How to Resolve Conflict

In Conflict Remember Each Person is Human

When we experience conflict our ego inflates as a protection mechanism. The ego wants us to be “right” or win the argument. However how can both people ultimately win? It is important to practice the pause when conflict arises. When we are faced with conflict our fight or flight response is triggered and we often say and do things we do not mean because the brain is not functioning logically. After much conflict in my own life and personally shifting to a better place I would like to share my conflict resolution plan with you. 

Conflict causes stress and anxiety which lead to illness and days off work. Conflicts are inevitable in life, but use these tools to help deflate each conflict you come across. Life is about giving and taking and finding balance. Stand up for yourself and set boundaries, but also consider the other persons concerns. Be sure you listen and know that you do not have to solve every problem. Sometimes people just need to be heard.

  1. Realize that both people have fears and vulnerabilities

  2. Ask yourself if what you are arguing about will matter five years from now

  3. Consider taking a time out that is positively expressed so that you can both gather your thoughts

  4. Be aware of your tone and body language

  5. Choose your battles wisely

  6. Eliminate the words ALWAYS and NEVER from your vocabulary


Realize You Both Have Fears and Vulnerabilities

When you are in a conflict but can see yourself in the other person it makes it difficult to be harsh or mean. Determine if your relationship is worth upsetting that person for. Remember, when you argue, the goal you wish to achieve. I know when my boyfriend and I argue it often is not a productive conversation but rather a lot of blaming and projecting. Once we gained awareness of this, we often pause now and reflect about what it is we actually want to achieve. Then it is easier to speak more gently and resolve the conflict.

Ask Yourself if What You are Arguing About Will Matter in Five Years

If it won’t matter in five years do not spend even five minutes arguing about it. Learning to let go and move forward is a blessing. If it is something important that will matter in five years then take the time to compose your thoughts and be sure to separate emotion from thought.

Consider Taking A Time Out

Telling the person you are in conflict with that you need a time out allows both people to calm down. Walking away and giving the silent treatment with out expressing the need for a time out leaves the other person feeling stonewalled or abandoned which leads to increased anxiety. Consider composing your thoughts in letter format and reading it several times before exchanging the letter. Often when we write our thoughts down they become more clear. And remember, say what you mean and mean what you say. Words can be forgiven but rarely are they forgotten.

Be Aware of Your Tone and Body Language

When we speak softly and avoid yelling we can ease anxiety for both people. We are naturally more capable of listening when we are not being yelled at. You do not need to raise your voice to convey your concerns in fact it is always better not to. When we do not feel heard it is natural for the voice to elevate. Let the person know that you hear them even if you do not agree or understand. Closed fists and crossed arms tend to signal being closed minded. Put the person at ease by relaxing your arms, shoulders and hands.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

This was sage advice my mom often said when I was growing up. I use it a-lot as a parent now as well. When something is very important that may be something worth fighting for set and keep your boundaries. For example; when raising my children I would put them in time out when they were disrespectful. Teaching them respect was very important to me. If my children broke something we would talk about being more careful but I did not put them in time out because that was a mistake and mistakes are how we learn.

Eliminate the Words ALWAYS and NEVER

Those of you who know me know that I am a firm believer in moderation. The words always and never are not only extreme, but they are downright impossible. In conflict these two words are used far too often. Eliminate them from your vocabulary and watch the tension decrease in conflict. Also, try to use “I statements” and this will reduce the feelings of blame and shame.

Peace, Light, & Love,


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How to get Motivated by Positive Influencers

There are many different ways to become motivated and inspired and yet many of us stay stuck and are hopeless.

I recently attended Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio. I knew of several musicians I wanted to hear and also discovered some new bands. One in particular stood out to me. Her name was Lauren Sanderson. Her music is catchy, but her lyrics are incredibly inspiring. She talks and sings openly about overcoming anxiety which so many of us can relate to. Lauren offered to meet her fans next to the stage after the concert. I can say after spending just a few minutes with her ( and yes I was one of the oldest fans lol) she is absolutely so beautiful inside and out. One of the things that makes Lauren so inspiring is her authenticity.

Lauren laughed when I asked her to try a yoga pose with me. So much fun to connect with like minded people!

Lauren laughed when I asked her to try a yoga pose with me. So much fun to connect with like minded people!

Why do we look to influencers on social media?
We look to those with huge followings because they know their purpose and they know how to connect with us and energize us! Lauren Sanderson knew her purpose at a young age despite overcoming huge challenges like telling her family she is gay. Soon after high school graduation, and after sharing you tube videos, she began speaking. She received countless letters from desperate teens thanking her for sharing her story. She gave an amazing TEDx Talk, titled, For God’s Sake Just Love Them, where she inspired parents to tell their kids they love them, they are proud of them, and to validate their kids. She went on to say, if you have messed up its ok. It is ok to tell them NOW. Did you receive this kind of family support growing up? Fortunately, I did, but most people I talk to did not. I was struggling in my marriage and my ex finally shared with me that his parents had never told him they were proud of him and up until his college graduation he did not recall them telling him they loved him. I have similar stories with many other friends and I can tell you it affects our relationships vastly. Lauren went on to spread her positive messages through music in order to make a bigger impact.

Accept What’s in Your Past but Focus on the Future and Where You Want to Go.

No matter how you were raised take your life in your own hands. We all have a certain level of anxiety and we all have bad days. It’s ok to be confused, lost and down, just don’t stay there. You do not have to settle for a job, you do not have to tolerate being talked to negatively, and you are never alone. Allow yourself to feel every emotion that arises and then sit with it. See if you can observe how you can improve that feeling. Listen to inspiring lyrics or watch a You Tube video by a positive influencer, like Jay Shetty. Most of all have the courage to be YOU. Live authentically and if you do not feel accepted keep looking for your tribe. There are many kind, accepting, compassionate people to connect with. If you feel lost or stuck try looking at the situation from a different perspective. If you do not know your purpose just try to do things you love and are passionate about and consider trying new things and meeting new people. 

I can tell you that at 43 years old I have had times in my life where I felt lost and even trapped. I wanted to give up, but deep down I always had hope that better days were coming. My very greatest desire and my fear were interwoven. I wanted to find true love, you know, the kind you see in movies. But I feared losing that person and being alone. I married young and enjoyed many years with my ex and we created two beautiful children, but I always knew he was not my one, my person. I had to let go of my fear of being alone to achieve my dream of true love. It is not an easy garden to till and no one is perfect. You have to constantly pull the weeds, fertilize and nourish the garden of love. But, I can tell you without any doubts or regrets the love that I have in my life now is most beautiful and worth every bit of effort and vulnerability. I finally feel accepted and understood. So, while I do not advocate divorce or running away from any commitment, I do believe we all deserve to be accepted, heard, understood, and loved. 

Your life partner should always have your back and you will shine with that person.

Your life partner should always have your back and you will shine with that person.

”Happiness is not a Destination, It Comes & Goes” ~ Lyrics from Lauren Sanderson’s, Oceans

So observe the voice in your head and question the self talk. Ask yourself who you are. I am not Libby Shively McAvoy, thats just my name. I am not just a mom, a daughter, or a sister. I am not just a yoga instructor. I am a courageous, inspired woman, I am enough, I am still growing, I am healthy, I am love. I would urge you to reach out to me. Get a piece of paper and write me about whats going on in your life. Let’s connect. Direct message me on fb or instagram. I am not here to give advice. I want to listen and I want you to know you are being heard. You deserve to be happy.

Dream Really Really Big,


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How to Show Up on Difficult Days

Lets Face it We all Have Bad Days

Some days you wake up and things just seem to go down hill and you want a re do. Sometimes it is the stories we tell ourselves and the lies we make up and sometimes it has to do with external problems or health issues. However, all we can do is move forward and make the best of it knowing we get another chance tomorrow. Sometimes, it is best to take a day off, but the problem is often we get caught in the victim mentality and wallow in our grief or frustration. I personally try to wake with thoughts of gratitude, but even then, after having my coffee and interacting with others, sometimes the day seems to unravel in a downward spiral. What I have learned is The Law Of Attraction is powerful. Ok, so what I mean by that is that when you choose to change your mindset to one of positivity you will attract positive outcomes. It is not easy my friends, but it is possible.

This works with both positivity and negativity.

This works with both positivity and negativity.

Just two days ago I woke feeling like it was going to be an incredibly productive positive day. Oh yes, you know whats coming….BOOM. An hour later everything was going wrong. How could this be when I was in a positive mindset? The answer is sometimes we are tested. My contact page on my website was not working, and because I care deeply about you all, I was frustrated that I may have missed your attempts to reach out to me. I am not great on the tech side of computers so it took me most of the day and I still did not solve the problem. I did what I know to do and “let it go” for the day. The next morning I got up and sat at my computer and everything fell perfectly into place. I got frustrated but I was able to maintain a positive mindset. So what ever is causing you to feel out of alignment accept it and observe it. Find your resiliency.


How Do We Show Up on Difficult Days

There are days when we think we simply cannot go on. We want to hide or isolate ourselves. The best thing we can truly do is continue to face those challenges with courage. In yoga teacher training my guru, Amber Gean, taught me that there will be days when you do not have love or inspiration to give, but you have to leave your baggage at the door, show up, and its ok to say very little on those days. Amber, and yoga teacher training, taught me many life lessons, but that was perhaps the single best piece of advice that I can share. Simply show up and know better days are coming. As my own mom used to say, “this too shall pass.” 

So face your fears, face those god awful days, and know that it is all temporary. Have faith that better days are on the horizon. Your natural state is one of joy. So let the difficult emotions flow through you, but allow yourself to return to joy. We do not always have control over what happens, but we do have control over what we say, how we respond, and the choice of our mindset. So choose to face difficulties with grace. 


