Yin Yoga Cincinnati

Live the Life You Love.... Do you LOVE your Job?

Do you wake up every morning excited to hop out of bed and start your day? If so then you are likely doing what you love.  If not, then it might be time to explore a change. What if I told you you could listen to your favorite music, light relaxing candles, exercise and meditate all day in a job with very little to no stress? Well, it IS possible and the answer is Yoga Teacher Training! Become a yoga teacher and not only help others relieve stress and tension, but you too will benefit! I tell you from my heart it is the BEST JOB EVER!!!!!!

My next training session begins October 28th. We will meet approximately one weekend per month. I am very flexible, within reason, if you need to miss a session I will work with you. My training program is different than most other programs for multiple reasons. I designed it because I loved my training under one of the best Rocket Yogi's out there, Amber Gean at Yoga Ah. However, once I began teaching I realized that Rocket Yoga, even though I loved it, does not fit the needs of the general population. So I had to learn quite a bit on my own. I said "yes" to every teaching opportunity that came my way when I finished my training and was soon teaching 27 classes a week at various studios throughout Cincinnati. I learned what worked and what did not work. I designed my training program to encompass all that I learned in my training, and all that I learned on my own so that you will have all the knowledge that I now have after thousands of teaching hours.

You will learn the history and philosophy of yoga, as well as how to teach Ashtanga Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Hatha Yoga, restorative Jaba Yoga, Yin Yoga, Thai Yoga and how to teach to people with injuries and disabilities (yoga truly is for everyone and its growing popularity in the USA is a very positive trend). I will equip you with the tools and the knowledge for you to be able to confidently teach the style that feels right to you, and for you to work with whatever might come up in a given class. You will learn modifications, alignment, anatomy, history, adjustments, body composition anaylsis, weight loss plans, nutrition... This is really so much more than yoga training. It is a wellness program for whole life living. You will be prepared and ready to teach by the end of the program.

My Teacher Training course is dynamic in that we will start with a group circle and a short information session. Then we will always practice together. Following practice we will have another circle where we go over interesting and informative subjects such as philosophy and Sanskrit. Then we get up and move again focusing on alignment, adjustments, or the topic of the day. You are never just lectured to for 8 hours. It flows easily and quickly and is very fun! This experience is truly life changing and you will build lasting friendships and bonds (please read Wendy Riker's and Ben Brynjulfson's stories from my past blogs to get student perspectives on my Teacher Training program).  

In addition to all that you will learn, Teacher Training increases your personal strength, your agility, your flexibility of body and mind and your confidence on and off the mat. It will also enhance public speaking skills, reduce stress, improve sleep and improve your posture.  The benefits are endless! 

You can decide if you want to make teaching a full time or a part time career. It has beautiful flexibility and pays roughly $15-75 an hour. I know that is a broad span, but it is indeed true. My program also has a strong a business module where you will learn how to maximize your earning potential.  

Sign up now for the early bird special to save hundreds of dollars! There are only have 8 spots remaining. I cap the amount of students to assure that you get quality attention and personalized instruction. I will work with you and I have payment options, so please do not be overwhelmed with the tuition fees. Your investment in yourself through Teacher Training returns to you in many ways when you begin teaching. Both in terms of the money that you will earn as a Yoga Alliance certified instructor, in the personal growth that you will undergo, and also with the satisfaction that you will receive from helping other people improve their lives through yoga. 

Live the life you love, love the life you live,

Libby McAvoy

PS - Call me at 513-237-5330, or write to me via my contact form to reserve your space before this class fills up.  As I mentioned earlier, I only conduct Teacher Training two times a year, and enrollment is limited to 8 students to assure that you get a high level of personal instruction.  My "Early Bird Special" will also save you a significant amount of money if you enroll now.  

*Teacher Training will be held at Breakthrough Fitness (not far from my former location). They are in the process of creating a space just for us!