Dolphin Pose - Core Strength Drills for Skills

Just as your thoughts determine the direction of your day, the yoga skills that you practice determine the physical outcomes that you want to achieve.

Dolphin Pose is a great way to build core strength and strengthen your shoulders. Core is important not only for arm balances and inversions but also for:

• Strengthening and protecting your back

• Flattening your stomach

• Having good posture

• Improving your ability to do everyday activities safely and without pain

Start in downward dog. Lower onto your forearms and interlace your fingers. Bring your big toes together to touch. Now walk your toes in toward your arms as far as you can, keeping straight legs (heels can lift from floor). Finally, shift your torso forward so that your nose is over your thumbs. Look at your thumbs and keep your breathe steady in through the nose out through the nose 6-8 breaths. Rest in child's pose before repeating.

Libby McAvoy in dolphin pose

Build this deep core practice and you will find a strength within yourself that improves your daily yoga practice and your everyday life ✨💖✨

Finish your day strong!