Dream Big & Always Believe

The Power of Your Dream

Most of us gave up on believing in fairy tale endings and in our dreams coming true at a very young age. You may have been told by a parent or teacher to “get your head out of the clouds.” Instead of dreaming big, we walk around in a “sleep walk” like trance repeating the same tasks day after day. WE are a society who in general lives for the weekends, but if we are doing what we love each day would be joyful. 


Be Fearless in the Pursuit of Your Dreams

With persistence, patience, and a positive attitude your dreams can come true. Your dream may sound crazy to others and boy will they tell you, but once you get behind your ideas whole heartedly the universe will conspire to make it happen. Believe in the power of your dream because it is the essence of who you are. We were each born with a unique purpose. If you do not yet know your purpose that is ok. Pursue your passions. It is difficult to not be effected by the thoughts and opinions of others, but be courageous anyway. They will all come around when they see your commitment and dedication.


Tis the Season to Believe

Most of us believed in Santa at some point in our lives. Although it is a strange tradition, it created the magic of Christmas. We put cookies and milk out and some of us even fed the reindeer. We teach our children not to lie but carry on this tradition because the power of belief is incredibly important. Your life can be just as magical as Christmas to a young child. Dream really really big and BELIEVE! Let no one dull your spirit. If you do not like the direction your life is going re invent yourself. You are the author and architect of your life. Write a new chapter, add or delete characters and design the life you love every damn day! Allow this season to remind you in the power of belief paired with positive mindset and determination. Not every day will be great, but there is something good in everyday.

The new year is quickly approaching but do not wait to start making the improvements you desire. Let your new years resolutions begin now with simple intentions to improve life. Consider starting a journal. Write daily and weekly goals that are achievable. Set yourself up to succeed. 

Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe in the good of humanity. Believe in the power of the UNIVERSE. Allow yourself to follow your passion. Day dream from time to time. Shift your mindset and create healthy habits. All things are possible when you believe. 



P.S. Wishing you all a warm, peaceful, and joyous holiday season. Thank you for being a part of this community and taking the time to read this blog. Please scroll down under the tags and click the heart if you enjoyed this and comment to tell us what YOU dream about!