How to Show Up on Difficult Days

Lets Face it We all Have Bad Days

Some days you wake up and things just seem to go down hill and you want a re do. Sometimes it is the stories we tell ourselves and the lies we make up and sometimes it has to do with external problems or health issues. However, all we can do is move forward and make the best of it knowing we get another chance tomorrow. Sometimes, it is best to take a day off, but the problem is often we get caught in the victim mentality and wallow in our grief or frustration. I personally try to wake with thoughts of gratitude, but even then, after having my coffee and interacting with others, sometimes the day seems to unravel in a downward spiral. What I have learned is The Law Of Attraction is powerful. Ok, so what I mean by that is that when you choose to change your mindset to one of positivity you will attract positive outcomes. It is not easy my friends, but it is possible.

This works with both positivity and negativity.

This works with both positivity and negativity.

Just two days ago I woke feeling like it was going to be an incredibly productive positive day. Oh yes, you know whats coming….BOOM. An hour later everything was going wrong. How could this be when I was in a positive mindset? The answer is sometimes we are tested. My contact page on my website was not working, and because I care deeply about you all, I was frustrated that I may have missed your attempts to reach out to me. I am not great on the tech side of computers so it took me most of the day and I still did not solve the problem. I did what I know to do and “let it go” for the day. The next morning I got up and sat at my computer and everything fell perfectly into place. I got frustrated but I was able to maintain a positive mindset. So what ever is causing you to feel out of alignment accept it and observe it. Find your resiliency.


How Do We Show Up on Difficult Days

There are days when we think we simply cannot go on. We want to hide or isolate ourselves. The best thing we can truly do is continue to face those challenges with courage. In yoga teacher training my guru, Amber Gean, taught me that there will be days when you do not have love or inspiration to give, but you have to leave your baggage at the door, show up, and its ok to say very little on those days. Amber, and yoga teacher training, taught me many life lessons, but that was perhaps the single best piece of advice that I can share. Simply show up and know better days are coming. As my own mom used to say, “this too shall pass.” 

So face your fears, face those god awful days, and know that it is all temporary. Have faith that better days are on the horizon. Your natural state is one of joy. So let the difficult emotions flow through you, but allow yourself to return to joy. We do not always have control over what happens, but we do have control over what we say, how we respond, and the choice of our mindset. So choose to face difficulties with grace. 


Tools to Get Through Hard Times

  • Get on your yoga mat-yoga classes are extremely accepting places where you can feel calm, safe, and secure. You become grounded and your sense of fight or flight is diminished.

  • Practice the Pause-When you find yourself breathing faster and getting worked up take a few deep breaths and pause before you respond. 

  • Exercise-take a walk, hit the gym, find what movement allows you to relax and take your mind off what is troubling you.

  • Show up-remember, it is ok to say very little. Just do what you have to do and push through.

  • Reward yourself for being corageous-at the end of difficult days reward yourself with a healthy delicious meal, watch a movie, or take a bath.

  • Believe-always believe that things are happening for a reason. Not everyday will be good, but there is something good in every day. Believe in yourself and know that this too shall pass.

  • Seek Support-depending on each situtaion different support may be necessary. We are social creatures. Sometimes friends and family are enough, sometimes we need the help of a life coach or psychiatrist. Evaluate the level of difficulty and know there is help available. Sometimes we simply need to be heard, sometimes we need validation, and sometimes we just need a little advice. Ultimately the answers we seek are already within, but talking things through can create a new awareness. 

  • Surrender-we do not have to understand everything. Sometimes we just need to surrender to what is.

Mindfully Yours,


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