Tools to Get Through Hard Times

  • Get on your yoga mat-yoga classes are extremely accepting places where you can feel calm, safe, and secure. You become grounded and your sense of fight or flight is diminished.

  • Practice the Pause-When you find yourself breathing faster and getting worked up take a few deep breaths and pause before you respond. 

  • Exercise-take a walk, hit the gym, find what movement allows you to relax and take your mind off what is troubling you.

  • Show up-remember, it is ok to say very little. Just do what you have to do and push through.

  • Reward yourself for being corageous-at the end of difficult days reward yourself with a healthy delicious meal, watch a movie, or take a bath.

  • Believe-always believe that things are happening for a reason. Not everyday will be good, but there is something good in every day. Believe in yourself and know that this too shall pass.

  • Seek Support-depending on each situtaion different support may be necessary. We are social creatures. Sometimes friends and family are enough, sometimes we need the help of a life coach or psychiatrist. Evaluate the level of difficulty and know there is help available. Sometimes we simply need to be heard, sometimes we need validation, and sometimes we just need a little advice. Ultimately the answers we seek are already within, but talking things through can create a new awareness. 

  • Surrender-we do not have to understand everything. Sometimes we just need to surrender to what is.

Mindfully Yours,


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How and Why Yoga Reduces Stress

There is growing evidence that yoga is a science.

We all experience stress and anxiety. For some of us it is temporary and for others it is long term or chronic. Eddie Stern has studied yoga and the science behind it. In his new book, One Simple Thing- A New Look at the Science of Yoga and How it can Transform Your Life, he offers a comprehensive explanation of why yoga is a science based on movement and breath. Stern says, “By doing a regular practice, we begin to create an underlying mental trait of awareness, which is more dependable and more open than the changing states. Through our practice we develop a trait of awareness that is calm, has perspective, and can help us pause so that we do not get swept away by overwhelming emotions.”


How Yoga Decreases Stress:

  • Creates connection ( the Sanskrit term yoga means union)

  • Increases awareness

  • Creates acceptance of our selves & others

  • Gives a feeling of lightness

  • Slows and deepens our breath

Knowing how to calm our nervous system when in the fight or flight respense is essention for living the life we love.

 I often share with my yoga students that the awareness starts on the mat and then carries into every aspect of life. It is truly magical. In yoga we often use what is called Ujai Breath, which is deep inhales through the nose and deep exhales through the nose and we then move the body with the breath. When we get anxious our breath becomes shallow. Practice the pause and allow your “yoga breath” (Ujai) redirect your thoughts. By slowing the breath and returning to deep inhales through the nose and deep exhales through the nose we literally slow our heartrate and calm ourselves down. The body breathes shallowly when anxious because our nervous system is literally preparing us to fight or run away.


Understanding Yoga and Why it Reduces Stress

Yoga is more than a physical practice on the mat. The asanas, or physical postures, are great for increasing stability and balance, increasing flexability and increasing strength. The philosophy, as detailed in the 8 Limbs of Yoga, teaches us ethical guidelines. Yoga breathing connects the body and mind through movement. 

Our nervous and immune systems become resilient and balanced through our yoga practice. Each posture can be modified to fit your ability or skill levels. Some postures are as simple as standing in equal balance rooting into the earth while growing tall toward the sky. Other poses are more challenging. There is no competition in fact, as you progress with a regular practice you tune out the external world and focus on your movement and breath. Sometimes I even stop hearing the music that is playing! Yoga can even be practiced in a chair. But, if you experience a lot of stress or anxiety I cannot urge you enough to make time and inetegrate yoga into your life. If you can manage to practice first thing in the morning you start your day with positivity and that momentum can build throughout the day allowing you to manifest your goals and dreams. 

I described my first yoga class as feeling as if I had just received a relaxing massage but also muscles shaking in places I didn’t know existsted. I have since heard this feeling referred to as “the yoga high”. You will feel the effects after your first practice but the more disciplined and regularly you practice the more you will feel the benefits on body, mind, and spirit.

With Support,


P.S. Stress certainly takes its toll on us but chronic stress causes many serious illnesses. Please take a moment, if you have not already, to read my last blog titled Stress Effects and how to Mindfully Cope. I look forward to working one on one with anyone who feels overwhelmed and would like an ally to improve life.

Stress Effects and How to Mindfully Cope

How Stress Impacts Our Lives And How To Grow in Awareness to Prevent Major Illness

Stress is the cause of 90% of our doctors visits. I was blown away by this statistic. Let’s face it we cannot avoid stress in life, but what we can do is create awareness of what triggers us, learn to practice the pause before responding, and use coping techniques to calm ourselves down. There are two types of stress; good and bad. Good stress is called eustress and is responsible for the butterflies we feel in a new relationship, as well as the stress we feel to finish something on time. A “bad” stress, however, is far more common and if we do not learn how to cope with it, it can cause major health problems.

My very own daughter featured here studying for finals Freshman year at U.K. She is on a pre vet track and academics are extremely stressful, in addition to all the other changes college students face. The best thing we can do to help them is let them know we are there for them even from a distance and to teach them coping skills to help them achieve their dreams.

My very own daughter featured here studying for finals Freshman year at U.K. She is on a pre vet track and academics are extremely stressful, in addition to all the other changes college students face. The best thing we can do to help them is let them know we are there for them even from a distance and to teach them coping skills to help them achieve their dreams.

Common Causes of Stress: 

  • Being bullied

  • Overworking

  • Losing a job

  • Marriage/ relationship problems

  • Recent break up or divorce

  • Difficulty in school

  • Family struggles

  • Overloaded schedule

  • Moving

  • Financial struggles

When stress causes emotional harm over a prolonged period we refer to it as chronic stress. Chronic stress causes a spike in blood pressure along with many other serious health conditions. 

Physical Symptoms Manifested by Stress:

  • Headaches * the number one cause of all headaches is stress or tension

  • Fatigue

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Muscular pain

  • Asthma

  • Digestive issues

  • Change in sex drive

  • Raised blood pressure

  • Overeating/obesity

When you read these lists notice if you relate. We are beautifully designed to grow and heal ourselves. Every decision we make can lead to health problems OR can lead us to a state of wellness. It is not a linear journey that we are on. Some days may be healthier than others, and thats OK. The key to mastering our health is to grow our awareness. Be aware of signs that your body is overtaxed. If you experience panic attacks, depression or anxiety, or find yourself numbing out (binge watching Netflix, over drinking, smoking), it’s important to learn how to manage your stress before your stress hormones inflict more damage. The body and mind are so interconnected that a simple shift in perception can alleviate your stress. We can use The Law of Attraction and know that if we think positively our bodies will produce positive outcomes. 

Often we turn to alcohol, overeating, and other harmful behaviors to numb the stress, but it is important to pull the bandaid off so to speak and find and treat the underlying causes of stress.

Often we turn to alcohol, overeating, and other harmful behaviors to numb the stress, but it is important to pull the bandaid off so to speak and find and treat the underlying causes of stress.

Tools to Help You Reduce Stress:

  • Exercise

  • Breathing techniques

  • Healthy eating

  • Getting enough sleep

  • Social support

  • Working with a Wellness Coach or Therapist

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

A professional Wellness Coach can help you tremendously in reducing stress and also help you achieve your goals and dreams. The old saying, “easier said than done” is so very true. Change is not easy, but its worth it. YOU, my friends, are worth it. Many of our health problems are not only preventable, they are also reversible. So rather than popping pills, which only mask the underlying causes of illness, let’s fix the root causes of our stress. As a wellness coach I can help you look at what is working and what is not working for you, examine your personal strengths and weaknesses, and together we will create an action plan to overcome the obstacles that cause stress and anxiety so that you can live the happy and healthy life that you so deserve. Getting started is easy. We can meet in person or simply have a telephone or Skype meeting once a month. Message me when you are ready to get started, but do not wait. Now is the time. You will thank yourself six months down the road when you are living a better life.

Stress Less, Enjoy More,


P.S.  Thank you for your patience while I was away. I have spent the time on both self improvement and continued education. I hope you will utilize the skills that I have to offer. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out through the contact form on my site ( or just click the green link). I look forward to providing you with regular weekly blogs.

Dream Big & Always Believe

The Power of Your Dream

Most of us gave up on believing in fairy tale endings and in our dreams coming true at a very young age. You may have been told by a parent or teacher to “get your head out of the clouds.” Instead of dreaming big, we walk around in a “sleep walk” like trance repeating the same tasks day after day. WE are a society who in general lives for the weekends, but if we are doing what we love each day would be joyful. 


Be Fearless in the Pursuit of Your Dreams

With persistence, patience, and a positive attitude your dreams can come true. Your dream may sound crazy to others and boy will they tell you, but once you get behind your ideas whole heartedly the universe will conspire to make it happen. Believe in the power of your dream because it is the essence of who you are. We were each born with a unique purpose. If you do not yet know your purpose that is ok. Pursue your passions. It is difficult to not be effected by the thoughts and opinions of others, but be courageous anyway. They will all come around when they see your commitment and dedication.


Tis the Season to Believe

Most of us believed in Santa at some point in our lives. Although it is a strange tradition, it created the magic of Christmas. We put cookies and milk out and some of us even fed the reindeer. We teach our children not to lie but carry on this tradition because the power of belief is incredibly important. Your life can be just as magical as Christmas to a young child. Dream really really big and BELIEVE! Let no one dull your spirit. If you do not like the direction your life is going re invent yourself. You are the author and architect of your life. Write a new chapter, add or delete characters and design the life you love every damn day! Allow this season to remind you in the power of belief paired with positive mindset and determination. Not every day will be great, but there is something good in everyday.

The new year is quickly approaching but do not wait to start making the improvements you desire. Let your new years resolutions begin now with simple intentions to improve life. Consider starting a journal. Write daily and weekly goals that are achievable. Set yourself up to succeed. 

Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe in the good of humanity. Believe in the power of the UNIVERSE. Allow yourself to follow your passion. Day dream from time to time. Shift your mindset and create healthy habits. All things are possible when you believe. 



P.S. Wishing you all a warm, peaceful, and joyous holiday season. Thank you for being a part of this community and taking the time to read this blog. Please scroll down under the tags and click the heart if you enjoyed this and comment to tell us what YOU dream about!

How to Eat Mindfully During the Holidays to Combat Stress

Overeating and Holiday Stress

Although the holidays are jolly they can also be a major source of stress. People worry about their jobs, finances, and relationships and to add insult to injury we lack enough sleep and over extend ourselves socially. There are candy bowls tempting us on office desks and cookies galore. We naturally comfort ourselves with rich sweet foods, but in reality it causes us even more stress by adding guilt to the picture. The good news is there are certain foods that combat stress.

Do not allow the foods you eat to negatively affect your moods.

Do not allow the foods you eat to negatively affect your moods.

Foods that Combat Stress:

  1. Almonds: Almonds are full of B and E vitamins which protect our immune system and boost our mood. They also posses 20% of our daily magnesium needs. Lack of magnesium can cause migraines and fatigue. I like to keep a small bag in my purse and snack on them throughout the day or before attending a party.

  2. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are high in B6 and magnesium and are also an anti inflammatory. Oven baked sweet potatoes are incredibly comforting and a delicious alternative to deep fried French fries. Baked and roasted sweet potatoes are also healthy and easy. If you are looking for something different to sooth all of your senses try my Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Soup (simply click the words in green to see recipe).

  3. Lentils: Lentils are packed with depression fighting folate which helps make serotonin and dopamine. 

  4. Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate, in small doses, is the highest level food for magnesium. It is also linked to improved cognitive behavior which increases memory and awareness. Instead of reaching for the cheesecake (roughly 1400 calories per slice, reach for a small square of dark chocolate for 164 calories)


Increasing Mindful Eating Practices

Through awareness we can avoid sabotaging ourselves by overeating. Below are several tips to help increase mindful eating and decrease holiday stress.

  • Sit down when you eat. Chew your food.  Notice the flavors, colors and textures and enjoy each bite. Slow way down and notice your body- do your shoulders relax, is your stomach rumbling, notice what you taste.

  • Only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. This seems easy and logical but we all overindulge from time to time. When you reach for a snack ask yourself how you feel. Are you stressed or frustrated and emotional eating or are you really hungry.

  • Practice self compassion. We all slip from time to time, particularly during the holidays. Allow yourself to fully enjoy the food and experience and forgive yourself when you overindulge. Simply being aware will help you eat more healthfully next time. Consider starting a journal. Write down how you are feeling before you eat, write what you eat (be honest) and write how you feel after you eat. 

  • Find an outlet for stress or a distraction when you reach for the peppermint bark or bag of chips. Instead try a brisk walk, yoga, or reading a book.

  • Finally, set yourself up for success. Do not keep foods that are tempting to you at home. Before attending parties drink a bowl of broth based soup to give you a healthy foundation. And, drink plenty of water.

To combat stress be sure to get enough quality sleep each night, practice mindfulness throughout the day, but especially when eating. Practice self love and compassion by saying no to activities that overextend you. Treat yourself to a few minutes each day doing something you love whether its watching a tv show, taking a bath, meditating, doing a craft, or taking walk a few minutes to yourself is important. Without having our own cup filled and being self nurtured we run ourselves down having less to give others and risking getting sick.



P.S. Please scroll down below the tags and click the heart if you found this blog helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and I wish you all joy and peace.

How to Maintain Sanity During the Holiday Calamity

Tips to reduce stress especially during the holidays.  


Simple Yoga Stretches to Relieve Low Back Pain

The Growing Epidemic of Back Pain

At some point in your life, if not already, you will most likely suffer from low back pain. If you have, or currently do suffer, from back pain you know how painful and at times even debilitating it is. According to Mayo Clinic, “Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work, and is the leading cause of disability worldwide.” Many factors contribute to this growing problem including sedentary lifestyles, poor core strength, tight hips & shoulders, and obesity. Back pain is most commonly treated with opioids, which as you know, are very addictive and can then lead to the addiction of other drugs such as heroine when the prescription runs out.

We can prevent back pain, in many cases, by increasing low impact exercises, building core strength, increasing flexibility, maintaining a healthy diet and controlling our weight, and avoiding smoking.

Causes of Low Back Pain

In some cases you should consult a doctor. Low back pain could be muscular strain, degenerative or slipped disc, compressed nerves, or sometimes is even a sign of internal organ problems such as a kidney infection. Doctors will often order an x-ray or MRI to check for signs of a more serious issue. However, if it is muscular strain there are quite a few simple yoga stretches that can offer great relief without turning to prescription drugs. Our body is designed to heal itself, we just need to help it along at times.

Everything I offer you in my blogs is based on personal experience. Lately I have been having pretty consistent back pain that comes and goes based on my activity level. One day, several months ago, it hurt so bad that Chris had to literally lift me out of bed. He took me to the hospital and we both had hoped for x-rays to find out what was causing the pain. No avail, the doctor was certain my pain was muscular because she could press on my spine and I felt relief rather than increased pain. She suggested yoga which I chuckled about since I practice daily. I asked if I should avoid any postures like twisting and she said no. I then started going for regular massage therapy. Turns out the massage therapist helped me more than the doctor, shocker right?! She said in so many words I have a tight ass lol. But, in all seriousness it made total sense. My piriformis muscle in my glutes were extremely tight. I knew right away what stretches I needed, I just would not have known that my low back pain was caused by my buttocks muscles. So, I hope that if you are experiencing back pain these postures and stretches will help!

Simple Yoga Postures & Stretches to Relieve Back Pain




  • Practice equal standing (with big toes together and heels slightly apart or you can have feet hip width apart), distributing the weight evenly between both feet as well as evenly through all four corners of each foot.

  • place your hands tohether at heart center OR turn your palms forward drawing the finger tips toward the earth

  • Root down and grow the crown of your head high toward the sky, engaging your uddiyana bandha (pull in core) and drawing up the moola bandha ( similar to a keegle exercise)

The beauty of this pose is that it can be practiced anywhere at anytime. Try it in line for the grocery or really any time you are standing. The benefits of this pose include increased awareness, improved posture, iproves arches in feet, and increases stability.



  • From plank position lift your hips up and back working to get the heels toward the floor

  • spread fingers wide and press into all ten fingers, pads, and palms

  • engage your core, relieving the spine, and preventing you from caving through your chest, creating an inverted V. Relax your neck and take 3-5 breaths.

As you strengthen core muscles you are also improving flexibility through the hips and shoulders. This posture truly works the entire body. If you practice Ashtanga Yoga you know that most down dogs are followed by upward dogs which move the spine in the opposite direction. Normally keeping this balance is good, however upward facing dog is hard on people with low back pain, soI recommend doing a pushup and skipping up dog. Also important to note this stretch can be modified and preformed my placing your hands shoulder width apart onto the back of a chair or even a wall. Walk your feet back until arms are straight. Stretch your hips back toward the wall behind you. Stay here 3-5 breaths.



  • Sit back on your tailbone lifting toes to eye level. Feel free to hold the backs of legs for added support as you continue to build core strength, other wise reach fingers toward toes.

  • leen upper body back rounding shoulders up and back, elongate the spine, keep shins parallel to earth

  • If you feel strong you may straighten the legs or perhaps lean torso back further and begin to lower legs toward earth

Strengthening the core protects our back. this pose also improves posture.



  • Inhale, sit tall and exhale right shoulder to right thigh, gazing upward

  • Extend left arm over left ear and reach out through your finger tips

  • feel the long side body stretch as your ribs expand, loosening the “cage” that holds our heart

This stretch lengthens and strengthens the spine and back muscles, improves spinal alignment, and improves posture. It also opens the hips, groin, and pelvis and increases blood flow to these areas.




  • Laying flat on back, bend knees with soles of feet on ground

  • Cross left foot over right knee and raise right toes to eye level (parallel to ground)

  • Thread arms around right thigh and gently pull thigh toward chest and using core to push low back into earth. Hold 3-5 breaths and then switch legs.

This pose feels highly therapeutic to my low back. It stretches the hips which reduces stiffness in both the hips and low back. This is a milder version of pigeon pose.



  • Laying flat on your bend knees

  • Lift hips and rotate both legs to the far right. If this is too much pressure on knees or hips support the legs with a pillow or rolled blanket

  • Take arms out to your side in a “T” or place in “bank robber” position. Turn head to your left. Stay 3-5 breaths and repeat on the opposite side.

This pose stretches the upper and middle spine. It alleviates stiffness and low back pain. If you have furry friends they will offer assists ;)

Staying Mobile

If you sit at a desk the majority of the day for work or school try a few of the above stretches periodically. Change positions often and get outside for a short walk any time opportunity allows. Movement not only benefits the body, but it connects the body with the mind allowing us to become more mindful. If you are active at work and need to lift heavy items lift from the legs to protect your back. These stretches will also benefit you. If you found this article helpful please scroll down under the tags and click the heart on the left to give some love and let me know if I am doing a good job delivering helpful information.

With Health & Gratitude,


P. S. Have you seen our new logo? If not visit our home page on the website! The yin yang symbolizes balance and reflection. The lotus flower represents our growth up through the muck and mire and into the light where we bloom. Green is the symbol of growth, abundance, harmony, and nature. While you are on the website please sign up for the newsletter. Stay tuned for next Monday’s blog on Stress Relief During the Holiday Season.


