An Invitation To Celebrate: Diwali; A Festival of Lights

Diwali is the five day Hindu "Festival of Lights," which takes place each autumn and signifies the victory of good over evil. This is an important theme that is observed by most cultures and religions and is relevant as the days get shorter (darkness taking over light) and as we transition to winter. As the leaves turn and fall from the trees, we are ALL reminded of our own transitions and the changes that we naturally go through. Our bodies and souls closely mimic the patterns of nature. So we can all beneifit from this celebration. It allows for unity.  


Traditionally Diwali signifies victory of light over dark, good over evil, hope over despair, and knowledge over ignorgance. Over this five day period, which began on October 30th and runs to November 3rd, people clean, dress up, light candles, and participate in special chants and prayers (often to specific dieties such as Lakshmi, the goddess of fertility & prosperity). After prayers there is a great celebration which involves fireworks and bonfires. Then there is a family feast, sweet treats and gifts exchanged between family and close friends. In the Hindu culture I believe that this is somewhat similar to the importance of Christmas to us as Christians. 

Last year, we were fortunate enough to celebrate Diwali at Yoga Fit Boutique. One of my very dear and special clients is Indian and Hindu in decent, so she brought homemade sweet treats and a candle for everyone in the class. Moments like these are very special and enrich our yoga experience!  After all, we are a community that shares and celebrates our cultures, too. 

Fall is the perfect time to shed what no longer serves us.  Let's let go. Start this process by making a couple lists. First make a positive list of all that you want to manifest. And then make a separate list of all that you are ready to let go of that has been weighing you down. Then give yourself a little break. Be gentle on your bodies and forgiving to yourself. This is the time of year that the body and soul regenerate and prepare for the rebirth of spring.  

I treasure every single person who has the courage to step onto the mat and practice yoga with me. I see the light that is in you and I believe that we are conquering the darkness. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful celebration!

Peace, Love and Happy Diwali!

Colorfully yours,