What Are You Waiting For? Start Now!


There will never be a perfect time. Embrace the uncertainties and imperfections of life and go after your goals and dreams right now. The Power of Now, as described by Eckhart Tolle, describes the present moment as all that we really have. If you think about what you want and research it too long, suddenly the days whittle by and time is wasted. Just start! You do not have to be perfect or have it all figured out! Learn as you go! Strive for progress rather than perfection. Life is a journey. Once we get started with what we want to learn or do, like launching a new business, the momentum of the action builds and carries us through. 


Stop creating excuses and start creating opportunities for yourself. Live a life based on love rather than fear. Love yourself enough to allow yourself to start living each day to the fullest. Conquer your small goals, your medium goals and eventually your big goals! You are capable of more than you even think is possible. The mind is a powerful muscle and when trained properly it becomes extremely strong. 

Are you living a third dimension life (3D) like most people, caught up in worldly pressures, fears and limitations?  Have you ever considered moving up to the 5th dimension where all things are interconnected and possible? In the 5D there are no boundaries. There is essentially no beginning and no ending. Therefore, there is nothing to fear or to hold you back from living your best life.  

So go for your dreams. Start today by taking baby steps because our actions ultimately create our outcomes!


Start by declaring your dream! Forget about how you are going to make it happen and just start. Do not let anything stop you. Roadblocks will come along your path, but do not let them slow you down. What if you only had three months left to live? Would you view things the same way?  Would you still move as slowly toward your dreams? Would you do things differently? I would urge you to live that way everyday; passionately in pursuit of all that you desire.  

Manifesting a dream means creating new healthy habits and breaking hold patterns. You do this through self awareness. It may take time, acceptance and honesty, but if you are true to yourself all is possible.  Determination Baby! 



Find supportive people who can help hold you accountable and attain your dreams. You are worth it!  2018 holds incredible promise, but it is through your action that the magic will happen. The Universe will conspire to make your dreams come true once you place your intentions into action and start to live them. 

Sending you all my very best wishes and energy for your forward momentum.  

With momentum and excitement,



Tis' the Season to BELIEVE

Do you BELIEVE? This is a common question that is asked to children this time of year and it most often refers to their belief in Santa Claus. But the magic is really so much deeper and more important than that. It is also about believing in the magic of all things being possible. For children at Christmas, it is the hope that they might get a gift that would otherwise never be possible.   


I want to shift to reality now and ask you to pause and reflect on the word, BELIEVE…. What does it mean to you as an adult? Not just this holiday season, but anytime that you see this beautiful word. What does it personally say to you? Please take a minute to think about it and even consider writing a few thoughts down on paper. 


This is one of my very favorite words. It symbolizes magic and hope. At Christmas it is the hope that magic and faith will be restored for children and that peace will be brought to the world in a quiet gentle way. But, it is really so much bigger than that! There are miracles occurring around you every minute of every day, however, we are all too often too busy and unaware of them. Believe, believe in the magic within yourself! That my friends is the greatest gift of all! You have all that you need within yourself! You have all of the answers and all of the magic, the light, the love, the faith already. Sometimes your light is dimmed a bit and sometimes it is extinguished all together,  and yet that one word BELIEVE is there as a reminder to never ever give up. It is never to late to reignite your fire within, to start over, to rewrite your ending and believe in the magic of your life. Believe in miracles, because they really DO exist!


 Great things are coming in 2018! So take one more moment to reflect upon 2017, to give thanks for all of the good memories that you made and to set your intentions for the things that you would like to accomplish in 2018. It is good to set some small goals and some bigger goals. Set yourself up for success, but also give yourself some challenges to work toward. You are capable of more than you may know. It is through the challenges of life that we grow and become the best versions of ourselves. 


 So if you have a BELIEVE sign out for he holidays, consider keeping it up throughout this winter. And if you do not, that’s ok, but when you see this word stop and pause and let it serve as a reminder of all of the magic and the possibilities that could be coming your way.  


