Dreams Do Come True - A Photo of Me Just Got Published in Mantra Magazine!!

Each decision we make directly affects our future. Some impact us more than others. In the last year I have put a significant amount of time and effort into growing my social media through Instagram and Facebook.  This has been successful in many ways and sometimes it has met with frustrations. But feeling connected to a community is what is so beautiful. I have been so incredibly inspired by so many yogis, foodies, and photographers and have developed lasting friendships with people, many of whom I know only virtually.  

Last Fall I had an opportunity to travel to Washington & Oregon.  While I was there I took a significant leap of faith and experienced my first professional photo shoot with the talented Paul Garrett, from Stone Canyon Productions. Paul is a great example of an Instagram connection that happened to truly help me out in life. Turns out that one of those photos he so patiently took of me was just published in this month’s issue of Mantra Magazine, a nationally publicized magazine. 

I am truly honored and humbled to be a part of such a great publication and such a great Yoga Community. Many of my Instagram friends have great articles written about them in this edition, as well. So go pick one up and soak up the great knowledge. Dream really, really big and never give up hope! 

Look for my future blog post about the details of some of the articles in this issue of Mantra Magazine and let us know what your favorite topics are in this edition and what it is you want to learn more about. 



PS - Here are some more photos from my photo shoot: