Wanderlust into the Best Version of YOURSELF

Who Are You? This seems like a straight forward question, right? Yet, many of you reading this will struggle to answer it. You might give me responses that refer to your title or the "contracts" that you signed long before you were born, such as I am a strong compassionate woman, a mom, a daughter and a yoga instructor. Those would be my superficial answers. However, what I am really asking is what is your life’s purpose? Some may be fortunate to have the answer and be pursuing their life's purpose, yet others struggle to even know what they are passionate about.

Ever wonder why we start things with great enthusiasm, but do not see it through or finish? It is because we are not committed. We are not committed because we do not know our purpose. What if I could tell you your life's purpose? No, I am not a fortune teller, but the one thing we all have in common is the desire to become the best versions of ourselves. THAT is our true purpose. From there we can follow our passions and find our secondary purpose. For me facilitating yoga classes and teaching mindfulness as a way to help others grow into the best version of themselves is my secondary purpose. For you it may be  teaching sailing, doing advertising, working in real estate, or becoming a chef. What are you good at doing that you love and are passionate about? Pursue your passions and you will find your purpose. 

Wanderlust 108 - Photography by Julianne Lesinski

Wanderlust 108 - Photography by Julianne Lesinski

The Importance of Community

Wanderlust is, by definition, “the strong desire to travel about,” according to dictionary.com. We travel not to escape our daily lives, but because we crave connection and new experiences. Travel connects us with new cultural experiences and beauty. We have the innate need to grow and learn in order to reach the best version of ourselves. There are 5 Blue Zones around the world and it is said that people live longer in those zones. One very important thing that people in blue zones have in common is a shared cultural bond, or the feeling of being truly connected to their community, family and friends. This gives them a true sense of belonging and each person knows their purpose in their “tribe”. 

How to Get in Touch With Your SELF

  1. Yoga: Through our physical practice on the mat we develop an awareness of self that then carries off of the mat and into daily life. 
  2. Meditation: Meditation allows us to quiet the mind. As a result we are able to connect with our inner being. When we silence the constant chatter in our minds, the answers that we seek come and clarity arises
  3. Connection: Connecting with like minded people gives us the courage to persevere, a feeling of belonging and the positive energy to thrive.

Wanderlust 108

Wanderlust 108 is a traveling yoga oriented event that is the only spiritual triathalon in the US. It begins with an optional 5K run/walk, then 90 minutes of yoga accompanied by world renowned DJ’s and ends with a 30 minute guided mediatation. It is the ultimate opportunity to come together as a community around shared interests and values, and practice yoga as a large radiant collective.

Photography by Christy Johnston

Photography by Christy Johnston

What is the Symbolism Behind the Numbers 108?

1 represents unity. We share a common humanity despite our external differences.

0 represents wholeness. Like a circle, we are unbroken and complete.

8 represents unlimited possibilities and the symbol of infinity. We are all on a journey to our personal true north. 

Coming to Cincinnati Oct 6, 2018

Wanderlust 108 is coming to Cincinnati this October for the first time ever. I personally believe it is going to be one of Cincinnati's and Northern Kentucky’s best events ever. I hope that you will join in the fun and help raise the energy.

WanderLust 108 in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2017. - Photo by Morgan McAvoy

WanderLust 108 in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2017. - Photo by Morgan McAvoy

Libby-Morgan Wanderlust_0087.jpg

My daughter and I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina last year to experience Wanderlust 108 and I still remember it as if it was yesterday. We laughed, we pushed our edge and we loved every single minute of it. I am not an avid runner so we did a combination of walking and running for the 5K. Adidas sponsors this event and they do an amazing job with a professional athlete who not only warms up the crowd for the 5K, but also pumps you up with enormous excitement. The emcee and DJ also add even more enthusiasm. I remember looking to the strangers around me and feeling my heart race and tears of joy well up in my eyes. I was super proud to be a part of such a compassionate event. And now, it is coming to us! Can you imagine my joy overflowing once again? You can read more about my experience at Wanderlust last year and receive a discount on selected tickets to Wanderlust 108 in Cincinnati at my other website, which is YogaFitBoutique.com.

To our many wonderful readers in Seattle, your Wanderlust 108 event is coming up soon on May 19th. I am telling you it is worth traveling to if you do not have a Wanderlust 108 event in your area. I am proud to be an official Studio Partner for Cincinnati through Yoga Fit Boutique of Wanderlust 108 this year, and I personally invite you to join me and the thousands of other passionate people who will come together in celebration of becoming our best selves. 

