Wendy Riker's Teacher Training Journey at Yoga Fit Boutique

I love sharing the yoga experience and growing our family here at Yoga Fit Boutique. In 2015 I was fortunate enough to get certified through the Yoga Alliance as a Nationally recognized Yoga Teacher Training Educator and School.  I absolutely LOVED my teacher training that I attended so what I did was draw the good qualities from my training and also include everything I realized I had not learned when I began teaching.  We have both an 8 month program as well as an accelerated one month intensive.  I am happy to share everything I know with my trainees because I want them to be the best of the best with a well rounded deep understanding of yoga philosophy, alignment, sequencing, modifications, history, and using their own unique voice to lead an effective practice. 

Today, I am super proud and happy to introduce Wendy Riker to you! Wendy has just completed our RYT 200 program and in her first month graduating is leading a class this Sunday, May 15th at Lululemon Athletica in Kenwood Towne Centre.  What a HUGE accomplishment! Wendy is sweet and caring but also determined to grow in her own practice.  I loved her positive spirit in class and I know she will be an excellent addition to the Yoga Community. 

Meet Wendy Riker - In her own words

I didn't grow up doing any sports but after 2 kids and approaching 35, I found fitness as a way to have some me time and relieve some stress! I loved the physical and mental challenge that exercise provided. What had started, as a casual hobby becomes a passion. I began incorporating yoga to supplement the other exercises (Insanity, HIIT, running, bootcamp) because I never stretched well after working (oops!). After my first yoga practice, I was hooked! I left that practice appreciating the physical benefits and surprised about the groundedness & peacefulness I felt. The more I practiced yoga over the years, the more I realized I get SO much more than the physical benefits. I am able to still my mind (better) and manage stress. I am invested to continue to be a student of yoga while also teaching others what it has to offer each and everyone of us.

Below is a short interview I conducted with Wendy so you can get to know her more and hear her personal experience with her Teacher Training Journey.

What made you consider taking teacher training and how did you go about choosing the program you chose?

After a couple years of practicing yoga and seeing the benefits I get both on and off the mat, I knew I wanted to support others in their experience and on their journeys. When I looked into different programs around Cincinnati, I was attracted to the program by Yoga Fit Boutique because Libby emphasized the balance of theory/philosophy along with real practice. I know that I learn best through jumping in with both feet. Her focus on student teaching really resonated with me along with physically practicing the different styles to truly experience it.

How have your thoughts about yoga or your personal practice changed since completing the training?

I've always liked a more strength-focused yoga practice, however teacher training (TT) has given me a greater appreciation for the other forms such as Yin and Hatha. Overall, TT has helped me to personally appreciate yoga more deeply. My TT journey has taught me to appreciate the present and living life more fully - in a more fulfilling way. It also help me to establish a personal practice (which is tough for an extrovert!) that was not there before I began TT.

What is your next goal?

I really want to put my 200 RYT certification to work right away! This community is so supportive and I've been surprised by the opportunities to teach so quickly after getting my certification. My next goal is to teach at a studio on a more consistent basis. Additionally, I have a personal goal to continue to hone my arm balances & inversions. 

What should we expect from Sunday's yoga class at Lululemon in the Kenwood Towne Centre?

I'll be leading a Yoga Boot Camp practice which is a blend of fitness moves and fun yoga sequences. Expect to get a little sweaty and have some fun while doing it!

We hope you will join us this Sunday for Wendy's yoga class at Lululemon starting at 11 am. This session is absolutely free, and Lululemon is such a great store that supports our local athlete’s. So come out, introduce yourselves to us and let’s have some fun on the mat while getting healthy at the very same time! This class will be done on the mat with bare feet. I will be back at Lululemon on Sunday, May 22nd to teach Rocket Yoga so mark your calendars for this two great yoga opportunities.

Our next Yoga Teacher Training begins Friday June 25th at 5:30 pm. All of the Teacher Training dates and details are listed on our website www.yogafitboutique.com. Please know that I will work with you if the price is out of your reach and if you need to miss a couple dates it is OK! Life is good! Breathe, relax, and grow!



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