8 Tools for Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Looking at Obstacles as Gifts

Facing life’s obstacles usually surfaces negative emotions such as fear, worry, disappointment and shame. But, when we let go of attachment to outcome and accept each situation as it is it is easier to digest. What if you looked at each obstacle as a gift rather than a set back? There is a Chinese Proverb that states, “ In every crisis, there is opportunity.” One of our greatest gifts is the ability to look at obstacles as a chance to see or do things we may have otherwise missed. They may in fact lead us to our true purpose and put us on a far better path. So whether you are struggling with a relationship, a job, finding your purpose in life, struggling financially or anything else please use the following tools and never give up. Something better is always around the corner.

8 Tools for Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

  1. Practice the Pause Any time you feel you have been thrown off course practice the pause. Stop what you are doing, close your eyes if possible, and take several long inhales and exhales through your nose. Feel your shoulders come down away from your ears. Now, examine the road block from all angels. After practicing the pause we are better equipped to see things from multiple perspectives rather than a place of ego reactivity.

  2. Examine the Emotion Allow yourself to feel any and all emotion that may surface when an obstacle is put in front of you. Try to observe your feeling and then go deeper into the why. What is the root of the emotion. If you are angry it is because anger or fear is within you but why? Once you understand the root cause you can begin to heal. Expectation is often the root of heartache. Try to see things how they really are rather than how you perceive them to be. 

  3. Accept the Situation as it is Forget about how you thought things were supposed to be and accept them for what they are. When we face road closures we naturally find an alternative route; often following the detour signs in front of us. Well, what if we follow the signs of the universe and surrender to what is. Better things are on the way.

  4. Forgive Yourself We are naturally our biggest critic. When we face obstacles in life it is not a failure, but instead a learning opportunity. As long as we learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them we will grow into better versions of ourselves. Forgive yourself and then eventually forgive others who may have been involved. Holding grudges gets us no where. 

  5. Allow the Process Stay present and remove the mental blockages in front of you that are keeping you stuck. When you trust yourself fully you will be able to take whatever you fear or dislike that is invisibly in front of you and put it behind you. Yes, it is all still there but now you are able to move forward rather than feeling like you are walking into a brick wall. For example if you are in a relationship where trust has been broken, and both people are trying to mend the relationship, the imagined obstacle in front of you is the pattern being repeated. There is always that chance, but if we move that behind us, we are able to move forward with positive momentum. If the pattern repeats itself then you must trust yourself enough to walk away. 

  6. Continue Forward Momentum Never give up on your dreams or your passions. Obstacles may set us back or redirect that so that we find our higher purpose. Look for a positive outcome. Staying stuck in a deep pothole will not help. Yes, it is ok to cry or throw a short pity party, but then pick yourself up by your bootstraps and continue forward. Life is a journey with no particular destination except to reach the best possible version of yourself, the Divine within, or ultimate enlightenment. It does not matter how we get there or how many set backs we face as long as we persevere. It takes great courage to forge into the unknown but with that courage comes great results.

  7. Give Back Consider getting involved with something or someone whose purpose is far greater than yours. Being a part of a greater collective raises positive energy. We have all heard of the saying Give and You Shall Receive, well when speaking the language of the universe when we give our time and or efforts to help others karma will return those well wishes to us in the way we desire. 

  8. Let Go of External Validation I learned through my Yoga Teacher Training that the answers we seek are already within us. And, through life's experiences I can tell you with great certainty this is the truth. People love to offer you advice, but they rarely follow what it is they advise. Often our self esteem and vibration are lowered by the advice or opinions of people we love and respect because we do not like to disappoint. We are naturally programmed to please others when in reality if we would simply please ourselves others would be drawn to our authenticity. You do not need approval from anyone. Simply say and do things that bring yourself and those around you happiness. 

If you are looking for more inspiration watch this!

We Were Each Born with a Unique Purpose

When I taught yoga for Avon they shared their beautiful philosophy with me that everyone has a unique story. We were each born with unique passions, talents, and traits. Life may take us down a winding road and we may hit some bumps along the way, but share your story with the world. Overcoming obstacles allows us to move forward from the victim stage and take back our power that is always within. Stand up for yourself, be your own advocate. Life may be difficult at times and there may be bad days, but there is always something good in each day. Look for the tiny miracles occurring all around you and find comfort knowing you were created not to survive, but to thrive. Live the life you love and love the life you live. Also, get comfortable with your discomforts because again, that is the catalyst for growth. Each day, each choice we make, can put us one step closer to the life we desire. Remember, you are the author of your story. If you do not like how things are going yell, “plot twist,” and write a new chapter. Add or erase characters and write your own happy ending. 

With Passion & Perseverance,


P. S. If you enjoyed this blog please scroll down under the tags and hit the heart to share some love. I believe in you and appreciate you being a part of this positive community. If you have insights for how you have personally overcome obstacles please comment below. Stay tunes for a new blog each Monday. Next week I will be offering stretches to relieve low back pain! Also, please sign up on the website to receive our newsletter~if you cannot find the sign up button write me on the contact form and I will take care of you!


Learn How Expectations Sabotage Our Happiness

Are You Sabotaging Your Happiness?

We often sabotage our happiness, wierd huh? Yes indeed we sabotage happy relationships and even our futures. Why we do this is based on sub concious thoughts that were planted in our minds as young children. Everything that we react and respond to is based on our personal experiences. I have seen it in three of my personal relationships where my guy either cheated or ran out of fear or expectations that I did not and could not meet. It was not until my therapist pointed it out that I finally was freed from sadness, guilt and shame.

Expectations are the root of heartache and yet most if not all of us have expectations. We have self imposed expectations, expectations for others, and others have expectations for us. We tend to have high expectations in relationships; both that they will last long term and for details to which I will return in a bit. We have high expectations for our personal success, parenting, and even reputation. To set ourselves up for success we need to understand the difference between expectations and realistic goals and values. It is a great trait to be self disciplined, but everything is filtered through our personal experiences in life. It is critical to be aware, accept the situation as it is knowing some, in fact most, things are out of our control, and forgive yourself.

I tend to snap yoga photos everywhere I go, not to impress any one, but because it’s a fun way for me to chronicle my trips. Not sure what I was going for with my leg lol. Just remember to have fun and spread good vibes!

I tend to snap yoga photos everywhere I go, not to impress any one, but because it’s a fun way for me to chronicle my trips. Not sure what I was going for with my leg lol. Just remember to have fun and spread good vibes!

Change Your Mindset~ Change Your Outcome

Change is never easy, but it is worth it. Without change we become stagnant and die. Once we learn to respond rather than react we can approach all situations with positivity. The Law of Attraction itself would agree that when we are capable of surrendering our expectations and responding positively great things will come. When you find yourself attached to an outcome, pause, breathe, and observe how you feel. If you feel stress, tension, or resentment adjust your mindset. Chances are if you are angry or disappointed you had the wrong motive in the first place.It is no joke learning to let go. Anyone who says they live completely free from expectation is kidding themselves, but we can all try a bit harder which will lead to increased happiness and decreased stress. Changing our mind set requires us to remain present. You hear many wise people and sages preaching about the power of now and that is because setting expectations is future based and blinds us of possibilities unfolding in the present moment.

Three examples:

If you want your husband to buy you flowers and he doesn’t. This creates dissapointment. The poor guy likely has no clue how badly you wanted the flowers. But your resentment will grow. Learn to use The Five Love Languages to communicate better. There may be things he wants too and he may feel the same dissapointment. Meanwhile, learn to buy yourself flowers. I mentioned earlier that expectations can seem impossible in relationships so try to communicate respectfully and openly with your partner.

If you agree to meet friends at a public event. I definitely struggle with anxiety so showing up alone at crowded venues makes me nervous, but allow yourself options. For example; maybe you have to park far away. You could consider turning around and going home or take an uber. If you cannot find your friends consider just being present and enjoying the event solo.

If you are working hard and expect a raise. Consider the fact that a raise may not be financially possible even though the company appreciates your hard work. Evaluate if you are doing what you love.

The colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway were amazing last weekend. Please remember that sometimes life’s disappointments are actually gifts. I was told this drive would be beautiful, but it surpassed my expectations.

The colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway were amazing last weekend. Please remember that sometimes life’s disappointments are actually gifts. I was told this drive would be beautiful, but it surpassed my expectations.

Aparigraha, WHAAAAAT?

Living yoga is not just a physical practice on the mat. It is a disciplined way of living as perscribed by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali thousands of years ago. It takes daily practice both on and off the mat, but the goal is to reach enlightmenment, or ultimate bliss. Sounds good, right? Of course, but like all things great it does not come easy. Aparigraha is the 5th Yama in the 8 limbs of yoga. It means non possessiveness both physically and mentally. We live in a society plagued with the desire for more. But, it goes back to the principle that our expieriences are each personal. Someone who lives in poverty and has no roof over their head would be ecstatic with running water let alone a hot bath. Someone on the other hand who is affluent may turn their nose us at a Courtyard instead of a Ritz. Everything is relative and yet we all self impose expectations. When we see what and who we need verses what we do not we are then aware and able to move forward free from outcome. When we can observe each situation free from judement it opens to the door to unlimited possibilities.

We can never truly posses anything that is not meant to be ours. Jeleousy is a dangerous game where we never win. Envy is similar. So let go of outcomes and possessions. Live from a heart centered  place rather than an ego driven one. Take only what you truly need. Give love when you can and take some when your cup is low. When we have faith that the universe provides what we need when we need it the stress dissipates and life becomes abundant. As you enjoy the autumn leaves and all their glorious color remind yourself that just as their leaves fall we too need to let go.