Congratulations to Wanderlust on becoming a B-Corp!!!! This organization is all about sustainability, community and transforming lives. B Corporations are required to meet rigorous standards of social and envirnmental preformance, accountability and transparency. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing organization now more than ever!

Whether you plan to attend Wanderlust 108 or not, choose to live a compassionate life while always striving toward becoming the best version of yourself. Wanderlust in a way symbolizes our journey inward toward self growth and transformation. And as many of you know who are on a spiritual path in life, the greatest journey that you can ever take is the one inward to the self where the universe exists within you! 

Peace & Love,


P.S. - Click here to register for Wanderlust 108 in Cincinnati and receive a 10% discount for the two Tier A ticket options via my special YogaFitBoutique code. Click NOW because this event will sell out. In fact, the Wanderlust + (RED) Charity Bundle tickets have already sold out! My special offer is good for the Tier A $39.08 tickets, which get you into all three events, as well as bonus activities. The $29.08 tickets give you access to the yoga & meditation portions of the event only. I highly recommend attending all three events! Furthermore, $1.08 from each ticket sold will be donated to RED, The Global Fund to Fight Aids. Feel free to sign up to walk as a group with Rooted Yoga and Yoga Fit Boutique! 


Tis' the Season to BELIEVE

Do you BELIEVE? This is a common question that is asked to children this time of year and it most often refers to their belief in Santa Claus. But the magic is really so much deeper and more important than that. It is also about believing in the magic of all things being possible. For children at Christmas, it is the hope that they might get a gift that would otherwise never be possible.   


I want to shift to reality now and ask you to pause and reflect on the word, BELIEVE…. What does it mean to you as an adult? Not just this holiday season, but anytime that you see this beautiful word. What does it personally say to you? Please take a minute to think about it and even consider writing a few thoughts down on paper. 


This is one of my very favorite words. It symbolizes magic and hope. At Christmas it is the hope that magic and faith will be restored for children and that peace will be brought to the world in a quiet gentle way. But, it is really so much bigger than that! There are miracles occurring around you every minute of every day, however, we are all too often too busy and unaware of them. Believe, believe in the magic within yourself! That my friends is the greatest gift of all! You have all that you need within yourself! You have all of the answers and all of the magic, the light, the love, the faith already. Sometimes your light is dimmed a bit and sometimes it is extinguished all together,  and yet that one word BELIEVE is there as a reminder to never ever give up. It is never to late to reignite your fire within, to start over, to rewrite your ending and believe in the magic of your life. Believe in miracles, because they really DO exist!


 Great things are coming in 2018! So take one more moment to reflect upon 2017, to give thanks for all of the good memories that you made and to set your intentions for the things that you would like to accomplish in 2018. It is good to set some small goals and some bigger goals. Set yourself up for success, but also give yourself some challenges to work toward. You are capable of more than you may know. It is through the challenges of life that we grow and become the best versions of ourselves. 


 So if you have a BELIEVE sign out for he holidays, consider keeping it up throughout this winter. And if you do not, that’s ok, but when you see this word stop and pause and let it serve as a reminder of all of the magic and the possibilities that could be coming your way.  


Tis the season to BELIEVE. Believe in the power of love, believe in the magic within, believe in creating the life you love, believe in yourself, believe in acceptance, believe in endless possibilities, believe in happiness, believe in forgiveness, believe in peace, believe, believe, believe…… 

Faith and Hope,


Over the Rhine, Cincinnati.    Watch the music video below and notice the same inspiration happening all over the world.  It is these tiny miracles that bring us together, unite us, and raise the vibration.  Believe in UNITY. 

Over the Rhine, Cincinnati.  

Watch the music video below and notice the same inspiration happening all over the world.  It is these tiny miracles that bring us together, unite us, and raise the vibration.  Believe in UNITY. 

 P.S. - If your light has gone out or you see someone whose has, reach out. WE all need to practice awareness and give love when we can to help people who are feeling hopeless, and ask for love when we need a little light ourselves. Sometimes in our culture it is hard to ask for help. It can make us feel too vulnerable, but it is also natural to feel depleted from time to time. We are all in this together.  If you feel like you have no one to fill your cup, a yoga studio is always an accepting place where you will feel very positive energy. Never give up.