8 Tools for Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Looking at Obstacles as Gifts

Facing life’s obstacles usually surfaces negative emotions such as fear, worry, disappointment and shame. But, when we let go of attachment to outcome and accept each situation as it is it is easier to digest. What if you looked at each obstacle as a gift rather than a set back? There is a Chinese Proverb that states, “ In every crisis, there is opportunity.” One of our greatest gifts is the ability to look at obstacles as a chance to see or do things we may have otherwise missed. They may in fact lead us to our true purpose and put us on a far better path. So whether you are struggling with a relationship, a job, finding your purpose in life, struggling financially or anything else please use the following tools and never give up. Something better is always around the corner.

8 Tools for Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

  1. Practice the Pause Any time you feel you have been thrown off course practice the pause. Stop what you are doing, close your eyes if possible, and take several long inhales and exhales through your nose. Feel your shoulders come down away from your ears. Now, examine the road block from all angels. After practicing the pause we are better equipped to see things from multiple perspectives rather than a place of ego reactivity.

  2. Examine the Emotion Allow yourself to feel any and all emotion that may surface when an obstacle is put in front of you. Try to observe your feeling and then go deeper into the why. What is the root of the emotion. If you are angry it is because anger or fear is within you but why? Once you understand the root cause you can begin to heal. Expectation is often the root of heartache. Try to see things how they really are rather than how you perceive them to be. 

  3. Accept the Situation as it is Forget about how you thought things were supposed to be and accept them for what they are. When we face road closures we naturally find an alternative route; often following the detour signs in front of us. Well, what if we follow the signs of the universe and surrender to what is. Better things are on the way.

  4. Forgive Yourself We are naturally our biggest critic. When we face obstacles in life it is not a failure, but instead a learning opportunity. As long as we learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them we will grow into better versions of ourselves. Forgive yourself and then eventually forgive others who may have been involved. Holding grudges gets us no where. 

  5. Allow the Process Stay present and remove the mental blockages in front of you that are keeping you stuck. When you trust yourself fully you will be able to take whatever you fear or dislike that is invisibly in front of you and put it behind you. Yes, it is all still there but now you are able to move forward rather than feeling like you are walking into a brick wall. For example if you are in a relationship where trust has been broken, and both people are trying to mend the relationship, the imagined obstacle in front of you is the pattern being repeated. There is always that chance, but if we move that behind us, we are able to move forward with positive momentum. If the pattern repeats itself then you must trust yourself enough to walk away. 

  6. Continue Forward Momentum Never give up on your dreams or your passions. Obstacles may set us back or redirect that so that we find our higher purpose. Look for a positive outcome. Staying stuck in a deep pothole will not help. Yes, it is ok to cry or throw a short pity party, but then pick yourself up by your bootstraps and continue forward. Life is a journey with no particular destination except to reach the best possible version of yourself, the Divine within, or ultimate enlightenment. It does not matter how we get there or how many set backs we face as long as we persevere. It takes great courage to forge into the unknown but with that courage comes great results.

  7. Give Back Consider getting involved with something or someone whose purpose is far greater than yours. Being a part of a greater collective raises positive energy. We have all heard of the saying Give and You Shall Receive, well when speaking the language of the universe when we give our time and or efforts to help others karma will return those well wishes to us in the way we desire. 

  8. Let Go of External Validation I learned through my Yoga Teacher Training that the answers we seek are already within us. And, through life's experiences I can tell you with great certainty this is the truth. People love to offer you advice, but they rarely follow what it is they advise. Often our self esteem and vibration are lowered by the advice or opinions of people we love and respect because we do not like to disappoint. We are naturally programmed to please others when in reality if we would simply please ourselves others would be drawn to our authenticity. You do not need approval from anyone. Simply say and do things that bring yourself and those around you happiness. 

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We Were Each Born with a Unique Purpose

When I taught yoga for Avon they shared their beautiful philosophy with me that everyone has a unique story. We were each born with unique passions, talents, and traits. Life may take us down a winding road and we may hit some bumps along the way, but share your story with the world. Overcoming obstacles allows us to move forward from the victim stage and take back our power that is always within. Stand up for yourself, be your own advocate. Life may be difficult at times and there may be bad days, but there is always something good in each day. Look for the tiny miracles occurring all around you and find comfort knowing you were created not to survive, but to thrive. Live the life you love and love the life you live. Also, get comfortable with your discomforts because again, that is the catalyst for growth. Each day, each choice we make, can put us one step closer to the life we desire. Remember, you are the author of your story. If you do not like how things are going yell, “plot twist,” and write a new chapter. Add or erase characters and write your own happy ending. 

With Passion & Perseverance,


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