Peace and Joy,


Taking time out for yourself, especially in nature, is a great way to nourish your body, mind, and soul!

Taking time out for yourself, especially in nature, is a great way to nourish your body, mind, and soul!

Wanderlust into the Best Version of YOURSELF

Who Are You? This seems like a straight forward question, right? Yet, many of you reading this will struggle to answer it. You might give me responses that refer to your title or the "contracts" that you signed long before you were born, such as I am a strong compassionate woman, a mom, a daughter and a yoga instructor. Those would be my superficial answers. However, what I am really asking is what is your life’s purpose? Some may be fortunate to have the answer and be pursuing their life's purpose, yet others struggle to even know what they are passionate about.

Ever wonder why we start things with great enthusiasm, but do not see it through or finish? It is because we are not committed. We are not committed because we do not know our purpose. What if I could tell you your life's purpose? No, I am not a fortune teller, but the one thing we all have in common is the desire to become the best versions of ourselves. THAT is our true purpose. From there we can follow our passions and find our secondary purpose. For me facilitating yoga classes and teaching mindfulness as a way to help others grow into the best version of themselves is my secondary purpose. For you it may be  teaching sailing, doing advertising, working in real estate, or becoming a chef. What are you good at doing that you love and are passionate about? Pursue your passions and you will find your purpose. 

Wanderlust 108 - Photography by Julianne Lesinski

Wanderlust 108 - Photography by Julianne Lesinski

The Importance of Community

Wanderlust is, by definition, “the strong desire to travel about,” according to We travel not to escape our daily lives, but because we crave connection and new experiences. Travel connects us with new cultural experiences and beauty. We have the innate need to grow and learn in order to reach the best version of ourselves. There are 5 Blue Zones around the world and it is said that people live longer in those zones. One very important thing that people in blue zones have in common is a shared cultural bond, or the feeling of being truly connected to their community, family and friends. This gives them a true sense of belonging and each person knows their purpose in their “tribe”. 

How to Get in Touch With Your SELF

  1. Yoga: Through our physical practice on the mat we develop an awareness of self that then carries off of the mat and into daily life. 
  2. Meditation: Meditation allows us to quiet the mind. As a result we are able to connect with our inner being. When we silence the constant chatter in our minds, the answers that we seek come and clarity arises
  3. Connection: Connecting with like minded people gives us the courage to persevere, a feeling of belonging and the positive energy to thrive.

Wanderlust 108

Wanderlust 108 is a traveling yoga oriented event that is the only spiritual triathalon in the US. It begins with an optional 5K run/walk, then 90 minutes of yoga accompanied by world renowned DJ’s and ends with a 30 minute guided mediatation. It is the ultimate opportunity to come together as a community around shared interests and values, and practice yoga as a large radiant collective.

Photography by Christy Johnston

Photography by Christy Johnston

What is the Symbolism Behind the Numbers 108?

1 represents unity. We share a common humanity despite our external differences.

0 represents wholeness. Like a circle, we are unbroken and complete.

8 represents unlimited possibilities and the symbol of infinity. We are all on a journey to our personal true north. 

Coming to Cincinnati Oct 6, 2018

Wanderlust 108 is coming to Cincinnati this October for the first time ever. I personally believe it is going to be one of Cincinnati's and Northern Kentucky’s best events ever. I hope that you will join in the fun and help raise the energy.

WanderLust 108 in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2017. - Photo by Morgan McAvoy

WanderLust 108 in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2017. - Photo by Morgan McAvoy

Libby-Morgan Wanderlust_0087.jpg

My daughter and I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina last year to experience Wanderlust 108 and I still remember it as if it was yesterday. We laughed, we pushed our edge and we loved every single minute of it. I am not an avid runner so we did a combination of walking and running for the 5K. Adidas sponsors this event and they do an amazing job with a professional athlete who not only warms up the crowd for the 5K, but also pumps you up with enormous excitement. The emcee and DJ also add even more enthusiasm. I remember looking to the strangers around me and feeling my heart race and tears of joy well up in my eyes. I was super proud to be a part of such a compassionate event. And now, it is coming to us! Can you imagine my joy overflowing once again? You can read more about my experience at Wanderlust last year and receive a discount on selected tickets to Wanderlust 108 in Cincinnati at my other website, which is

To our many wonderful readers in Seattle, your Wanderlust 108 event is coming up soon on May 19th. I am telling you it is worth traveling to if you do not have a Wanderlust 108 event in your area. I am proud to be an official Studio Partner for Cincinnati through Yoga Fit Boutique of Wanderlust 108 this year, and I personally invite you to join me and the thousands of other passionate people who will come together in celebration of becoming our best selves. 

Congratulations to Wanderlust on becoming a B-Corp!!!! This organization is all about sustainability, community and transforming lives. B Corporations are required to meet rigorous standards of social and envirnmental preformance, accountability and transparency. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing organization now more than ever!

Whether you plan to attend Wanderlust 108 or not, choose to live a compassionate life while always striving toward becoming the best version of yourself. Wanderlust in a way symbolizes our journey inward toward self growth and transformation. And as many of you know who are on a spiritual path in life, the greatest journey that you can ever take is the one inward to the self where the universe exists within you! 

Peace & Love,


P.S. - Click here to register for Wanderlust 108 in Cincinnati and receive a 10% discount for the two Tier A ticket options via my special YogaFitBoutique code. Click NOW because this event will sell out. In fact, the Wanderlust + (RED) Charity Bundle tickets have already sold out! My special offer is good for the Tier A $39.08 tickets, which get you into all three events, as well as bonus activities. The $29.08 tickets give you access to the yoga & meditation portions of the event only. I highly recommend attending all three events! Furthermore, $1.08 from each ticket sold will be donated to RED, The Global Fund to Fight Aids. Feel free to sign up to walk as a group with Rooted Yoga and Yoga Fit Boutique! 


Late Again?

Are you on time all of the time, most of the time or never? Hmmmm…. Be honest. If you struggle with time management what, is it that prevents you from being places on time? Do you try to fit too much in? We are all busy people living in a busy world. But, some of us make a point of showing up early or at least on time and others are perpetually late. Awareness is critical is resolving the problem. 


Why Are You Late?

First: Be aware of why you are late. Once we are aware we can change our process and progress towards better habits.

Next: realize that being on time is a form of respect. Once you embrace this it is difficult to be late.

Finally: Prioritize what you need to do and when so that you make time for the people who are most important in your life. Be where you say you are going to be on time or early and realize that it is a direct reflection of your character.

Being on time is simply a common courtesy. Everyone is busy and being late quite honestly is selfish. Now, occasionally there are circumstances that cannot be helped such, as a traffic accident or an emergency, we are not talking about normal traffic that you should have allowed time for. If you must be late do not panic, forgive yourself and stay calm, call or notify the person or people you are meeting as soon as you realize that you will not be on time. This way they can use the time to the best of their ability, as well. 

Read full article on

Read full article on

Mindfulness will help you stay on time

Being mindful of your tasks, as well as what time it is will help you stay focussed and on time. Occasionally, but rarely, things may come up that will derail you. For the most part though, you are in control. Show people the person who you are. Show up. Practice awareness, acceptance and forgiveness. This means being aware of when and where you need to be. Leave in plenty of time to allow for traffic and parking. Accept stressful situations for what they are, listen to calming music and use car rides to make hands free phone calls or enjoy good music. Finally, if you are occasionally late, apologize to the person you were late for and forgive yourself.

When you are mindful of being on time, people will respect you and consider you a considerate and respectful person. Being on time is sadly a rare quality today and time is money. So, show up and respect time of other people, after all they are busy, too. Only speak when you have something positive to add to their life and listen with full reverence. 


Slow down the pace. It sounds counter intuitive when trying to be on time, but when we slow down and become mindful, rather than living in robot go mode, we are better able to be productive, on time, think clear, and achieve our goals concisely.

Peace & Light,


P.S. - Meditation helps create concentration, clarity and calmness, which will help you stay on task and on time so head on over to my other blog at A TotalSoulfulJourney. com and read my latest blog on The Powerful Benefits of Meditation and How to Get Started.


A Month Of Plant Based Living

My Health Quest

I have always been active and healthy.  I was fortunate to be born with a great metabolism and no major health problems. I became a vegetarian 9 years ago after attending The World Peace Yoga Conference in Loveland, Ohio. I listened to several speakers talk about the benefits of a plant based diet, as well as the negative affects of factory farming and the meat industry in general. I came to the conclusion that giving up the little bit of meat I ate would be easy for me. I allowed my family to make their own decisions on what they chose to eat. Slowly after watching documentaries such as Food Inc and Forks Over Knives, they too chose a vegetarian lifestyle with an occasional exception for fish. 

Food Inc.png

From Vegetarian to Vegan Diet

A month or so ago I decided to take my journey one step further and give plant based living, or a vegan diet, a try. I blogged about it one week in and now I would like to follow up because it takes 21 days to both make and break a habit. For me, cheese was the hardest thing to give up. I fell off the wagon even before that first week was over if you recall my blog. But, that is all part of the process; awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness. We are only human and when we set out to try to better ourselves, we need to be gentle in the process. 

As it turns out, a full plant based diet is not as hard as I thought it would be. The hardest part really is the judgment and negativity that you sadly receive from friends and family who do not know how to feed you or receive your new found lifestyle. I wish that others could leave it alone and not judge, especially when we are not pushing anything on them. We are simply trying to live what we believe to be the healthiest most conscious life possible as proven by medical doctors countless times. 

