching again at 11 am on the following  Sundays:

May 8th - Libby McAvoy - Treat yourself to gentle slow flow (Jaba Yoga) for Mother's Day.

May 15th - Wendy Riker from our studio will guide you through a fun Yoga Boot Camp class.

May 22nd - Libby McAvoy - Join me again for another energetic session of Rocket Yoga

May 29th - Benjamin Brjnulfson-Reardon will lead you through his Vinyasa Flow class.

Lululemon is located inside the Kenwood Towne Centre at 7875 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

If you can't make any of these dates, I invite you to join us for classes at Yoga Fit Boutique. Check out our schedule and register for a class today.

Libby McAvoy

Lululemon Athletica at the Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati, Ohio