My Yoga Teacher Training Journey - By Libby McAvoy

Libby's 200hr Ashtanga cohort

People come to yoga for many reasons, all perfectly good and acceptable. For me, yoga centers and calms me. It creates a wonderful focus and allows me to grow spiritually into my best being. It is a constant journey of growth and evolution that requires full acceptance and self love that begins with an awareness that is created on the mat. 

Libby at Multnomah Falls

My Yoga Teacher Training Journey gave me confidence, physical strength, cultivated my daily practice, increased my patience and gave my life tremendous value. Teacher Training was when I really showed up in my very own life. I finally felt comfortable in my skin and knew I had found my calling. I took everything I loved about my personal training experience and then added everything I realized I did not know when I began teaching and tried to make the most helpful and useful course I could deliver. It is well rounded and will give you the experience and education to prepare you to teach immediately finishing your training if that is what you choose to do.

I love knowing I am getting closer and closer to ultimate enlightenment each day. Currently, I am training to become a Sage. Learning never ends. I will always remain a student. I love knowing that I am able to help others achieve their own goals and find acceptance of themselves, as well.  We are, after all, all one. Each day is different and each practice is different. Sometimes I have more energy or more love available to give. But every time I teach I feel better. 

So, if you want to cultivate a daily practice, improve strength & skill, embrace the attitude of conscious expansion, can identify with being a student and always keeping a beginners mind, and want to grow as a better human being, then please consider registering for our upcoming 200 Hour Teacher Training Yoga Alliance accredited program which begins Friday, June 24th at 5:30pm, Sat June 25th 10-4, and Sunday June 26th 9-4. 

Visit our Teacher Training Tab on our website for our reading list and further dates, times and information.  If you have a conflict in the schedule or a problem with tuition please speak to me personally and we will try to work it out.  I really want this program to be fun, enjoyable, meaningful, and available to anyone who’s heart is fully in it.

I am super excited to share this journey with you and I truly believe that this life changing experience is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself at any age. 

Peace & Divine Love,