Napoleon Hill

All Of The Answers You Seek Are Within YOU....

Have you spent your life wishing you could ask someone a question, needing closure, feeling abandonment, fearing something...... or just wondering what your true purpose in life might be? We face many different questions every single day! Our minds are very complex tools. But truth be told,  all the answers you seek actually lie within yourself. Yes, YOU and you alone have the power to unlock all of the answers you could ever need to know.  

It all begins with awareness. For me it began with a growing awareness on my yoga mat that then carried off the mat and into my daily life. That awareness evolved into a deeper consciousness. After you develop awareness, the next step is acceptance. Accepting yourself as you are and practicing full self love. Until you fully love and forgive yourself of any flaws you cannot truly accept love from others nor are you available to fully receive love.

Developing the following practices leads one to higher levels of consciousness and clarity:

• Self awareness 

• Acceptance of yourself

• Self love

• Acceptance of others

• Letting go of judgement

• Releasing ego

• Daily gratitude

These can be a difficult steps because the ego jumps in and gets in the way. The ego has a place and is there to protect us, but we need to be aware of how it tries to influence us to keep it in check. Finally, there is the step of practicing being grateful for all that we have in daily life and living a life of grace. When we reach this spot suddenly all of the drama fades away and clarity arises.  

Listening to your voice within, your intuition, is your best guide. Your intuitive voice is there to protect you, to lead you in the right direction, to keep you on the upward spiral. When something feels wrong, most likely IT IS. Listen to your gut. Know your worth. You were born with a purpose. You may not know the purpose yet, but if you listen to your intuition it will lead you in the right direction and the answers you seek will come. The universe will show you your path. Trust the journey. Have faith and patience. Keep your heart open and live with love, passion and a firm belief that all of your dreams will come true. YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE SPECIAL, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE JOY, YOU ARE LIGHT! Say positive affirmations to yourself if you feel a little low or lost. And write down your goals each day. Never give up. All is coming!



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Energy Exchange: The Law of Attraction and You

You are energy. Everything you do has an equal and opposite reaction. When you put out energy, it comes back. That is the law of attraction. When you are attracted to a particular person it is because you see similar qualities of yourself. It is very magnetic. The same goes with negative qualities. When you are angry or upset with someone likely, not always, you might be deep down upset with yourself.

When we slow down and think about this energy exchange it really helps us understand relationships. It makes us want to stay positive. You see, it is not about what you want! It is about being happy with what you have, because then you will attract what you want! Let go of the outcome and stay in the present moment radiating love and joy. You will then attract all that you could want and need. It is manifesting, the law of attraction,  and autosuggestion

Write down as many positive things as you can think of in your life! Positive qualities about your friends and co-workers, positive qualities about yourself, things you're grateful for. Then write down a few things that you want to manifest. Perhaps you want to attract the love of your life... Write it down. Maybe you want to attract wealth... Write it down. Maybe you want better health... Write it down. Whatever you want or need, write it down. The universe WILL provide them to you if your energy is set to the right vibration!!! The magic is within you!  

Our thoughts will not always be positive. We are human. When a negative thought comes, simply be aware and examine what is bothering you. Try not to dwell there. Turn it around into something positive. We can always look on the bright side if we choose. Our mind is a powerful tool!  

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope your energy is high and you keep the momentum spiraling upward! Surround yourself with other positive inspiring people and rise above the negativity that is weighing our world down. Be the Change!  

Good Vibes Only,