There Are No Right or Wrong's, Everyone is Different

Needless to say, I will not continue a full plant based diet. I DO consider it by far the most healthy way to eat and live. However, I am low weight and I feel that eating small amounts of organic grass fed eggs and cheese will not hurt me. I am going to stick with the Hellmann's Vegan Mayo I found though because I liked it equally as much as regular mayo! I strongly believe everyone needs to be highly aware of what they eat and how it affects them. Then, they need to follow a diet and lifestyle that best fuels their energy and needs. Be healthy by being conscious of what you are doing and how it affects both you and the planet. Also be kind and most importantly whatever diet and lifestyle you choose please do not judge others. I highly recommend eating as many natural whole organic foods  as you can and buy locally grown produce when possible. Avoid processed foods and GMO foods. Do what is right for you and stand strong for you believe in.

Farro is a grain that is high in protein. I served this salad room temperature, but you can eat it hot or cold.  

Farro is a grain that is high in protein. I served this salad room temperature, but you can eat it hot or cold. 

So, I will leave you with my findings, which include vegan friendly restaurants in Cincinnati, as well as in Palm Springs where I spent a week during my my month on a vegan diet. I'll also share some of my favorite foods and tried and true recipes. Should you decide to give this a try I would recommend talking with your physician. Taking a B-12 vitamin supplement is generally recommended and you will need to be sure to balance your nutrients and listen to your body if you feel weak or lethargic.

My Top Three Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Cincinnati/Northern KY

1. Loving Hut - Loving Hut has many vegan options. You can get a variety of vegan burgers, wraps, and panini's as well as salads, but as you know, sometimes we get tired of salad. I ordered the American panini which has vegan tofurkey, organic coleslaw with vegan mayo, pickles, banana peppers, organic mustard, vegan cheez, vegan mayo, and is served with organic corn chips.  I don't claim that it's healthy, but it sure was a yummy party in my mouth and it was all vegan and organic!

2. Coppin’s Restaurant & Bar In Covington is not necessarily known as a vegan or vegetarian place which makes it great when you eat with friends or family who have not converted yet.  I ordered the Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich which was wonderful and healthy served with avocado. For Dinner they offer a nice Roasted Vegetable Plate. 

3. Stonecreek - Stonecreek in Montgomery just moved to a new location down the street from the old location.  They have an amazing house salad that truly needs little to no dressing as it is zest on its own topped with a delicious spiced bruschetta tomato topping; healthy, light and delicious! They also offer an amazing squash Wellington that they just added to their menu.  I have not had it yet but I look forward to trying it!

Top Three Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Palm Springs:

1. Nature’s Health Food & Cafe - Vegan/vegetarian food and juice bar - I had an amazing Philly cheese steak sandwich with vegan cheese. You would never know it was vegan!

2. Raw Remedy Juice Bar - I had the cold killer shot which is made with ginger, garlic, carrot, and pineapple~ So spicy and flavorful! I was a little under the weather and this packed the punch I needed.

3. Loco Charlie's Mexican Grill - I had the shrimp fajita without the shrimp... haha. They have an impressive salsa bar too! Absolutely fresh and flavorful, yet light and healthy tasting.



Click HERE for the recipe for these amazing Quarter Pounder Beet Burgers. You will never miss meat again. You can put any topping on them that you desire. this time I used BBQ sauce and vegan mayo.


Ever heard of jackfruit? It comes fresh and canned. BBQ  Jackfruit tacos are da' bombdiggity.


I do not advocate consuming too much processed food, however, the Quorn Vegan Chik'n Patties are a great "go to" for a hearty homemade sandwich.


Ahhh.... the yummy Philly Cheese Steak from Nature's Health Food & Cafe in Palm Springs.  Let me just tell you how incredible this was.....


When you eat out, do not be afraid to ask for simple modifications. I ordered the eggplant parmesan and asked for no cheese. It was absolutely delicious and more than satisfying.


Avocado toast with lime juice and a little salt and fresh fruit is an ideal breakfast before a morning of hiking.


Simple salad of shredded beets & carrots drizzled with basil olive oil with Leon juice and a little salt pairs well with organic humus (I topped it with turmeric, smoked paprika, and crushed red pepper), and greek olives.


Gnocci with sun-dried tomato pesto and tossed salad with vegan thousand island dressing.


Homemade strawberry jam on 21 grain organic vegan toast with fresh berries is an excellent start to the day.

Healthfully Yours,

Libby McAvoy


PS, What are your go to vegetarian or Vegan recipes? Join me on Pinterest @LibbyMcAvoy and @TotalSoulfulJourney to try some of my favorite recipes 

How to Overcome Your Greatest Fear

What do you fear? Do you fear dying? Many people do. Fear is not real. It is dreamed up by the ego and our overly active minds. Some people even say that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. When you look at it this way, you may realize that the only thing that we have to fear is fear itself. When you have the courage to push past your fears, to face them head on and live with a heart of love and good intentions you will feel wonderful and find the abundance that you deserve. 

I know because I lived most of my life trapped by fear. There is nothing worse than feeling trapped. I was SUCH a fraidy cat starting at a young age even though nothing truly bad ever even happened to me with the exception the one time that my sister played a trick on me. She once hid under my bed when I was roughly seven making scratching sounds as she talked in a scary voice. My doberman growled and I remember being so frozen in fear that I could not even yell for my parents. When I finally gather the courage to run to my parents for help, "sweet little" Mandy (my big sister) quickly snuck back to her bed where she pretended to be sleeping. That is my earliest memory of fear. All a hoax, you see. There was nothing to fear at all. Our minds will play terrible tricks on us if we allow them to do so.

The mind is powerful. It must be trained just like any muscle in the body. We must think positively and tell ourselves what we are truly capable of overcoming. We must also practice awareness to determine what is real and what is and an illusion. 

When your are quaking in your boots, be aware of what is really behind your fear. Awareness helps us to stand strong.

When your are quaking in your boots, be aware of what is really behind your fear. Awareness helps us to stand strong.

Later in life I wanted to attend yoga classes. I had done yoga before and knew how much I enjoyed it, however, having the courage to start taking yoga classes again was not as easy as I thought it would be. I would drive into the parking lot and if it appeared to be full I would literally drive away paralyzed in fear that the class was indeed full. I somehow felt that I did not belong and that I did not know what I was doing. My self esteem was so low and I was not even aware that this was the reason for the fear that was holding me back.

You see, that is where it all begins. Improvement begins with awareness. Once I was aware of what was holding me back I grabbed a friend and eventually pushed through my fear. I not only went to classes on my own, but I also completed yoga teacher training and opened my own studio. I have since led over 3000 classes and two teacher training sessions to train other instructors. I travel and lead corporate yoga, workshops and retreats, as well. Recently while working with the Avon Corporation, I had to push through yet another set of fears; the fear of being hooked up to a wireless microphone and telling my story in front of hundreds of people and then teaching to a diverse group people (some in chairs and some on mats). After the first few seconds on stage and seeing all of the smiling faces looking back at me, I knew that I was not only Ok, I was actually living my dream. 

Endurance events teach us how to push on and gain mental strength. I learned this running the Honolulu Marathon. 

Endurance events teach us how to push on and gain mental strength. I learned this running the Honolulu Marathon. 

Life is a journey not a marathon. It is about taking baby steps to know and love ourselves, and to grow into the best versions of ourselves. We may hit many bumps in the road, but those obstacles are there to teach us and to help us grow. We learn through our mistakes and challenges. What is important is to first be aware so that we can change what we do not like. Change, after all,  is what helps us to grow. Next, we have to practice acceptance free from judgement. Finally we have to forgive, first ourselves and then all of those who have wronged us in life so that we can move forward toward our greatest destiny.

Sometimes it is the biggest obstacles that propel us forward and unlock us from the fear that holds us back. Last week I was given the opportunity to audition for TEDx Cincinnati. Giving a TED talk is a life dream of mine. I applied last year and did not get in. This year I was ready. I was still shaking in my boots with fear, but I knew I had to stand up and use my voice to awaken, inspire and empower others who have not found their voices yet. When you believe so deeply in your mission, nothing can hold you back. So I am super proud of myself for pushing through my fear.

Auditioning to speak at TEDx Cincinnati.

Auditioning to speak at TEDx Cincinnati.

One hundred and fifty people auditioned and only twenty of us were given the chance to give a 2.5 minute audition. I prayed that I would go first so that I could listen to other presenters and enjoy what they were offering, but of course I was number 16. I tried so hard to listen to the other presenters as their speeches were gripping and inspiring, but I my mind was focused on trying to remember my own speech and I was so incredibly nervous. I was simply trying not to cry. We lined up in front of the stage after the intermission. I listened intently to a speech or two and then everything was blurry as I reread my written speech to myself. I carried my papers nervously to the stage. As soon as I stood under the lights and said my first sentence I felt an odd calm. A divine presence came over me and it was as if the universe was naturally speaking through me. What I had originally dreaded I was truly enjoying. I was offering my heart and my soul to the world. In telling my story I was freeing myself from fear. More importantly I felt that if my words touched and inspired just one other person in the audience, the whole process that brought me to that stage and all of the terrible anxiety that I faced that evening would all be worthwhile. 

Soaring over the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Soaring over the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Each time that we climb to the peak of a mountain it feels exhilarating. The balance, however, is that every high is followed by a low. The valleys in life are there to help us to appreciate the highs. This appreciation gives us more momentum and courage to move forward toward the higher mountains that we may face in the future. I now know, that the TEDx audition was just a start for me. I know that my purpose is to help spread conscious awareness through my yoga philosophy of awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness so that others can overcome the intimidating obstacles in their lives. All things are possible when we believe and let go of the fears that hold us back from achieving our true greatness. 

