Balance in life

Open Your Heart to Tap into Endless Energy

We have an endless supply of energy that is constantly regenerating within us. This source energy is at our core center, the heart, and is always available.  It has been called many things in many cultures including Shakti in Yoga, and Chi in Chinese medicine. Some consider it closely linked to the Chakras if you have studied those, but we will save that for a different conversation. 


We are busy people. We live in a world where busy is overly glorified. Every thought we create expells great energy. Each thought you remember takes a great amount of your energy. Controlling your thoughts, holding your thoughts... it is no wonder we are tired and drained. However, if we tap into our source energy, we have the power within to regenerate and restore ourselves. We have our own battery source, if you will, to recharge!  

The Key in fact is simple. Open your heart! You are only limited by your own choices. Open your heart and open your mind and your energy will flow free and limitless. The most important part of your life is your energy, your prana. Depression is a blockage of energy. When we clear that space by CHOOSING to be positive, the energy is free to flow. Obstacles are mearly an opportunity for growth. We have the power to spin any negative into a positive. If we CHOOSE to open that energy channel, open up that flow, amazing results will come. Constantly open up, grow, spiral upward and feel the energy grow from within! Suddenly you will attract an abundance of all your desires as a result of this energy. This is The Law of Attraction.  


Happy Friday Everyone! Sending you all great energy as it is bubbling out from me and I cannot contain it so I am sharing the love with all of you!



A Balanced Life Through Yoga

Balance in life is so important. Work hard, but play hard too.  Pets are a big part of my life.  I love their unconditional love, innocence, and playfulness.  But, with pets comes chaos! I have 3 rescue dogs, 4 cats (2 indoor, 2 outdoor), and 6 hens.  Add two children to that and life gets crazy but I would not want it any other way.  

Libby & Cats

Yes, sometimes my house is a mess, ok, a down right disaster.  But…it can all be cleaned with a little time and effort, and happy memories are being created. 

This is where yoga comes in.  Yoga has taught me that in times of chaos, we just need to pause and breathe to become more responsive and less reactive.  So what does that mean anyway? Well, when a lot is happening in life, do you ever fly off the handle and over react to something small?  I used to too.  Since living my yoga I am more centered and calm and less reactive.  

Life is so good.  Trust the process, let go of judgements, and practice full acceptance.  Love the life you live and live the life you love!

Hope to see you on the mat soonies!

Libby McAvoy