Tis the season to BELIEVE. Believe in the power of love, believe in the magic within, believe in creating the life you love, believe in yourself, believe in acceptance, believe in endless possibilities, believe in happiness, believe in forgiveness, believe in peace, believe, believe, believe…… 

Faith and Hope,


Over the Rhine, Cincinnati.    Watch the music video below and notice the same inspiration happening all over the world.  It is these tiny miracles that bring us together, unite us, and raise the vibration.  Believe in UNITY. 

Over the Rhine, Cincinnati.  

Watch the music video below and notice the same inspiration happening all over the world.  It is these tiny miracles that bring us together, unite us, and raise the vibration.  Believe in UNITY. 

 P.S. - If your light has gone out or you see someone whose has, reach out. WE all need to practice awareness and give love when we can to help people who are feeling hopeless, and ask for love when we need a little light ourselves. Sometimes in our culture it is hard to ask for help. It can make us feel too vulnerable, but it is also natural to feel depleted from time to time. We are all in this together.  If you feel like you have no one to fill your cup, a yoga studio is always an accepting place where you will feel very positive energy. Never give up. 

5 Reasons for a Yoga Retreat in the Mountains

*This Retreat is No Longer Available.  Join Libby in Costa Rica in October for Her Next Available Retreat. Details are on the Home Page or at Trip Tribe.

Join me for my next yoga retreat from Wednesday, July 12th to Sunday, July 16th...

Awaken the master within you for all of the answers that you seek and already have at my next yoga retreat! Often times we get so bogged down with stress and anxiety that it becomes hard to trust our intuition and to see clearly. A short getaway, especially one that eases stress and clears the mind, can be the perfect solution that allows for great healing through mindfulness and awakening. This retreat we will cultivate awareness through movement and acceptance on the mat that will carry off the mat and into your daily life. This gift of higher consciousness and relaxation will help you respond to life rather than react, giving you tools to make better decisions, to have better relationships, to improved your health and reduce stress.

This wonderful retreat will be hosted at the Elohee Center, which is located on over 200 gorgeous acres of forested land nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, just 2 hours north of Atlanta. The named Elohee is a Cherokee word that means earth place. This center was founded by Andy and Carolyn Bralley in 2010 when their daughter Eve was battling refractory Hodgkin lymphoma as a place of healing for her. This beautiful land inspires self exploration, growth and mind body healing. 

In addition to Yoga and Meditation, I will encourage journaling to help you to manifest your goals and intentions. When we write our desires down, we begin to manifest and put them into action. We will talk a lot about how to bring light and inspiration into your daily lives as you awaken your heart center and learn to live with true intention and confidence, and aspire to become the best vesion of yourself. That is the true purpose of this retreat.

You will also have the opportunity to join me on optional hiking excursions, becoming one with nature while calming the mind. You can participate in painting workshops that will encourage creativity and letting go.... to free your mind!  This retreat center offers additional luxury massages, as well as other yoga and cooking classes to enhance your experience! 

So if you are not already convinced to register, here are my top 5 reasons for you to participate in this yoga retreat in the mountains:

1. To let go of what no longer serves you (including stress).

2. To build confidence in yourself and in your yoga practice.

3. To inspire and awaken your inner teacher.

4. To connect with like minded people and feel accepted.

5. To move forward toward your dreams.   

My purpose here is to AWAKEN what is already within you, to show you what you are truly capable of achieving, to remind you of your amazing beauty that is sometimes forgotten. We all get stuck from time to time. Allow me to help you get unstuck. I invite you to join me on this wonderful journey that will elevate you to a new level in many aspects of your life, including family, work, creativity, focus and self esteem.  

Register by March 11th for the early bird pricing and save 10%. I selected this location specifically for its incredible value and its accessibility from so many locations. I love to meet people from around the world and share my passion for yoga and wellness, so all are welcome!!

Peace & light,


P.S. - You can choose to a share a room or to have your own. Trip Tribe will try to pair you with someone compatible and it may enhance your experience if you choose to share a room. Connecting with one another as we are learning and growing together will truly create a special retreat filled with friendship and amazing energy! I cannot wait to share this with you!

This yoga retreat is organized by Trip Tribe!

Imagine your creative side in full bloom! 

Imagine your creative side in full bloom!