Gratefully & Courageously Yours,

Libby Shively McAvoy

P.S. - If you enjoyed this article, then please check out my latest post on my other blog about the importance of "acceptance" at



My One Week Journal Of Plant Based Living

What you eat has a big impact on how you feel both physically and mentally. We need to eat foods that fuel our body and help provide brain power, as well. Foods high in sugars, high fructose corn syrup, salts, and saturated fats can literally make our bodies crash. Processed and genetically modified foods should be avoided at all costs. From there, there are still many food choices we face each day. 

Sticky Asian Cauliflower (oven baked) with coconut rice and edamame

Sticky Asian Cauliflower (oven baked) with coconut rice and edamame

I adopted a vegetarian diet about nine years ago after reading and studying books such as John Robbins', The Food Revolution” (this book can be purchased through the bookstore on my website) and many other great ones on the topic of nutrition and wellness. I feel better than ever and I believe that my skin looks better too. I never ate much meat to begin with so it was not terribly difficult for me. For those of you how enjoy meat, but are considering switching to a plant based diet for your health, or because you care about the welfare of animals and the environment, there are some great meat alternatives available today for those times when you are craving it.  I will provide recommendations at the bottom of this article. 


I am now taking my commitment to my health one step further by giving an all plant based diet a try. Some people call this eating vegan. I prefer calling it a plant based diet for two reasons. To truly be vegan is hardcore (congrats to all of my super disciplined vegan friends out there! I think its awesome), but it means no leather, no wool, no silk, no honey, as well as dairy or eggs. The other thing is that I do not believe in is forcing a way of eating on anyone and I think there is a bit of negativity (perhaps mostly due to misunderstanding) attached to the word vegan because many (again, NOT all) are extreme activists. So, I am on a month long trial run to see if eating all plant based makes me feel any better. I will, however, withhold my right to return to eating organic butter, cheese and eggs if this is not working for me after a month. 

A simple, but healthy breakfast of organic Raspberries, grapes, and Apple Cinnamon Organic Fig Bar.

A simple, but healthy breakfast of organic Raspberries, grapes, and Apple Cinnamon Organic Fig Bar.

It is not easy for me to give up these three main things to go from vegetarian to totally plant based. It is amazing how many recipes call for eggs for example.  But, I am tracking everything that I eat and want to share with you some of my favorite recipes and ideas so far to keep it healthy, fun, and simple. After all, if you are consuming all pastas or pretzels to fill you up, you will not receive the necessary nutrients. You do need to do a little research, which is why I am here to help.

Robust Chili using Meatless Crumbles 

Robust Chili using Meatless Crumbles 

The biggest question I get asked is how do you get enough protein?  Excellent question, but it is absolutely not a problem. There are similar questions & concerns about calcium. I will list a few foods below:

Sources of Protein in Grams

Sources of Calcium in Milligrams

So, my fears leading into this new self challenge were really the thought of giving up my yummy cheese and how to avoid mayonaise that I use often use on sandwhiches, in coleslaws and in salad dressings... There is a vegan mayo called Vegenaise that I had tried a while back, but it sure did not taste like my yummy Hellman's REAL Mayo. Guess what? To my most pleasant surprise I went to my local Kroger recently and with all of the regular Mayo’s there it was, my new favorite product! It was like a light beaming down from heaven onto the Hellmann's Vegan Mayo! YES! They did it and it tastes exactly the same in my humble opinion. Ok, so one worry crossed off! There is also a vegan butter called Earth Balance that is a spread. I prefer to use olive and coconut oil most of the time, but it is a good option to keep on hand.  

Delicious loaded veggie pizza.  I simply skipped the cheese and it was mouth watering.

Delicious loaded veggie pizza.  I simply skipped the cheese and it was mouth watering.


To get started on my plant based journey, I first researched vegan recipes on Pinterest. It is an excellent resource and allows you to view the recipe on your phone if you stop at the store unexpectantly and need to know what ingredients to pick up. So I stocked up on organic humus (I really liked the Simple Truth Original organic), lots of fresh organic fruits snd veggies, flatbread wraps, and Dave’s Killer 21 grain bread (if you have not tried it i HIGHLY recommend it). Not all bread is vegan (or plant based) so i urge you to take a minute to read lables. Organic is always preffered to avoid the toxic pesticides, herbicides and GMO's that could be harmful to your health. 

Pre shredded beets and carrots make hummus wraps fast, easy, and delicious.

Pre shredded beets and carrots make hummus wraps fast, easy, and delicious.

Next, I headed home. I put everything away and decided to get my Cuisinart out and shred four carrots, two beets, and some cabbage. I would use some that day for lunch and package the rest up for convenient use throughout the week. I with these fresh ingredients, I made an incredibly flavorful wrap for my lunch that day. That night I made vegan chili using the Quorn Brand meatless crumbles. 


Below is an account of what i ate my first full plant based week


Sunday:  ( yes i was feeling a bit spicy 😂)

breakfast- organic fig bar

lunch- 7 grain “chicken” soft taco with salsa

dinner- 1 portabello taco and one corn taco, lots of salsa and guacamole


breakfast- fig bar

lunch- veggie wrap with carrot, beets, spinach, sunflower seeds, humus and red cabbage slaw

dinner- chili


breakfast- grapes, raspberries, and vegan banana bread

lunch- wrap with hummus, carrots, beets mixed w a little basil oil, and spinach

dinner- leftover chili


breakfast- banana bread and more fruit

lunch- veggie sushi from Fusion

dinner- veggie pizza ( zucchini, peas, red pepper, carrot, onion, banana peppers, and broccoli) no cheese from Mio’s Pizza


breakfast- fig bar

lunch- leftover pizza

dinner- sticky asian cauliflower, coconut rice, and edamame


breakfast- fig bar

lunch- sandwhich on 21 grain bread with hummus, carrot, and vegan mayo

dinner- pretzles, bread and CHEESE (I fell off the wagon, but felt it was necessary to be honest and keep this real) 

If you decide to give this challenge a try or even give up meat and step into vegetarianism, please consider the five following tips: 

1. Research the nutrients in different foods. 

2. Eat your rainbow. The more colorfully you are eating, the bigger variety of vitamins and minerals you are receiving. 

3. Practice my yoga philosophy of awareness, acceptance and forgiveness. By this I mean be aware of what you eat and how you feel. Listen to your body and to your intuition. Accept yourself where you are. This “diet” is not for everyone and that is Ok. Finally, any improvements that you make to your lifestyle should be applauded. If you fall off of the wagon and have a cheat meal occassionslly it is OK, just start fresh the next day and try not to give up.  

4. Make this committment to yourself with a friend so that you can hold each other accountable.

5.  Find recipes that excite you, but that are approachable. Keep it simple, but be sure to eat a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. 

It is said that by eating plant based you have zero chance of heart problems, according to Dr Mark Furman (you may enjoy Dr Furman's book, "Eat to Live," which is available in my Amazon book store). So I am giving this a try. I do not believe in being pushy about my diet or my lifestyle, I simply want to share with you what works for me. I will be doing a similar blog at the end of the month on my new website chronicling things that worked for me, what did not work, where to eat plant based in Cincinnati, and more of my favorite recipes. So please stay tuned. 

Vegan banana bread using coconut oil is incredibly moist and just sweet enough but the saltiness of the sunflower seeds delicately balance it. 

Vegan banana bread using coconut oil is incredibly moist and just sweet enough but the saltiness of the sunflower seeds delicately balance it. 

A few things that you might want to know that no one else will probably tell you. One, if your stomach acid is low your urine may be pink after eating beets- do not panic! Simply drink some lemon water to balance your PH. If your urine is pink and you have not consumed beets then you should consult your physician. Also, if you adopt a plant based diet cold turkey, pardon the expression, you may experience some bloating or stomach aches at first. This is due to an adjustment in your natural gut bacteria. The body will naturally adjust, but you can also take a probiotic to help the process.

In Conclusion, I reccomend eating mostly fresh organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans for great sources of protein. There are faux meat products which may sound strange when you have chosen to give up eating meat, but it is nice when you miss the texture.  I used the meatless crumbles in my chili recipe photographed above.  You can use the faux chicken in any chicken casserole recipes you have.  So, I do not recommend eating it often, as it is processed, but occasionally it does work well and is still lower in fat and cholesterol that real meat and no living creature is harmed. 


Peace, Love, and Happy Eating,


P.S. I have included the links to the recipes for the banana bread and sticky cauliflower if you click the blue words it will take you there.  If YOU have favorite vegan or plant based recipes I would love to hear from you in the comment box below! Lets do this together! 


Non-Attachment Is The Way To Freedom

As we practice awareness we move into a state of acceptance. In this state of acceptance we learn to let go of outcomes or attachment to what will be, and instead we learn to observe or simply witness free from judgement. Live in the now with what is and simplify life.

When you free yourself from attachment, you are able to live a happy life. You no longer feel stuck or “married” to a specific ending. Feeling stuck or trapped is a very negative feeling and most of the time, sadly, we do it to ourselves. 


Attachment is really about fear, ego and dependency. When we are living with attachments, whether it is to things, to people or whatever, we are living in a negative place.

WE aspire to live a positive life. To raise the vibration we need to live from a place of love. Love allows us endless possibilities free from attachment, guilt, shame and fear… Love allows us to grow into our best selves and into oneness with the universe free from all attachment, which is a state of ultimate enlightenment.


In Ashtanga Yoga we practice the 8 limbs of yoga. Part of the 8 limbs are the Yamas & Niyamas.  The 5th Yama is Aparigraha, which means non- attachment or non possessiveness. This means to not be attached to outcomes, to not take more than you need and to not live with jealousy in regard to yourself and the world around you.  

The Sanskrit word, Parinamavada, is the teaching that everything is in a constant state of flux.  Everything changes and when we embrace this, just as we embrace the trees losing their leaves in the fall and the flowers blooming in spring, we know that life is cyclical. When we let go of outcomes and accept what is, we embrace our freedom.  


