How to get Motivated by Positive Influencers

There are many different ways to become motivated and inspired and yet many of us stay stuck and are hopeless.

I recently attended Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio. I knew of several musicians I wanted to hear and also discovered some new bands. One in particular stood out to me. Her name was Lauren Sanderson. Her music is catchy, but her lyrics are incredibly inspiring. She talks and sings openly about overcoming anxiety which so many of us can relate to. Lauren offered to meet her fans next to the stage after the concert. I can say after spending just a few minutes with her ( and yes I was one of the oldest fans lol) she is absolutely so beautiful inside and out. One of the things that makes Lauren so inspiring is her authenticity.

Lauren laughed when I asked her to try a yoga pose with me. So much fun to connect with like minded people!

Lauren laughed when I asked her to try a yoga pose with me. So much fun to connect with like minded people!

Why do we look to influencers on social media?
We look to those with huge followings because they know their purpose and they know how to connect with us and energize us! Lauren Sanderson knew her purpose at a young age despite overcoming huge challenges like telling her family she is gay. Soon after high school graduation, and after sharing you tube videos, she began speaking. She received countless letters from desperate teens thanking her for sharing her story. She gave an amazing TEDx Talk, titled, For God’s Sake Just Love Them, where she inspired parents to tell their kids they love them, they are proud of them, and to validate their kids. She went on to say, if you have messed up its ok. It is ok to tell them NOW. Did you receive this kind of family support growing up? Fortunately, I did, but most people I talk to did not. I was struggling in my marriage and my ex finally shared with me that his parents had never told him they were proud of him and up until his college graduation he did not recall them telling him they loved him. I have similar stories with many other friends and I can tell you it affects our relationships vastly. Lauren went on to spread her positive messages through music in order to make a bigger impact.

Accept What’s in Your Past but Focus on the Future and Where You Want to Go.

No matter how you were raised take your life in your own hands. We all have a certain level of anxiety and we all have bad days. It’s ok to be confused, lost and down, just don’t stay there. You do not have to settle for a job, you do not have to tolerate being talked to negatively, and you are never alone. Allow yourself to feel every emotion that arises and then sit with it. See if you can observe how you can improve that feeling. Listen to inspiring lyrics or watch a You Tube video by a positive influencer, like Jay Shetty. Most of all have the courage to be YOU. Live authentically and if you do not feel accepted keep looking for your tribe. There are many kind, accepting, compassionate people to connect with. If you feel lost or stuck try looking at the situation from a different perspective. If you do not know your purpose just try to do things you love and are passionate about and consider trying new things and meeting new people. 

I can tell you that at 43 years old I have had times in my life where I felt lost and even trapped. I wanted to give up, but deep down I always had hope that better days were coming. My very greatest desire and my fear were interwoven. I wanted to find true love, you know, the kind you see in movies. But I feared losing that person and being alone. I married young and enjoyed many years with my ex and we created two beautiful children, but I always knew he was not my one, my person. I had to let go of my fear of being alone to achieve my dream of true love. It is not an easy garden to till and no one is perfect. You have to constantly pull the weeds, fertilize and nourish the garden of love. But, I can tell you without any doubts or regrets the love that I have in my life now is most beautiful and worth every bit of effort and vulnerability. I finally feel accepted and understood. So, while I do not advocate divorce or running away from any commitment, I do believe we all deserve to be accepted, heard, understood, and loved. 

Your life partner should always have your back and you will shine with that person.

Your life partner should always have your back and you will shine with that person.

”Happiness is not a Destination, It Comes & Goes” ~ Lyrics from Lauren Sanderson’s, Oceans

So observe the voice in your head and question the self talk. Ask yourself who you are. I am not Libby Shively McAvoy, thats just my name. I am not just a mom, a daughter, or a sister. I am not just a yoga instructor. I am a courageous, inspired woman, I am enough, I am still growing, I am healthy, I am love. I would urge you to reach out to me. Get a piece of paper and write me about whats going on in your life. Let’s connect. Direct message me on fb or instagram. I am not here to give advice. I want to listen and I want you to know you are being heard. You deserve to be happy.

Dream Really Really Big,


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