New York Times Biggest Loser

Bathing Suit Bod and NO Diet Involved

Throw all the diets to the curb and still loose weight. Yes you heard me. My personal theory is that diets do not work because once you start to eat “normally” again the weight will return. Well, that theory is now scientifically proven. The NY Times wrote several articles this May talking about the TV show The Biggest Loser and how all of the contestants weight returned. This happened for several reasons, but one was that they lowered their metabolic rate so low that they could not continue to burn calories at the same rate. The lower the metabolism, the fewer calories you can burn. Also, the contestants work out for many hours a day, which is not realistic for most of the participants after the show ends.  

It is very important when you want to lose weight to drink a lot of water, get adequate physical activity (muscle burns more calories than fat) and plenty of sleep. Eat smaller portions of food, but do not deprive yourself of any one food (balance is key). Eat as many fresh, organic and local fruits and vegetables as possible combined with whole grains low in saturated fats. Avoid processed foods and too much sodium. Your body will begin to function better, feel better and the pounds will start to fall off. 

Try a yoga class and meditation several times a week. Also get plenty of sleep. Studies have proven that a lack of sleep and high levels of stress are to blame for weight gain. Specifically if you sleep at least 7.5 hours a night, it is proven to help you shed weight. 

Above all, love yourself and practice full acceptance throughout the journey. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Our bodies are the temples in which our souls dwell so honor that space. For guidance with your weight loss journey, please contact us. We can set up an individualized program to help you meet your personal goals with success.

Peace, Light, and Sunshine,

Libby McAvoy

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