APARIGRAHA! Shout it out loud and embrace the concept of non-attachment! Let go and feel the resulting freedom. There is nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. Stay in the present moment. Allow what may come to come and let go of what no longer serves your higher purpose. Do not take more than you need. Do not eat more than you need. Apply this concept to every aspect of your life.

Attachment holds us back because we do not want to accept change and yet change is inevitable. Change is transformation and growth. Take love for example. Many people cling to the person who they love out of the fear of losing them, which can create a self fulfilling prophecy. Instead, embrace the concept of setting that person free. If you truly love that person free from attachment and they love you, they will want to stay. Placing restrictions will make them feel trapped and imprisoned, which takes us back to that negative cycle which no one enjoys. So, give love, give away all that you can and it will all come back to you! That is a key to the Law of Attraction! 



P.S. - Yoga is so much more than a physical practice on the mat. It is the journey of the self through the self to the self. Please check out my new website www.TOTALSOULFULJOURNEY.COM for more helpful articles and grow with us in a like minded community of positive people. We are launching this website next week and I am so excited for you to see it!


What Are You Waiting For? Start Now!


There will never be a perfect time. Embrace the uncertainties and imperfections of life and go after your goals and dreams right now. The Power of Now, as described by Eckhart Tolle, describes the present moment as all that we really have. If you think about what you want and research it too long, suddenly the days whittle by and time is wasted. Just start! You do not have to be perfect or have it all figured out! Learn as you go! Strive for progress rather than perfection. Life is a journey. Once we get started with what we want to learn or do, like launching a new business, the momentum of the action builds and carries us through. 


Stop creating excuses and start creating opportunities for yourself. Live a life based on love rather than fear. Love yourself enough to allow yourself to start living each day to the fullest. Conquer your small goals, your medium goals and eventually your big goals! You are capable of more than you even think is possible. The mind is a powerful muscle and when trained properly it becomes extremely strong. 

Are you living a third dimension life (3D) like most people, caught up in worldly pressures, fears and limitations?  Have you ever considered moving up to the 5th dimension where all things are interconnected and possible? In the 5D there are no boundaries. There is essentially no beginning and no ending. Therefore, there is nothing to fear or to hold you back from living your best life.  

So go for your dreams. Start today by taking baby steps because our actions ultimately create our outcomes!


Start by declaring your dream! Forget about how you are going to make it happen and just start. Do not let anything stop you. Roadblocks will come along your path, but do not let them slow you down. What if you only had three months left to live? Would you view things the same way?  Would you still move as slowly toward your dreams? Would you do things differently? I would urge you to live that way everyday; passionately in pursuit of all that you desire.  

Manifesting a dream means creating new healthy habits and breaking hold patterns. You do this through self awareness. It may take time, acceptance and honesty, but if you are true to yourself all is possible.  Determination Baby! 



Find supportive people who can help hold you accountable and attain your dreams. You are worth it!  2018 holds incredible promise, but it is through your action that the magic will happen. The Universe will conspire to make your dreams come true once you place your intentions into action and start to live them. 

Sending you all my very best wishes and energy for your forward momentum.  

With momentum and excitement,



New Year Better YOU

Each new day we wake and it is essentially a reset button, a chance to start anew. And as we approach the New Year, this is truly an exciting opportunity. Each year you hear people setting New Year's resolutions, but what does that mean anyway? And… why do most people fail at their newly set promises after one short month?  


I personally believe that the problem is two pronged. Part one is that we set resolutions or goals from our egos rather than our souls. What does that mean? When you live from the ego you do things to please others because it is somewhat expected of you. When you live from your soul you do what FEELS good to you and what brings you true joy from within. The other part is that we set goals based on what we feel society deems acceptable, and this is often in opposition to the calling of our souls. 

So, when you set your intentions to go to the gym three times a week, or to lose ten pounds, or to stop eating desserts, or to give up fried foods… these resolutions often do not last because deep down they do not satisfy your soul. You do not want to go to the gym because you want to workout, you go because ultimately you want to be loved and accepted by others and you feel that losing weight and being fit will get you that result. That is the subconscious mind at work. Therefore, the more realistic New Year's resolution would be to work on loving yourself and self acceptance. Working out may be a part of that. The same can be said about improving your eating habits, but the desire to change has to come from within yourself. 


When setting New Year's resolutions, I would encourage you to look at them as separate goals for the year ahead rather than one big thing.  For example; set small easily attainable goals, medium size goals, and then perhaps one really big goal. Giving yourself some challenges is good because it is through the challenges that we grow, but we also want to set ourselves up to succeed. We want the new year to truly be a chance to grow into the best version of ourselves to date. You will not stop growing at the end of 2018, this is a beautiful life long journey.  It is about learning what worked in 2017 and what you could do a little better. For 2018 visualize the new things that you want to try, the exciting places you want to visit and the ways that you can contribute to make the world a tiny bit better. 

The easy part is setting intentions or goals. The hard part is following through with them. The magic happens through our actions. So once you set your intentions, find friends or mentors who will hold you accountable. Manifest your intentions by writing them down and taking action toward them each day. Another great idea that was given to me by a friend is to hang sticky note reminders to yourself on the bathroom mirror (maybe to love yourself), or on your refrigerator (to make wise decisions), and in your car (to release the road rage, and use the time in your car to relax through music or comedy or maybe just quiet reflection). Regardless, these little kind reminders to are a fantastic way to stay on track and they really do work!


I am incredibly grateful for 2017. It was NOT my best year. In fact it was rather difficult and I am definitely ready to move forward. I know that 2018 is going to be amazing! My personal resolutions for this coming year are to eat plant based, sleep more regularly, organize my home better, waste less food, give my time serving others (volunteering), travel to new places and to grow my online business, which will include videos and yoga tutorials. Those are my BIG goals : )

Happy New Year from my family to yours!

Happy New Year from my family to yours!

Whatever your New Year Resolution may be, remember most importantly to practice:

  1. Awareness each day: How are you feeling, check in and see how your goals are going….
  2. Acceptance: If you fall off track a day or a week do not give up! Simply start over or where you are, it is NEVER too late! Be gentle with yourself.
  3. Forgiveness: IF you fall off track, get derailed or decide to change course, forgive yourself first and foremost. You are allowed to change your mind. 

Always F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself)

It is with great gratitude, love and excitement that I wish you all a Happy New Year full of health, love, happiness and abundance. May all of your dreams come true! 

Peace & Love,



P.S. - Please help me raise the vibration as we close on 2017 and welcome 2018 and share your New Year's resolutions, goals & intentions for the year ahead in the comment section below. By writing them down we are putting them into motion and therefore into action. Thank you for helping me on my journey! Together as a community, I know we will soar to new heights in 2018!  


Tis' the Season to BELIEVE

Do you BELIEVE? This is a common question that is asked to children this time of year and it most often refers to their belief in Santa Claus. But the magic is really so much deeper and more important than that. It is also about believing in the magic of all things being possible. For children at Christmas, it is the hope that they might get a gift that would otherwise never be possible.   


I want to shift to reality now and ask you to pause and reflect on the word, BELIEVE…. What does it mean to you as an adult? Not just this holiday season, but anytime that you see this beautiful word. What does it personally say to you? Please take a minute to think about it and even consider writing a few thoughts down on paper. 


This is one of my very favorite words. It symbolizes magic and hope. At Christmas it is the hope that magic and faith will be restored for children and that peace will be brought to the world in a quiet gentle way. But, it is really so much bigger than that! There are miracles occurring around you every minute of every day, however, we are all too often too busy and unaware of them. Believe, believe in the magic within yourself! That my friends is the greatest gift of all! You have all that you need within yourself! You have all of the answers and all of the magic, the light, the love, the faith already. Sometimes your light is dimmed a bit and sometimes it is extinguished all together,  and yet that one word BELIEVE is there as a reminder to never ever give up. It is never to late to reignite your fire within, to start over, to rewrite your ending and believe in the magic of your life. Believe in miracles, because they really DO exist!


 Great things are coming in 2018! So take one more moment to reflect upon 2017, to give thanks for all of the good memories that you made and to set your intentions for the things that you would like to accomplish in 2018. It is good to set some small goals and some bigger goals. Set yourself up for success, but also give yourself some challenges to work toward. You are capable of more than you may know. It is through the challenges of life that we grow and become the best versions of ourselves. 


 So if you have a BELIEVE sign out for he holidays, consider keeping it up throughout this winter. And if you do not, that’s ok, but when you see this word stop and pause and let it serve as a reminder of all of the magic and the possibilities that could be coming your way.  


Tis the season to BELIEVE. Believe in the power of love, believe in the magic within, believe in creating the life you love, believe in yourself, believe in acceptance, believe in endless possibilities, believe in happiness, believe in forgiveness, believe in peace, believe, believe, believe…… 

Faith and Hope,


Over the Rhine, Cincinnati.    Watch the music video below and notice the same inspiration happening all over the world.  It is these tiny miracles that bring us together, unite us, and raise the vibration.  Believe in UNITY. 

Over the Rhine, Cincinnati.  

Watch the music video below and notice the same inspiration happening all over the world.  It is these tiny miracles that bring us together, unite us, and raise the vibration.  Believe in UNITY. 

 P.S. - If your light has gone out or you see someone whose has, reach out. WE all need to practice awareness and give love when we can to help people who are feeling hopeless, and ask for love when we need a little light ourselves. Sometimes in our culture it is hard to ask for help. It can make us feel too vulnerable, but it is also natural to feel depleted from time to time. We are all in this together.  If you feel like you have no one to fill your cup, a yoga studio is always an accepting place where you will feel very positive energy. Never give up.